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    89 Norwood Ave., Newton, MA 02460

    Mobile: 617 584 9993


    ONE LAPTOP PER CHILD, Cambridge, MA 2008 to 2009

    An MIT based developer of low cost laptops sold to developing nations for educational programs

    Product Manager for XO Laptop

    ; Product Manager for the XO laptop at MIT Media Lab inspired One Laptop per Child. Designed

    educational software shipped on 500,000 laptops per year.

    ; Performed market analysis to map requirements to target markets. Created and prioritized

    technical GUI and server requirements to achieve optimal market penetration.

    ; Organized open source community via Wiki, mail lists and Web 2.0 tools. Managed projects

    from development to test to on-time delivery.

    ; Generated release notes and marketing collateral to promote the releases to sales, end users and


    ; Worked with systems integrators, teachers, students and purchasing decision makers to close

    new business and respond to feature requests.

    CISCO SYSTEMS, INC., Boxborough, MA 2000 to 2008

    Worldwide leader in networking

Product Manager 10008 Broadband and MPLS Router 2005 2008

    ; Created business cases and market analysis to select the right feature set. Managed and hit the

    forecast to grow the revenue 50% year over year.

    ; Built close, long term customer relationships that generated hundreds of millions of dollars per

    customer. Managed and communicated the product roadmap.

    ; Defined technical product requirements for networking, management, hardware, QoS and

    advanced services. Worked with engineers to scope and prioritize feature delivery.

    ; Created marketing collateral, launched releases and promoted the product to customers and sales


    Product Manager for Application and Content Networking Services 2000 2005

    ; Product manager for Linux-based Content Delivery Network (CDN) servers and for local and

    global load balancing products.

    ; Identified key markets and application areas. Marketed and sold distributed server networks

    offering web services within corporate, school and service provider networks.

    ; Directed the development strategy with special responsibility for Application Acceleration, Web

    Services, Network Management, Streaming Video and Security.

    ; Wrote business cases, product requirements, data sheets, product overview presentations, white

    papers, ROI models, and product bulletins.

    ; Managed business development with video streaming, anti-virus, and content filtering partners.

    Interacted with application developers, system integrators, marketing and sales leaders.

EXCITE@HOME, (formerly Enliven) Waltham, MA 1997 to 2000

    The Internet leader in rich media advertising

Product Manager 1999 to 2000

    ; Product Manager for Enliven’s Rich Media services which delivered Java applets for streaming

    interactive applications to desktops.

    ; Produced usability studies and statistical regression analysis to choose effective interface designs.

    Segmented the market to focus product development on the most valuable customer base.

    ; Designed and implemented web-based Extranet for producing, tracking and serving banner

    advertisements. ;

    Manager of Services 1997 to 1998

    ; Founded the department, created job description and role for all aspects of the service offering.

    ; Increased services productivity and revenue tenfold in less than a year

    ACCOM INC., Menlo Park, CA 1994 to 1996

    Public manufacturer of professional video editing and computer graphics systems

    Technical Product Manager 1994 to 1995

    ; Product specialist for the Work Station Disk (WSD) line of digital video disk recorders.

    ; Responsible for technical marketing, quality assurance, and technical support.

    ; Coordinate 3rd party developers to design software and hardware interfaces from high-end 3D

    animation and compositing tools to the WSD.

    ; Specified new features, designed GUIs and supported APIs for the WSD.

    ; Prioritized development time to meet revenue targets and end-user needs.

    Technical Support Manager 1995 to 1996

    ; Trained support engineers and dealers. Created and maintained a bug database.

    ; Wrote installation and configuration procedures and technical field updates.

    FAST ELECTRONIC, Redwood City, CA 1993 to 1994

    An international manufacturer and distributor of PC based video editing boards

    National Director of Technical Support

    ; Founded Fast's US technical support department.

    ; Managed a team of 4 engineers supporting 2000 users of computer based video editing systems.

    ; Supported the introduction of the Digital Player/Recorder non-linear editing system.

Technology Skills

    ;Web and Application Level Technologies

    Web 2.0, Web services, HTTP, HTML, XML, Java applets, Javascript, Caching, Web servers

    (Microsoft IIS and ASP, Apache), GUI design (Web, Java, Embedded), TCP, 3D Modeling,

    Rendering and Animation, Image Processing

    ;Data Center Technologies

    Storage (RAID, SCSI, SATA, EIDE, Proprietary), Server Load Balancing, Global Load

    balancing, Storage appliances, Storage Virtualization, WAN and LAN file replication

    ;Operating Systems

    Windows, MAC, Unix (SGI and Sun), Linux, Embedded (IOS, VXWorks), Shell Scripting,

    Distributed Server Architectures


    Global and Local Server Load balancing, redundancy and multi-homed networking solutions

    Routing: BGP, OSPF, IS-IS, Static, FIB, CEF

    L2: Ethernet, ATM, Frame Relay, PoS, HDLC/PPP, L2TP, PPPoX, L2 MPLS, APS, 802.3ad,

    Optical Networks

    L3: IP, TCP, UDP, and RTP, L3 MPLS, IPv6, Mulitcast, WCCP

    Network Management: Radius, TACACS+, HTTP Authentication, DHCP, SSH, SSL, SNMP


    CPU speed and type (RISC and Intel), Memory (Static, Dynamic, TCAM), PCI Cards, Form

    factors, Power, ASICs, Bus architectures (PCI, Proprietary, Serial, Switch Fabrics), DSPs,

    Analog Signal Processing, High Performance Routers, Intel based network appliances.


    Analog and Digital Video, Compositing, Video Editing (online, offline, linear and non-linear),

    Video Switching, Special Effects, Signal Processing (Waveform and Vectorscope analysis),

    Image processing, Streaming Media (RTSP, Windows Media, MPEG4, QuickTime),

    Compression, Serial Machine Control (RS232 and 422)


    1990 University Of Massachusetts at Amherst

     BS Pure and Applied Mathematics

Fluent in Spanish

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