SLA Transportation Division

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SLA Transportation Division

SLA Transportation Division

    Board Meeting

    Wednesday, June 8, 2005


    ; Bob Sweet, University of Michigan, Transportation Research Institute, Chair

    ; Matthew Barrett, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

    Library, Chair-Elect

    ; Betty Lou Hicks, Hanson Professional Services, Inc., Past Chair

    ; Rita Evans, University of California, Berkeley, Institute of Transportation Studies

    Library, Acting Secretary

    ; Kay Geary, Northwestern University Library, Awards Chair

1. Bob called the meeting to order at 7:05.

    2. Treasurer’s Report – Per SLA practice, Rita will handle the Treasurer’s functions until all conference related activities are settled. There was a brief discussion of division finances. Rita will draft a budget for 2005-2006 and will forward it to Treasurer Lisa Pogue.

3. 2nd International Symposium on Transportation Technology Transfer Bob will

    pursue naming a Special Projects Chair who would investigate whether the division can apply for an SLA Endowment Research Grant to publish the proceedings from this conference which will be held in 2006. FHWA paid the division to produce the proceedings from the first symposium but funds will not be available next year.

4. Sources of Information in Transportation Rita inquired whether the division would

    be paid for either producing the bibliographies which weren’t done for the 5th edition or for updating any of the existing ones. She will make inquiries with NTL since Nelda Bravo indicated at the Business Meeting that NTL, not FHWA, paid for the bibliographies from the 5th edition. [Follow-up according to the division ledger,

    payment was received from FHWA.] Bob will ask Roger Garren at NTL if he’d be willing to coordinate production of the missing bibliographies or updating of existing ones. Volunteers stepped forward to do bibliographies Rita for non-motorized, Matthew

    for urban transit, Bob for highway safety and Kay for statistics for general transportation, highways and aviation.

5. Committees

    ; Discussion List Kay will talk to Paul Hernandez about how updating is handled.

    ; Membership Lynne Webb will continue as chair and Betty Lou volunteered to

    assist her. State DOTs and corporations were noted as potential sources for new


    ; Nominating Nelda will chair and Betty Lou will step in as Past Chair. [Martha

    Soneira of FHWA will join the committee.] It needs to be determined whether the

    Secretary or Treasurer will be a two-year term as of 2005.

    ; Fundraising Chair Ken Winter is looking for volunteers and Kay said she would

    help. It was suggested that Bernan and InMagic be contacted for next year’s

    conference, and that suggestions for other vendors to approach be solicited on the

    division’s discussion list.

    ; International Bob will recruit a chair and will suggest contacting those on the

    discussion list outside the U.S. who are not SLA members.

    ; GTRIC Bob expressed his thanks to Nelda for her ongoing leadership of this

    committee and said he will ask her to organize the 2006 session. Due to SLA

    constraints, this may be limited to a half-day program if it is held on Sunday. The

    board agreed that Sunday is the best day to encourage attendance by state DOT


6. Old Business

    Programming for 2006 Conference in Baltimore Bob will be attending a conference

    planning session where the division will have to request space on the schedule. We’ll have two early morning board meetings, the annual business (lunch) meeting and a GTRIC roundtable, as well as an open house if sponsorship allows it. Betty Lou suggested that Bob reserve schedule blocks for two or three sessions, and that we look for opportunities to co-sponsor programs with other divisions as this lowers costs. We will determine whether there is a division member working in or near Baltimore who could assist with open house arrangements since that worked so well in Toronto.

    Barbara Post is very interested in having members visit TRB in Washington, D.C., during the Baltimore conference. The board discussed the logistics involved and agreed that this may be best handled as an event outside the formal conference structure and schedule.

7. New Business

    Member Survey Rita suggested that a brief (10-12 questions) online survey be sent to division members and possible topics were discussed including soliciting suggestions for session topics or speakers for the 2006 conference and determining how valuable the subject bibliographies are. Rita will draft a survey using SurveyMonkey’s software and will forward it to the board for consideration.

TD Bulletin/ENews June 30 was set as the deadline for the next issue of the division’s


8. The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, Rita Evans, Acting Secretary

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