How do You Think About Reshooting Movies or TV Plays

By Marcus Henry,2014-06-25 14:17
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How do You Think About Reshooting Movies or TV Plays

    How do You Think About Reshooting Movies or TV Plays?

     Reshooting movies or TV plays have been rampant with a stunning momentum flickering relentlessly on screens ranging from new edition of Four Classis to pop movies, which has been on peoples tongues widely. However regretfully, a majority of new editions have failed to live up to peoples expectation and even arisen violently criticism due to the staleness ,dumb imitation and affectation of some new editions. Well I deem that these compaints on the Internet cannot reveal the voices of all masses. It is superficial to cut meat with the same knife, this to say, not all reshootings are disappointing. For instance, we cannot deny the fact that new Three Empires is significantly polished than the previous one. The play ,Watching the rain of falling stars together also touch our hearts.

     Pondering rationally, the smashing of reshooting originates from peoples nostalgia of their

    past days and past minds ,which have become a part of their self-sympathy .They endeavor to defend their own memories which no longer exist , being harshly strict to the new stuffs. Actually, TV plays merely come into being as entertainment commodities ,taking advantages of the public’s

    state of minds..To say what have been said and done, the business nature dispenses with our sharp criteria for new plays. If 50 percent part of a movie is worthy of affirmation, meaning we can obtain something such laughers, relaxing or resonance , it also deserve our praise regardless of its flaws.

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