Signs and symbols

By Earl Gibson,2014-04-22 21:41
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Signs and symbols

Signs and symbols

    A unit in which students study signs and symbols in their community. Students are encouraged to observe the signs they see, discussing the ways in which they are presented and how they convey their meanings.

    TEACHER Anne Girven


    1-3 1

     Teacher Background Reading

    ; Visual Language - English Exemplar Project

    ; Exploring Language: Exploring Visual Language: A Framework

    ; Exploring Language: Static Images

    English teaching and learning ideas for a related unit These learning activities can be used and adapted to meet the needs of your students if you are undertaking a unit related to this topic.

    Learning task 1

    Learning task 2


    Collect signs and symbols to do with danger.

    ; Symbols and Indication of Danger

    Collect labels from medicine bottles, household products, gas, fire, power " danger indicators". Display in the classroom with appropriate verbal signs.

    Create a cartoon depicting danger indicators or signs.

    Create visual and verbal posters, labels or advertising brochures, where warning signs are given. For example,

    o Why we should wear bike helmets.

    o Poison labels on medicines, garden sprays.

    ; Individually or in small groups, create and design a playground, a park or a fitness trail, with

    appropriate signs and symbols.

    ; Sign Designing Competition. Discuss - What makes a good sign? List responses. How could

    you present your sign? You could do a pictograph. You could do a sign which is words only

    - but clearly understood words. You could draw a picture. Use your own ideas to create and c:\convert\temp\388530813.doc Page 1

    convey your message. Remember that signs are for men,women and children from all

    countries of the world.

    ; Make a video describing the signs and symbols that would be found or

    Draw a map with the signs and symbols that would be found:

    o in a school

    o in a classroom

    o in a playground

    o in a public park

    o in a hospital

    o on the way to school.



    ; Search the National Library catalogue for suitable resources.

    ; Advertising brochures

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