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    Ph.D. Dissertations Supervised:

     1. Guy Barnocky, “Colliding Elastic Particles and Spherical Drops in Viscous Fluids” (1988); went to

    work at AMOCO, and then Incos.

     2. Cecily A. Romero, “Modeling and Laboratory Observations of Shear Induced Hydrodynamic

    Diffusion in Crossflow Microfiltration” (1989); became a lecturer at the University of Colorado and

    at the Colorado School of Mines, and then joined Sandia National Labs.

     3. William Bentley, “The Effects of Plasmid-Mediated Activity on Bacterial Metabolism and Culture

    Stability” (1989, co-advised with D. S. Kompala); joined the faculty at the University of Maryland.

     4. Kimberly L. Ogden, “Regulated Expression of Flocculation and Genes to Enhance Production of

    Foreign Proteins in Selective Recycle and Contiguous” (1991, co-advised with A. L. Taylor); joined

    the faculty at the University of Arizona.

     5. Jan R. Rogers, “Experimental and Modeling Studies of Droplet Growth Due to Coalescence” (1991);

    went to work at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center.

     6. Xiaoguang Zhang, “Relative Motion, Collision and Coalescence of Small Spherical Drops” (1992);

    took a position at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, then at Air Products.

     7. Charles Parnham, “Protein Recovery from Bacterial Cell Lysate Using Crossflow Microfiltration”

    (1994); took a position at Energy Biosystems, then LifeScan, and then Nitinol Devices and


     8. Sanjeev Redkar, “Optimization of Crossflow Filtration Using Reverse Filtration as a Cleaning

    Method” (1994); took a position with Matrix Pharmaceuticals and then Supergen.

     9. Hua Wang, “Modeling and Experimental Studies of Drop Coalescence and Phase Separation” (1994);

    took a post-doctoral position at MIT and then joined General Electric.

    10. Joy Prakesh Agarwala, “Inclined Settler Classification of Particles and Transport of Ions Through

    Liquid Membranes with an Electric Field” (1995, co-advised with P. W. Todd); took a faculty

    position at the Indian Institute of Technology and then the Ghandi Institute of Science & Technology. 11. Barry Vant-Hull, “Fusion Proteins for Immobilizing RNA Polymerase” (1997, co-advised with L.

    Gold); took a position at NeXstar Pharmaceuticals, then SomaLogic, and then Eveia Medical. 12. Jeff Kern, “Polymerase Activity During In Vitro RNA Transcription” (1997); took a position at

    Corixa, and then Glexo Smithkline.

    13. Shulin Zeng, “Electrophoretic Aggregation and Effects of Contact Forces on Suspension Behavior”

    (1998); became a post-doc at Stanford and then joined Aclara Biosciences and later Canon US Life


    14. Vinod Kuberkar, “Crossflow Microfiltration and Rapid Backpulsing” (1999); took a position at

    Sulzer Biologics and then Merck, Amgen, and Wockhardt Biotech.

    15. Michael Rother, “Droplet Coalescence in Gravity and Thermocapillary Migration” (1999, co-advised

    with A. Zinchenko); joined the faculty of the University of Minnesota, Duluth. 16. Jose Ramirez, “Waste Water Treatment by Microfiltration and Microflotation” (1997); joined Virox

    and then Johnson Diversey.

    17. Huimin Ma, “Membrane Fouling Reduction by Grafting and Backpulsing” (2000, co-advised with C.

    N. Bowman); joined Headway and then Seagate.

    18. Yu Zhao, “Particle Contacts in Suspensions” (2002); returned to China.

    19. Wendy Mores, “Characterization and Reduction of Membrane Fouling” (2002); joined Intel and then

    the faculty at the University of Colorado.

    20. Jeff Knutsen, “Membrane Bioseparations: Cellulase Recovery, Particle Deposition, and Second

    Osmotic Virial Coefficients” (2005); joined ChemRisk and then Colorado School of Mines.


    21. Michelle Staben, “Low-Reynolds-Number Particle Transport in Narrow Channels for Microfluidics

    and Other Applications” (2005, co-advised with A. Zinchenko); took position at Glaxo SmithKline. 22. Brian Good, “Development of Flow Control Elements for Portable Polymeric Microfluidic Devices”

    (2005, co-advised with C. N. Bowman); joined Azdel, and then Voith Paper. 23. Chris Brotherton, “Mixing in Polymeric Microfluidic Devices” (2007); took position at Sandia

    National Laboratories.

    24. Janine Galvin, “Investigating Novel Mechanisms for Particle Segregation (or „Demixing‟) and

    Collisions” (2007, co-advised with C. Hrenya); took position at the Albany Research Center. 25. Advait Kantak, “Wet Particle Collisions” (2005, co-advised with C. Hrenya); joined Intel.

    26. Parag Nemade, “Secondary and Lyotropic Liquid Crystal Membranes for Improved Aqueous

    Separations” (2008, co-advised with D. Gin); went to work at Pfizer.

    27. Andrew Griggs, “The Low-Reynolds-number Motion of Drops and Bubbles Near Solid Planar

    Surfaces” (2008, co-advised with A. Zinchenko); took position at the National Renewable Energy


    28. Tom Ratcliffe, “Buoyancy-induced Drop Squeezing Through Constrictions” (in progress).

    29. John Ashley, “Hydrodynamic Separations Using Pinched-flow Fractionation” (in progress, co-

    advised with C. Bowman and A. Zinchenko).

    30. Benjamin Smith, “Limiting Factors in Lignocellulosic Saccharification” (in progress).

    31. Melissa Rickman, “Extractive Photobioreactor for Algae Cultures” (in progress, co-advised with J.


    32. Jennie Jorgenson, “Collisions of Wet Particles and Modeling of Wet Particulate Flows” (in progress,

    co-advised with C. Hrenya).

M.S. Theses Supervised:

     1. Kay H. Birdsell, “The Sedimentation of Polydisperse Suspensions” (1985); went to work at Los

    Alamos National Laboratory.

     2. Steve A. Birdsell, “Mathematical Model of Crossflow Microfiltration with Experimental

    Verification” (1985); went to work at Los Alamos National Laboratory.

     3. Thomas P. Hunt, “Quantitative Determination of Yeast Flocculation” (1985); became an instructor at

    the U.S. Air Force Academy and then received a Ph.D. from the University of Denver.

     4. Jean-Marc Serayssol, “Dynamic Deformation and Rebound of Particles During Filtration and

    Coagulation” (1985); went to work at Air Products and then to business school in Paris.

     5. Mark A. Hassen, “Interface Spreading in Polydisperse Sedimentation” (1987); went to medical

    school at Washington University.

     6. Charles Parnham, “Continuous Bioreactor with Selective Recycle via Selective Flocculation” (1987);

    went to work at Fluor-Daniel and then returned for a Ph.D. at the University of Colorado.

     7. David Szlag, “Factors Affecting Yeast Flocculation” (1988); went to work at the National Institute of

    Standards and Technology and then returned for a Ph.D. at the University of Colorado.

     8. Greg Ogden, “Experimental Determination of the Permeability, Viscosity and Shear-Induced

    Diffusivity for Fine Latexes and Microbial Suspensions” (1988); went to work at Stearns-Catalytic

    and then became a lecturer at Pima College.

     9. Kimberly L. Henry, “Selective Recycle of Flocculent Bacteria Using Continuous Bioreactors” (1988,

    co-advised with A. L. Taylor); became a Ph.D. student at the University of Colorado. 10. Xiaoguang Zhang, “Particle Classification for Dilute Suspensions Using Inclined Settlers” (1988);

    became a Ph.D. student at the University of Colorado.

    11. Hauqing Zhou, “Selective Bacterial Cell Separations Using Extraction and Adhesion” (1989, co-

    advised with A. L. Taylor); returned to China.


    12. Ashish Chatterjee, “Optimization of Secreted Foreign Protein Production in Continuous Culture”

    (1989, co-advised with W. F. Ramirez); returned to India.

    13. Debra Hawker, “Electrokinetic and Extractive Isolation of Bacterial Ribosomes and Vesicles” (1990);

    became a Ph.D. student at the University of Colorado.

    14. Sanjeev Redkar, “Crossflow Microfiltration of Complex Mixtures” (1991); became a Ph.D. student at

    the University of Colorado.

    15. Hatice Gecol, “A Novel Bioreactor/Separator for Microbial Desulfurization of Coal” (1993); became

    a Ph.D. student at the University of Oklahoma, and then joined the faculty at the University of


    16. Eve Tracey, “Protein Fouling of Microfiltration Membranes” (1993); took a position with Batelle

    Northwest Laboratories.

    17. Naveen Arora, “Effects of Cake Layers and Axial Pressure Drop on Flux and Transmission During

    Membrane Filtration” (1993); took a position with Pfizer and then the Anant Group in India

    18. Eleni Chrisikos, “Semi-continuous RNA Production in a Stirred Cell Membrane Reactor” (1994);

    became a Professional Research Assistant at the University of Colorado. 19. Tanya Chavez-Cropp, “Chromatographic Purification of RNA” (1994); joined Hewlett-Packard.

    20. Scott Nichols, “Electrophoretic Particle Aggregation in Dilute Heterogeneous Suspensions” (1994);

    joined Intel Corporation.

    21. Neal Williams, “Continuous Production of RNA Using a Stir-cell Membrane Bioreactor” (1995);

    joined the U.S. Air Force.

    22. Jeff Mueller, “Crossflow Microfiltration of Oily Waste Water” (1995); joined Harrison-Western


    23. Jennifer Young, “Optimization of RNA Transcription” (1995, co-advised with W. F. Ramirez);

    continued as Ph.D. student at the University of Colorado.

    24. Antonio Payano-Baez, “Section of Nucleic-acid Ligands Against Multiple Protein Targets” (1996,

    co-advised with L. Gold); joined Schering Plough AG in Germany.

    25. Naiomi Breckenridge, “Promoterless Transcription of RNA” (1998); joined Iconix Pharmaceuticals.

    26. Wendy Mores, “Membrane Pretreatment of Water” (1998, co-advised with C. N. Bowman);

    continued for PhD at the University of Colorado.

     and Water Emulsions” (1999, co-advised with T. W. 27. Lorraine Pietraszewski, “Supercritical CO2

    Randolph); joined IBM.

    28. Mark Chivers, “Protein Separations by Flocculation and Sedimentation” (1999); went to work at


    Postdoctoral and Senior Research Associates Supervised

    1. Stergios G. Yiantsios, “Deformation of Droplets in Near-Contact Motion” (1989-90)

    2. Nick A. Hill, “Interactions of Sedimenting Solid or Liquid Spheres” (1989-90)

    3. Michael Loewenberg, “Gravity and Thermocapillary Interactions of Drops” (1991-94)

    4. John Franjione, “Hydrodynamic Diffusion of Spheroidal Particles” (1991-93)

    5. Cecily Romero, “Sedimentation of Axisymmetric Particles” (1991)

    6. Alexander Zinchenko, “Interaction of Spherical and Deformable Drops” (1992- )

    7. Hua Zhou, “Interactions of Deformable Drops” (1994-95 )

    8. Yanwei Cen, “Membrane Filtration of Produced Waters” (1994-95 )

    9. Jeff Kern, “RNA Transcription” (1997)

    10. Helen Wilson, “Rheology of Suspension of Rough Particles” (1998-2000)

    11. Mike Rother, “Simulation of Emulsion Behavior” (2001-2002)

    12. Jeff Knutsen, “Cellulose Hydrolysis” (2008- )


Undergraduate and High-School Research Assistants Supervised:

     1. Cheryl Cathey, “Inertial Filtration of Aerosols” (1984)

     2. Cindy Starbuck, “Yeast Flocculation” (1985)

     3. Steve Roger, “Sedimentation of Glass and Plastic Beads” (1985)

     4. Pam Seewald, “Yeast Flocculation and Sedimentation” (1985)

     5. Marvin Peterson, “Yeast Flocculation” (1986)

     6. Laura Mathies, “Microfiltration” (1986)

     ‡7. Sarah Tolbert, “Bacterial Flocculation” (1987)

     ‡8. William George, “Selective Recycle of Yeast” (1987)

     ‡*9. Dana Andersen, “Growth-Rate Reduction in Recombinant Bacteria” (1987-88) ‡*10. Laura McBurney, “Kinetic Parameters for Recombinant Bacteria” (1987-88) ‡*11. Brit Andresen, “Versatile Sedimentation System” (1988-89) ‡*12. Noushin Mirjalilli, “Induced Foreign Protein Expression” (1988)

     ‡13. Tina Ellis, “Fermentation with Flocculent Bacteria” (1988)

     ‡14. Rick Paull, “Crossflow Microfiltration” (1988)

     ‡15. Brien Stears, “Bacterial Flocculation” (1988)

     ‡16. Karsten Thompson, “Shear-Induced Hydrodynamic Diffusion” (1988)

     *17. Susan Walan, “Extractive Isolation of Bacterial Components” (1989) ‡*18. Robert McDaniel, “Continuous Fermentations Using an Inclined Settler” (1989-90)

     ‡19. Jeff McKinnis, “Fermentations with Nondividing Yeast” (1989)

     ‡20. Tina Mueh, “Growthrates of Flocculent Bacteria” (1989)

     ‡21. Rob Culp, “Sedimentation of Polydisperse Suspensions” (1989)

     ‡22. Christopher Henderson, “Crossflow Microfiltration of Yeast Suspensions” (1989) ‡*23. Scott Parkhill, “Fouling in Crossflow Microfiltration” (1989-90) ‡*24. Terri Kurtz, “Hydrodynamic Diffusion in Sedimentating Suspensions” (1990)

     ‡25. Kelli Van Hare, “Crossflow Microfiltration of Yeast Suspensions” (1990) ‡*26. Dawn Downey, “Crossflow Microfiltration of Yeast Suspensions” (1990)

     27. Lisa Lobree, “Separation of Ribosomes and Vesicles” (1990)

     ‡28. Kristin Coulter, “Selective Cell Separations by Sedimentation” (1990)

     *29. Kathy Schneebeck, “Microbial Desulfurization of Coal” (1990-91) ‡*30. Margaret King, “Aqueous Two-phase Extraction” (1990-91)

     31. Eric Meskimer, “Crossflow Microfiltration of Viscous Oils” (1990-91)

     ‡32. Susan Peterson, “Crossflow Microfiltration of Yeast Suspensions” (1990-91) ‡*33. Mark Ruth, “Trajectory Measurements for Two Sedimenting Drops” (1991-92)

     34. Lisa Lemon, “Disruption of Bacterial Cells” (1991)

     ‡35. Cheryl Selinsky, “Aqueous Two-phase Extraction of Fine Particles” (1991)

     ‡36. Anneta Razatos, “Crossflow Microfiltration of Yeast Suspensions” (1991)

     37. Terri Kurtz, “Crossflow Microfiltration of Bacterial Lysates” (1991)

     ‡38. Leilah Bachus, “Sedimentation of Nonspherical Particles” (1991)

     ‡39. Larry Gallegos, “Cell Separations Using Monoclonal Antibodies” (1992) ‡*40. Jeremy Walls, “Crossflow Microfiltration of Bacterial Lysates” (1992) ‡*41. Rod Pelzel, “Sedimentation of a Sphere Past a Rod” (1992-94)

     *42. Anneta Razatos, “Protein Fouling of Microfiltration Membranes” (1992)

     ‡43. Carrie Clark, “In Vitro RNA Transcription” (1992-93)

     44. Kristin Volle, “Immobilization of T7 RNA Polymerase” (1992)

     ‡45. Alison Kuipers, “Crossflow Microfiltration of Bacterial Cell Lysates” (1992)

     46. Paul Suding, “Microfiltration of Cell Suspensions” (1992)

     ‡47. Stephanie Welpton, “Protein Fouling of Microfiltration Membranes” (1992-93)

     ‡48. Brandon Emme, “Modeling of Membrane Backpulsing” (1992-93)


     ‡49. Cathy Moravec, “In vitro RNA Transcription” (1993)

     ‡50. Richard Drawhorn, “Microfiltration of Bacterial Lysates” (1993)

     ‡51. Alan Schenkel, “Affinity Cell Separations” (1993)

    ‡*52. Anitra Waran, “Biphasic Extraction of Biological Particles” (1993)

     53. Brandon Emme, “Fluid Mechanics Experiments for ITL” (1993)

     ‡54. Hugo Fernandez, “Crossflow Microfiltration of Bacteria Cell Lysates” (1993)

     *55. Todd Kerns, “Roughness Effects in Particle Interactions” (1993-94)

     ‡56. Michael Kovalchick, “Crossflow Microfiltration of Bacterial Cell Lysates” (1993)

     ‡57. Jung Lim, “Image Analysis System for Droplet Dispersions” (1993)

     ‡58. Kim Nelson, “Membrane Filtration of Bacterial Cell Lysate” (1993-94)

     59. Anna Razatos, “Root Cell Cultures” (1993)

     *60. Nathan Reader, “Phase Separation of Droplet Dispersions” (1993-94)

     ‡61. Theresa Smith, “Immobilization of T7 RNA Polymerase” (1993)

     62. Paul Suding, “Fluid Mechanics Experiments for ITL” (1993-94)

     ‡63. Erika Thiem, “Purification of T7 RNA Polymerase” (1993)

     64. Jennifer Bieker, “Membrane Filtration of Waste Water” (1994)

     65. Jim Erjavec, “Phase Separation of Droplet Dispersions” (1994)

     ‡66. Keith Hohn, “Membrane Separation of Proteins” (1994)

     67. Chrissy Nacos, “Membrane Filtration of Proteins” (1994-95)

     68. Chris Pretz, “Image Analysis System for Droplet Dispersions” (1994)

     69. Craig Thorsen, “Fluid Mechanics Experiments for ITL” (1994-95)

     ‡70. Kim Wicklund, “Membrane Separation of RNA” (1994)

     *71. Chris Roenfeldt, “RNA Transcription from Immobilized DNA” (1994-95)

     *72. Elizabeth White, “RNA Transcription Kinetics” (1995)

     ‡73. Danita Whelen, “Drop Coalescence and Phase Separation” (1995)

     ‡74. Nikki Sikes, “Membrane Treatment of Oily Wastewaters” (1995)

     *75. Todd Kerns, “Roughness Effects on Particle Interactions” (1995)

     76. Moha Shah, “RNA Transcription” (1995)

     77. Susan Valentino, “Membrane Fouling by Protein Mixtures” (1995)

     78. Cherie Hamilton, “Optimization of Repeated Batch Transcription of RNA” (1996-97)

     ‡79. Vanessa Aponte-Irizarry, “Electrophoretic Aggregation of Particles” (1996)

     80. Kim Fenn, "Electrophoretic Aggregation of Particles” (1996)

     81. Jill Fletcher, “Membrane Treatment of Oily Wastewaters” (1996)

     *82. Wen Huang, “Effects of Solution Conditions on RNA Transcription” (1996)

     ‡83. Nina Lattarulo, “Membrane-based Bioseparations with Rapid Backpulsing” (1996)

     84. Martin Linck, “Modified Membranes for Water Treatment” (1996-98)

     85. Michael Wilson, “Solution Effects on RNA Transcription” (1997)

     86. Marc Kroll, “Membrane-based Water Treatment with Backpulsing” (1997)

     87. Matt Goebel, “Electrophoretic Particle Aggregation” (1997)

     88. Fawad Ghafoori, “Membrane Separations of Cells and Proteins” (1997)

     ‡89. Brandy Stewart, “Water Treatment by Microflotation” (1997)

     ‡90. Rory Moore, “Water Treatment by Microfiltration” (1997)

    ‡*91. Karen Fairs, “RNA Transcription” (1997)

     ‡92. Debbie Choi, “Reduced Membrane Fouling by Surface Grafting” (1997)

     ‡93. Mary Rohlfs, “Reduced Membrane Fouling by Backpulsing” (1997)

     94. Scott McEntyre, “RNA Transcription” (1997)

    ‡*95. Kristin Hendrickson, “Microfiltration of Yeast-Protein Mixtures” (1997-98)

     *96. Tyson Ingels, “Electrophoretic Particle Aggregation” (1997-98) 97. Jenny Hult, “Microfiltration of Oil Mixtures” (1998-99) 98. Marc Kroll, “Membrane Treatment of Wastewater” (1998)


     ‡99. Gavin Hoch, “Membrane Modification” (1998)

    ‡100. Nora Tucker, “Drop Interactions” (1998)

    ‡101. Deidre Azuara, “Reynolds Experiment” (1998-99) ‡102. Lisa Pineda, “Membrane Modification” (1998-99) 103. David Granas, “Membrane Fouling” (1998-99) 104. Jenny Quarles, “Membrane Treatment of Wastewater (1999-00) 105. David Nielsen, “Membrane Fouling” (1999-00) ‡106. Joe Kushner, “Drop Interactions” (1999)

     107. Eddie Drumheller, “Cellulase Filtration” (2000-01) 108. Valerie Russell, “Cellulase-Cellulose Binding” (2000-01) ‡109. Melinda Roskos, “Microfiltration Modeling” (2000) ‡110. Oscar Griffith, “Cellulase Filtration” (2000)

    *111. Eddie Drumheller, “Particle Collisions” (2000)

    ‡112. Laura Fisher, “Biomass Filtration” (2000)

    ‡113. Luis Hakim, “Membrane Fouling” (2000)

    114. Divya Seetharam, “Cellulase Filtration (2000)

    115. Dean Rager, “Elastohydrodynamic Rebound” (2000-01) 116. David Nielsen, “Thermocapillary Migration” (2000-01) ‡117. Elisa Enders, “Cellulase Recovery” (2001)

    ‡118. Jason Gaspar, “Biomass Sedimentation” (2001)

    ‡119. Kristin Gardner, “Microfluidic Transport” (2001) ‡120. Gabriel Rivera, “Hydrogel Micropump” (2001) *121. Todd Wilder, “Drop Migration” (2001-02)

     122. Ingrid Leth, “Biomass Hydrolysis” (2002)

     123. Jordan Schneider, “Gas-generating Micropump” (2002)

     124. David Druong, “Chaotic Mixers” (2003)

    ‡125. Stefani Naski, “Gas-generating Micropumps” (2003) ‡126. Anders Berliner, “Polymer-based Microfluidic Mixers” (2003)

     127. Doug Wildemuth, “Particle Collisions with Surfaces” (2003-04) ‡128. Diana Smirnova, “Electrolysis Pumps” (2004)

     129. Johnross Ford, “Fractional Particle Deposition” (2004-05) 130. John Bedenbaugh, “Wet Particle Collisions” (2005)

     131. Julia Dixon, “Conducting Polymer Pastes” (2005) *132. Suguna Narayan, “Wet Particle Collisions” (2005-06) *133. Rebekah Squires, “Drop Motion Near Walls” (2005) †134. Jacob Niece, “Particle-Particle Collisions and Agglomeration” (2005) †135. Andrew Ledvina, “Wet Particle Collisions” (2005-06) ‡136. Jessica Morga, “Drop Motion Near an Inclined Wall” (2006) ‡137. Eric Gauthier, “Pinched-flow Fractionation” (2006)

     138. Kathryn Ida, “Microfluidic Devices” (2006)

     139. Amit Halevi, “Drop Motion in Confined Geometries” (2006) †140. Dylan Flather, “Pinched-flow Fractionation” (2007)

     141. Britta Ulm, “Microfluidic Devices and Flows” (2007)

     142. Maricele Reyes, “Microfluidic Devices and Flows” (2007)

     143. Kathryn Ida, “Fabrication of Microfluidic Devices” (2008) †144. Chelsea Daniels, “Enzymatic Conversion of Cellulosic Biomass to Sugars” (2008-09)

(* = supported by grants from CU's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program; ‡ = supported by

    NSF's Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program; † = supported by CU‟s Discovery Learning



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