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    25532 Gloriosa Drive, Mission Viejo, CA 92691 ? 949.637.1806 ?

    VP Development / Business Unit


    Technology executive with over 25 years experience managing development and marketing teams and focusing them on creating and selling innovative solutions. Logical and goal-oriented, but enthusiastic about people, products and bringing them together. Proven proficiency in:

    ; Building and managing focused, innovative teams

    ; Delivering products to market on schedule and within budget

    ; Bridging technology and marketing to define successful solutions

    ; Creating successful teams of in-house and contract (onshore and offshore) developers

    ; Launching products worldwide: APAC, EMEA and Americas



    Computer Science Advisory Board

    ; Working to keep Math and Computer Science department of Chapman University connected to

    the high-tech industry and helping them identify and attract students.


    Contract Product /Business Management Firm


    ; Working with entrepreneurs with ideas to create business plans, prototype development plans

    and funding plans.


    Provider of Security Risk Management and Compliance Solution

    Product Management

    ; Replaced departing Chief Strategy Officer in determining the direction and features of the

    company’s product. Connected development and marketing departments to move company from

    operating on best guesses to a researched and prioritized plan for moving forward.


    Worldwide Provider of Internet Security Solutions

    Director of Broadband Internet Security Division, Director of Engineering, Senior Product Manager

    ; Directed software and hardware development teams, as well as marketing personnel, to increase

    worldwide acceptance of a desktop firewall product line. Grew product line to over 25% of the

    corporate revenue using less than 5% of the development resources.

    ; Organized hardware and software development teams to design and launch one of industry’s first

    integrated wireless firewalls expanding the product line and revitalizing the company’s

    reputation for innovation.

    ; Coordinated and organized the on-time completion of a development and testing project which

    was required for completing the purchase of BeadleNet by WatchGuard.

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    Publisher of Windows Software Utility Products

    Founder and Chief Technical Officer

    ; Created development department from scratch for a software publisher by identifying and

    capturing independent developers.

    ; Successfully developed consumer software products using offshore development teams.

    Continued success of product line with in-house work on subsequent versions.

    ; Succeeded in growing a start-up company to a size and revenue that gave outside investors a

    10-fold return in two years.


    Publisher of Windows Software Utility Products

    Vice President of Development

    ; Expanded the company’s product line from two unknown technician-only offerings to a catalogue

    of eight award-winning products for the general consumer. This was a critical step in moving the

    stock from a pink sheet value of 25 cents to a small cap value over $10 in 2 years.

    ; Created and improved a general utility software product that became a market segment leader

    outselling Norton Utilities for Windows 3.1.

    ; Improved product quality by creating a Quality Assurance testing department and reorganizing

    the Technical Support department to better communicate with the developers.


    Contract Software Development Firm

    Founder and President

    ; Founded a contract services company. Grew and strengthened it for 15 years, transforming the

    company from two programmers to a respected firm of over 20 people with sales, marketing and

    support personnel.

    ; Expanded the company beyond a dependence on hourly contract work by adding more profitable

    product development projects.


    Graduate Study in Information & Computer Science, University of California, Irvine

    B.S., Information & Computer Science, University of California, Irvine


    Orange County AeA Small Business Growth Chair, High Tech Awards Judge

    American Association of Senior Executives Membership committee

    Boy Scouts of America District Vice-Chairman, District Award of Merit

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    (Partial List)

    Products Developed by WatchGuard

    SOHO and SOHO 6: Internet appliance offering premier firewall protection, IP Sharing, Internet content blocking

    and Virtual Private Networking for businesses and home offices.

    Awards: SC Magazine: ;;;;;, Pick of 2000, Best Buy Award, Datamation: Product of the Year 2000,

    PC Professionale (Italy): Best of Breed

    SOHO 6 Wireless: Innovative firewall appliance with an integrated wireless module.

    Awards: Computer Reseller News: “best on the market for the money”

    Firebox X Edge and Edge Wireless: Redesigned and renamed firewall appliance, serving as both a small

    business firewall and a large company perimeter protection device.

    Packaged Software Developed and/or Published by Kiss Software Modem Wizard: Created a new category of software for testing modems and monitoring Internet connections.

    Copied by two other utility software companies.

    Awards: ZDNet: Editor's Pick, PCWorld: Editor's Pick, PCComputing: Silver Award

    KeyView Pro: The most versatile Windows file viewer on the market.

    Awards: Windows Magazine: Editor's Choice, PCComputing: ;;;;;, Lan Times: ;;;; (highest

    rating), Windows Magazine: Best of Breed

    Speed Surfer: Innovative product that speeds up Internet surfing while offering online security.

    Awards: ZDNet: Editor's Pick, PCComputing: ;;;;, PC World Online: Editor's Pick, Home Office

    Computing: Best Buy

    ShortCuts: A utility that makes it easy to perform complex tasks with a single keystroke.

    Awards: PC World: Editor's Pick, ZDNet: ;;;;;, Into Tomorrow: “Favorite Program”

    Undo & Recover: Created a new category of product with the ability to recovery any overwritten file. At least three

    competitors followed our lead.

    Awards: Computer Shopper: Top 100, Komando's: Pick of the Week, ZDNet: ;;;;;

    Packaged Software Developed by Touchstone Software

    WINCheckIt - Best selling Windows utility package for over 10 months (beating Norton Utilities).

    Awards: Windows Magazine: Top 100, InfoWorld: Top Score, Home PC: Top 100

    PC-cillin 95 - Anti-virus program with dynamic protection & automatic Internet scanning. Also introduced automatic

    pattern file updates for a yearly fee.

    Awards: PC Computing: Best Buy, Home PC: Top 100

    WIN’95 Advisor - Utility that aided users in the arduous task of upgrading to Windows 95.

    Awards: Windows Magazine: Top 100

    FastMove - A low-cost, full-featured file transfer program that competed successfully with LapLink.

    Products Developed By Custom Software

    MacTools Deluxe - First Macintosh disk optimizer to use bi-directional optimization. The result was faster than

    Norton’s. (Central Point Software)

    XTreeMac - Macintosh file management program before the advent of System 7. The first real drag-and-drop tree

    file structure program. (XTree Company)

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