By Esther Stevens,2014-06-07 22:12
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passed past has passed passed bypassed passed away

    Past Has Passed,Never Come Back

     Several days ago, I heard a news of my two old classmates:they have broken up .I just could not believe my ears when I first heard this surprising news.In my memory,they have been in love with each other for almost 6 years.The girl said that she can not wait for the boy for another 6 years because the boy will be a sailor on the deck

    I do not know if they have any other reasons for to other countries

    their broken up,however,they indeed broken up.Like many stories,this story has a great beginning but only left an unluckily ending.

     There are so many happiness in our life ,we seem never feel them till we lose them one day.When we were still children,our parents took good care of us but I believe most of us often have words with them and make them sad.Nowadys,we have grown up,seeing

    parents hair become white,maybe regret is too late.During our high school time,we always complain that we have no time playing games,reading novels,making friends..just study,study and

    study.Now,we have entered college,I studdenly detect that our study time is so little,we have so many activities to take part in that we nearly can not get more time for study.In the future,It is obviously that our study time will be still less.Regret will be too late,as well.

     We are still young, we are on the best time of our life,we still have

    plenty of time caring our families,getting further and better study,making more friends and traveling the beautiful lands of the world.

     So cherish your time,cherish the people around you,do not reget when they passed!


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