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    Robert D. Richardson

    1409 Atkamire Dr

    Tallahassee, FL 32301, USA



    Robert Richardson is a skilled technologist with extensive operational experience that encompasses project and program management, architecture, product management/marketing, operations, and business process design/implementation. Robert’s consistent accomplishments result from planning, communication, expectation setting, plan execution, monitoring, and honest reporting to management and business stakeholders. Robert’s focus in these areas has always been the integration of people, process and technology to maximize business value. Additionally, Robert has extensive professional services leadership experience that spans the globe as well as: product/service offering development, and service line building & operations, large-scale change management engagements, technical operations business.


    RichHawk LLC. …………………………………….…………May 2004 – Present

    A financial advisory and operations consulting firm specializing in early stage organization


    Robert focused on how to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of operational and

    management processes. Projects included, but were not limited to:

    State of Florida Dept of Health State-wide Trauma System Performance

    Improvement Project. Business Analyst, Responsible for the Analysis, and Solution

    design of Trauma System processes, procedures, protocols, and pathways. Robert

    focused on quantum improvements through Virtual Improvement Collaboratives, Best

    Practices, Metrics and Measures. HIPPA certified.

    Healthcare Robert led a market and product evaluation as part of a Due Diligence on a

    healthcare information platform company. Focusing on clinical workflow, and using a

    strategy that took into account multiple, effective data delivery formats created by legacy

    departmental systems the evaluation focused on:

    ; Continuity of Care Record (XML based Standard championed by AAFP)

    ; Health Level 7 (HL7)

    ; Database “abstracting” and consolidation

    ; Human factors analysis & Multiple Device Form Factors

    ; Wireless Handheld Devices

    ; Marketplace analysis

    Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Robert worked with a consulting company to

    develop a collection of methods to apportion resources, manage risk, and track value, in a

    dynamic environment, using alignment, innovation, and fit including periodic evaluations

    of controls and governance effectiveness within a broad array of business areas.

    Additionally Robert authored several of the methods at the task level and integrated

    several delivery methods into the method umbrella, including a project management

    method based on the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

    Convergent Technologies (including physical infrastructure wire (cable, wire, fiber), wireless, and digital services) Robert functioned as a product manager consulting with design engineers on converged infrastructure requirements to support a collection of digital services including business critical information building blocks - voice, data networking, messaging, group productivity and Internet access, as well as entertainment

    on demand (regular cable and extra entertainment features such as gaming, movies, & music) on an extensible platform, (Entertainment Center/set top box design, Residential

    Gateways, SOHO networks, and other Internet Attached Devices)

    Eucid Corporation …………….…………………………June 2000 - May 2004

    A management and operations consulting business, specializing in: Supply Chain

    Management, Marketing Strategy, and Operations Analysis

Practice Director - Operations Manager

    Robert focused on strategy and business development for operational projects and establishing consulting operations in North America. Additionally Robert was responsible for the establishment of supply chain, value proposition (CRM & SCM combines) and statistical process control (six sigma) consulting teams, which included method, marketing and team leadership.

    Robert also worked on specific international projects in China and operational projects of strategic importance to Eucid.

Global Operations Center (Mission Control) Robert lead the establishment of

    mission control program office, mission control organization strategy, mission control operations and procedures, mission control physical plant design, mission control technology architecture in 12 weeks.

    IBM Corp. …………….……………………………….January 1999 July 2000

    A multi billion dollar world leader in consulting services, information technology hardware and

    software, and outsourcing solutions.

Senior Project Manager

    Responsible for managing stakeholder expectations, and primary point man for business development on assigned projects. Robert also performed project & program management, enterprise architecture planning, and strategic IS/IT effectiveness solutions to major clients. Development of project plans, functional specifications, and operational models for operational projects.

Fiber Optic Manufacturing Company As the senior IBM Consultant, reporting

    directly to the CFO, Robert worked with senior management, to understand the impact of becoming a global player on all continents. Drawing on previous experiences in Acquisitions and Mergers, Richardson planned and set up an operational program office supporting the horizontal integration of assets on 4 continents while simultaneously supporting vertical integration by a new parent using a different consulting partner. Robert became IBM’s “senior man on the ground” developing relationships, delivering impromptu

    presentations on subjects ranging from:

    ? Organizational and cultural issues and approaches in a global organization,

    ? Global Program Management,

    ? Globalization of Business Processes (how to do it w/plan)

    ? Multi-country manufacturing process cost optimization (tariffs, taxes, etc.)

Retail Data Warehouse - Project Manager Implement Showcase for JD Edwards

    suite for an upset customer. The fixed price project was delivered in 1/3 time with perfect client reviews and high profitability, for a project projected to loose three to four times the price.

    Oracle Corporation, Senior Principal Consultant ….September 1996 – December 1998

Program manager for global (6 continent) Application roll out of financial and

    manufacturing applications as well as large amount of custom development effort Application of FastForward (AIM) method for rapid delivery to subsidiary organizations, with attention paid to global financial and inventory issues of parent programs of projects employing Enterprise Solution Strategy and Enterprise Solution Method (formerly PGM). Other methods employed include Custom Development Method (CDM) for extensive customization effort required to support global operations. Other duties included creation of project infrastructure to support global roll out of application suites including but not limited to: Environmental Configuration Management, inclusion of quality assurance and business process improvement using six sigma rigor, reporting structures and risk mitigation, training and education, application and technical architecture planning and roll out of new infrastructures. Management of multiple Project teams implementing Oracle application suites globally.

Enterprise Architect financial application suite implementation. Responsible for

    information systems strategy and planning using a dynamic architectural model for complete financial application suite implementation as well as interfacing, conversion, and redirection of all concurrent development projects underway. Additional duties included: project planning using the Oracle Application Implementation Method (AIM), coordination of the AIM project with multiple projects using Oracle Custom Development Method (CDM) using Oracle Project Management Method (PJM); Technical Management of conversion and interfacing teams.

Commercial Bank, Technical Consultant

    Responsibilities included project leader in the development of an enterprise-wide mortgage data architecture. This effort was conducted as part of a larger data warehousing initiative. Developed a detailed project plan applying an Information Engineering methodology and managed the project team. The team analyzed existing data models for completeness and fitness for re-use, and set standards for modeling and data administration. The architectural components included a conceptual data model for the enterprise, an appropriate high-level process hierarchy (business models), data principles, constraints, and assumptions, location types, and an initial pass at an enterprise logical data model for detail-level process and data modeling. Identified the need for more in-depth standards and procedures to maintain the project deliverables and led the development of the standards and procedures as well as IT work flow model. Additionally, research was done and a project was created to build an appropriate

    technical infrastructure to support a CASE (Bachman, IT) and repository (R&O) environment as well as the Enterprise Logical Data Model (ELDM) product from the data architecture project. Implemented a Data Administration training program. 2K - lead initial efforts to establish melinium (year 2000) program as well as 2K tool selection and configuration, methodology/approach.

    Other Oracle Experiences: Project planning for complete financial and manufacturing suite implementation including customizations, subsystem and external system interfacing and conversion, Development of Oracle Year 2000 strategy (Solution/2000) ) program including tool selection and configuration management and methodology; Implementation planning for wide scale Oracle product implementation at a customer site including: technology transfer and migration, information systems strategy and planning. Internal

    Instructor/Mentor Project Management, provided project management and Team Leader instruction to Senior Oracle consultants selected to be project managers or project team leaders. Methods Instructor FastForward ,AIM, PJM. Senior Mentor:

    Project/Program management, Project/Program estimation, Fixed price contract management, Bid & Proposal, Account management.

    1994 - 1996

    American General, Strategic Architecture and Technology Planner

    Responsibilities included visualization and creation of a multi-tiered enterprise information resource management (IRM) process utilizing Enterprise Information Infrastructure in support of strategic realignment and decentralization of IT functions with business processes, supporting the objective of creating a more flexible enterprise better able to respond to competitive threats and opportunities in the market place. Technology infrastructure support of Business Process re-engineering effort. Virtualization of the Software Development Life Cycle. Research included analyzing and employing techniques including: Information Asset - Intellectual Asset Management, Systems Reengineering, Information Infrastructures, Object-Oriented Technologies (Rumbaugh, Gamma, Kowal, etc.), Software Development Process Assestment, Software Development Process Evolution Organization Reengineering, Information Systems Metrics, Synergistic Development Environments, Technology Transfer, Competitive use of Information Systems, Strategic Decision Support Systems (Environmental Scanning Systems - Notes based), Development Environment/Development Process, and Data Warehousing, Process Re-engineering and Process Automation. 2K - lead initial efforts to establish melinium (year 2000) program as well as 2K tool selection and configuration, methodology/approach

    1991 - 1994

    Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services, Methodologies/Software


    Responsibilities included project manager CAMIS project, assistant project manager special teams FLORIDA project, team leader re-engineering automation project; team leader software process assessment group; team leader meta model project; team leader configuration management group (project independence) utilizing CSP, DB2, COBOL, MVS, and various quality assurance approaches. 4GL developer, DBA/System Administrator on distributed information systems project (single data system) utilizing Oracle, C, UNIX, AIX, and Novell. Research included analyzing and techniques including object-oriented technologies (Rumbaugh, Odell/Martin, Booch, etc.), meta

    models, systems re-engineering, metrics, project management approaches, virtualization of

    the software development life cycle (SDLC), SDLC frameworks, design and component

    reuse. 2K - lead initial efforts to establish melinium (year 2000) program as well as 2K

    tool selection and configuration, methodology/approach



    SUN Solaris, Unix, MS Windows, CSP, DB2, COBOL, MVS, CICS, MS Project, ABT

    Project Workbench, ABT Project Bridge Modeler, MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint,

    MS Visio.

    Oracle Products:

    Oracle Application Architecture, Oracle ERP, Oracle CRM, Oracle Data Warehouse,

    Oracle Supply Chain Management, Oracle Database, Oracle Method AIM (2.0), Oracle

    Method ISS, Oracle Method ESS, Oracle Method PJM, Oracle Method PGM, Oracle

    Method CDM, Oracle Solution/2000, CASE*Method, Designer/2000,

    Management/Leadership Business Skills:

    Business Development, Sales, Sales Closure, JAD, JRP, Business Analysis, Business

    Process Design, Facilitation, Presentation and Orator, Consulting Operations

    Management, Project & Program Management, Project Leadership, Enterprise Architect,

    IS Functional Management, Architecture and Technology Leadership, Competitive

    Information Systems Architect, Product Management, Operations and Organization

    Manufacturing, Services, Government

    Life Cycle Expertise:

    Principal Architect - Statistical Process Control Method (Six Sigma approach intigratinf

    six sigma, five s, SCM, CRM), Principal Architect Oracle One to One Marketing

    (Peppers & Rodgers - CRM) Methodologist - Oracle Method AIM, Oracle Method

    PJM, Oracle Method PGM, Oracle Method CDM, Oracle Method ISS, Oracle Method

    ESS, Oracle Solution/2000, Y2K, Information Engineering, SSADM, Gane and Sarson,

    Yordon-DeMarco, CASE*Method, OO - Assisted in the creation of ROAD MAP - Real

    Time Object Oriented Analysis and Design, OMT, O'Dell-Martin, RUP

Specialty Skills:

    Six Sigma integration, Project Management, Program Management, Competitive Information

    Systems, Tools Implementation, Technology Transfer, Full Life Cycle Software Engineering,

    Year 2000 consulting, SEI CMM Migration, Enterprise Architecture & Technology Planning,

    Bachman, LBMS, IEF, Pro*Kit Workbench


    M.C. Project Management George Washington University, Washington DC

    B.S. Computer Information Systems, Summa Cum Laude (3.94/4.0 GPA), Florida A&M

    University, Tallahassee, FL

    B.S. Computer Software, SUNY, Albany, NY

    A.A. Engineering, Pensacola Junior College, Pensacola, FL A.A. Business, Pensacola Junior College, Pensacola, FL


    Six Sigma Green Belt - GE

    Oracle Master Technical Support

    Oracle Master DBA

    Oracle Master Developer

    Oracle Master Desk Help


    Computer Aided Software Engineering

    (CASE) Selection Criteria

    Methodologies of Software Development

    Systematic Design-Method Comparisons

    Maintenance Processes

    Flexible Organizations and Processes

    Through Integration of Information


    Information Infrastructures


    Who’s Who

    National Dean’s List

    Outstanding Young Men of America

    Who’s Who Among Young American Professional


    IEEE Technical Committee on Software Engineering Association for Computing Machinery

    IEEE Computer Society

    Atlanta Software Development Metrics Users Group Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society

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