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    Robert K. Hackett

     152 Tapestry, Irvine, CA 92603 M:(949) 878-7220 H:(949) 922-6047


    University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business Los Angeles, CA

    Master of Business Administration December 2005

    ; Pragmatic Marketing : Certified Product Manager

    ; Finalist: 2004 Business Plan Competition

    ; Lead: Singapore Entrepreneur GLOBE

    ; Member: Entrepreneur Venture Management Association

    ; Member: Toastmasters International

    ; Project Management Certification : HNC University

University of California at San Diego San Diego, CA

    Bachelor of Science, Computer Science and Engineering December 1997

    ; Runner-Up: 1996 CSE Network Security Challenge

    ; Volunteer: Habitat For Humanity

    ; 1st Place: 1995 UCSD Intramural Tae Kwon Do Tournament


    Panasonic Avionics Corp. Lake Forest, CA

    Sr. Product Manager 2006 - Present

    Designed and launched new products for Panasonic’s in-flight entertainment software / service product line. ; Tracked product ROI’s against key performance indicators, and analyzed market and industry developments. ; Negotiated license agreements with advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies (Eidos, Facebook, Activision,

    Disney, Twitter Cartoon Network, Namco).

    ; Fixed bugs and pushed development (via Scrum) when software engineering resources could not meet deadline.

    ; Trained associate product managers on business model creation, go-to-market plans, and requirements gathering.

    ; Architected a standardized “Development Station”, reducing the recurring support and hardware costs by 40%.

    ; Created business cases, market requirement documents (MRD), product requirement documents (PRD), roadmaps

    and sunsetting strategies for: rdo Games and 3 Party Applications

    o Software Development Kit (SDK) and hardware Development Stations

    o Air-To-Ground Email, Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter), and Instant Messaging

    o Live News Service

    o InFlight Advertising

Snap TV, Inc. Santa Monica, CA

    Director of Online Business Development 2005 - 2006

    Launched online products and marketing campaigns in support of DVD games under a fixed annual budget.

    ; Designed and produced 5 Internet marketing games within a 4 month window and within the allocated budget.

    ; Maintained online shopping, payment, and billing system (via osCommerce). ; Updated compensation plan and performance metrics for my department’s 6 direct reports.

    ; Programmed Java and CGI code for tracking online advertising yields and e-commerce sales.

    ; Increased annual online sales by 182% for the multiple game titles:

    o NCAA Football and Basketball Games (sports)

    o Eco-Rangers Children’s Game (children’s / animal / nature)

    o Trivideo Game (general trivia)

    Robert K. Hackett

     152 Tapestry, Irvine, CA 92603 M:(949) 878-7220 H:(949) 922-6047

Reeltime Rentals China Beijing, PRC

    General Manager, America Region 2004 - 2005

    Launched Internet based video-on-demand company as a separate partnered entity from Reeltime Rentals, Inc. of Bellevue, WA.

    ; Created business plan and proposal to launch subsidiary (eventually launched as a separately funded entity).

    ; Coordinated engineering, business, and legal operations among Beijing, Washington, and California.

    ; Negotiated initial investment and executed infrastructure, security, service and content partnerships and agreements, including final sale of separate business entity back to Reeltime Rentals, Inc. of Bellevue, WA.

Fair Isaac Corp. San Diego, CA

    Lead Applications Engineer 2000 - 2004

    Led software development and implementation efforts for search engine, email content management, data mining, and fraud detection products.

    ; Developed C and Java code to optimize installation and system resource management for existing products. ; Created custom C, TCL, and Perl API scripts to meet specific needs of Fidelity Investments, Cox Communications (Excite@Home), Schwab, and Dell.

    ; Architected and executed multiple customer implementations and provided post-installation support. rd; Integrated products with customer’s existing 3 party applications, including XML, Kana, and SQL, and across various platforms including Solaris, SCO, Windows NT, and Linux.

    ; Supervised customer support and quality assurance departments for client hand-off and product releases. rd; Supported sales force by advising of and integrating 3 party software.

L-3 Communications San Diego, CA

    Satellite Applications Engineer 1998 - 2000

    Assisted sales force of the largest telemetry technology company by developing pre-sales applications for specific customers and supporting post-sales installation and integration.

    ; Developed C and JPython mission control link between NASA’s command center and L-3 equipment.

    ; Assisted sales as a technology liaison to Honeywell, NASA, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin.

    ; Architected and created the first online company-wide inventory program to track $3M of company SKUs.

    ; Provided telemetry implementation support for multiple orbiting satellites and flight test contracts.

24 Hour Fitness Carlsbad, CA

    Unix System Administrator 1997 - 1998

Laguna Beach Police Department Laguna Beach, CA

    Beach Patrol Officer 1996

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