Unit10 It's a nice day,isn't it

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Unit10 It's a nice day,isn't itnice,It&#

    Book2 Unit0 Test ) and plays all day 4 them. At that time, he doesnt look 5 his parents. He has 6

    一、单项选择?15分, legs, but he has a long tail (尾巴). He looks like a 7 .

    ( )1. This is______ terrible weather. Then his tail gets shorter and 8 . And he has 9 legs and a very short tail. He

    A. a B. an C. / D. the looks like his parents now. Then he is going to 10 a lot of insects (昆虫).

    ( ) 1. A. on B. in C. near D. along ( )2. He is an outstanding violinist, isnt he?

     . ( ) 2. A. home B. house C. family D. village

    A. Sure is he B. He sure is C. He is sure D. Sure he is ( ) 3. A. see B. like C. know D. knows

    ( )3. It often rains in this city, __________? ( ) 4. A. after B. behind C. before D. with

    A. is it B. isnt it C. does it D. doesnt it ( ) 5. A. for B. like C. at D. after

    ( )4. The bus was late because the ________ was very heavy at that time. ( ) 6. A. not B. not any C. no D. not a

    A. elevator B. traffic C. light ( ) 7. A. frog B. fish C. baby frog D. insect D. flight

    ( )5. They had a hard time the taxi. ( ) 8. A. short B. shorter C. shortest D. the shorter

    A. catch B. to catch C. catching D. caught ( ) 9. A. two B. six C. four D. eight

    ( )6. I hear that well take a school trip next week. ( ) 10. A. eating B. to have C. to drink D. eat

     . I want to relax myself.

    三、阅读理解A. I dont hope so B. I dont hope too C. I hope not D. I hope so (10)

    ( )7. ---Tom isnt a student, is he? In most languages, people often start small talk after a greeting. Small talk means the little

     ---_________. He is a worker. things we talk about at the start of a conversation. In English-speaking countries people often

    A. Yes, he is B. No, he is C. Yes, he isnt D. No, he isnt make small talk about the weather: “Nice day, isn’t it?” “Terrible weather, isn’t it?” But there is ( )8. What do you think of that new movie? something special about small talk. It must be about something that both people have the same

    A. Its about some school students. B. Its great! I want to see it again. opinion(观点) about. The purpose?目的, of small talk is to let both people agree on something.

    C. It happened in 1998. D. It was made by Zhang Yimou. This makes meeting people easier and more comfortable. People usually agree about the ( )9. How much does the book_____? weather, so it is a safe?安全的,topic for small talk. But people often disagree about religion

    About eight dollars. ?宗教, or politics?政治,! so these are not suitable?合适的,topics for small talk. The topics

    A. spend B. cost C. take D. pay for small talk also depend on where the conversation is taking place. At football matches, ( )10. The price of the book is really _______. I want to buy it. people make small talk about the game they are watching: “Great game, isn’t it?” At bus stops,

    A. high B. expensive C. low D. cheap people may comment about the transport system: “The bus service is terrible, isn’t it?”

    ( ) 11. My brother is ______ years old and he just had his _______ birthday yesterday. Small talk is an important part of conversation in any language. People in different

     A. Twenty, twenty B. twenty, twentieth countries start small talk in different ways. This shows that when we learn a language, we

    C. twentieth, twentieth D. twentieth, twenty should learn the vocabulary and the grammar as well as the social behavior of the people who ( ) 12. How do you _____ with your classmates? speak it.

    A. come along B. go along C. get along D. get in ( )1. Small talk .

    ( )13. You shouldn’t wait here, ____________ you can go and ask Jim why. A. is a kind of conversation with short words

     A. at the beginning B. in the end C. at first D. at least B. is a greeting when people meet each other

    ( )14. Our English teacher is good. He _______ English very interesting. C. is to let people disagree about something

    A. makes B. feels C. finds D. thinks D. is a polite friendly conversation on unimportant topics

    ( ) 15. You are too careless(粗心),________? ( )2. The favorite topic of small talk is about .

    A. are you B. arent you C. shall we D will you A. the weather B. politics C. games D. languages

     ( )3. The passage suggests that when we learn a language,

    二、 完形填空(?10分, A. we should learn about the transport system of the country

     A frog (青蛙) is born 1 a small river. When he is young, the river is his 2 . B. we should only learn the grammar and the vocabulary

    He doesnt 3 his parents, but he has hundreds of brothers and sisters. He swims about (C. we should know the culture about the country

    D. we should know the importance of the language 6. The students had a class meeting yesterday, ________________? ( )4. When we say “Great game, isn’t it?”, we in fact . 7. He never goes to school late, _______________?

    8. There was a telephone for you, _______________A. ask a question B. agree with the other _?

    C. greet each other D. start small talk 9. Let’s clean our bedroom, __________________?

    10. The clock isnt working, ________________( )5. What we learn from the passage is that . _?

    A. different languages have different grammars

    B. small talk is an important part in a language B. 根据对话内容!完成反意疑问句。

    C. small talk depends on the purpose of the conversation John: Your name is Bella, (11)_________________?

    D. we can talk about religion and politics in small talk Bella: Yes, it is.

     John: You’re the only child in your family, (12)_______________?

    四、根据句意及首字母提示!填写适当的单词。?10分,Bella: Yes, I am.

    1. We use the e_____________ to go up and down the building. John: You live with your parents, (13)__________________?

    ___. 2. It’s raining outside, you’d better put on your raincoat or take an u________Bella: Yes, that’s right.

    3. If you want to know the answer to the problem, you should look t____________ books in the John: You lived in the countryside before, (14)___________________? library. Bella: Yes, I did. My family came to live in this city a year ago. 4. Would you like to come and meet my parents and have a f___________ dinner with us? John: Your parents were both farmers before you moved there, (15)____________? 5. When the t___________ lights are red, you must stop and wait. Bella: No, only my mother was.

    6. There is one child a____________ in the room.

    7. Go straight on and c __ the bridge, youll find the post office. 七、根据汉语意思!完成英文句子!每空一词。?30分,

    8. How w____________ it is today! I can hardly open my eyes. 1. 像他这样的老师很受我们的欢迎。

    9. This is a s___________ field. We cant plant any rice. ______ ___ __________ are popular with us. 10.I really want to have a w______________ time on the weekend. 2. 他昨天告诉了我一些关于汤姆的一些事。

     He __________ me something ___________ Tom yesterday. 五、用所给动词的适当形式填空。?10分, 3. 做班里拔尖学生不容易。

     1._________(walk) is good for our health. It isn’t _________ _________ the top students in the class. 2. They had a great time____________(play) basketball yesterday. 4. 谢谢你邀请我参加你的聚会。

    3. It takes her 30 minutes ____________ (drive) to the school. __________ __________ __________ me _________ your party. 4. Why not _________ (listen) to the music? 5. 中国人对外国朋友很友好。

    5.Iamsure that its a __________ (rain) day tomorrow, do you think so? Chinese ___________ always _________ _________foreign guests. 6. The old man enjoys_____________(live) somewhere quiet. 6. 你能帮我搬这个大盒子吗;

    7.Mr Green thinks about ___________(buy) me a MP3. _________ you _________ me __________ the heavy box? 8.He has a wonderful time ___________ (Play) basketball every day. 7. 我们学校至少有1500名同学。

    9. I feel terrible. I dont feel like ___________ (eat) anything. __________ are ________ __________ 1500 students in our school. 10.The video you showed was really ___________ (fun). 8. 你和你的朋友们相处的如何;

     ________ are you _________ ___________ ___________your friends? 六、反意疑问句?15分, 9. 昨天我们举办了家宴。

    A. 将下列句子改为反意疑问句。 Yesterday we ____________ a ____________ ____________. 1. I’m a student, ________________ ? 10. 这是一封感谢信!谢谢你昨天提供的帮助。

    2. Open the door, _______________? This is a ____ ____ ____ the help you offered yesterday. 3. They dont go there by bus, _________________?

    4. His mother goes to work at 8:00, _________________?

    5. The girl can sing an English song, ________________?

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