Resume of Kevin J. Scott

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Resume of Kevin J. Scott


    +1 (214) 228 0390

    Seeking an executive role leading product management or innovative product development


    13 years in mobile consumer electronics, web services, and mobile apps. Leader of international product development organizations through growth, market changes, and competitive challenges. Lean-minded entrepreneur recognized for collaboration, clear vision, and using data analytics to drive change.

    ? GROWTH: Built an $8 million product development team of 65 from the ground up

    ? INNOVATION: Ran a 60-person technology incubator in Brazil at no cost to the company

    ? PROFIT: Identified a $15 million annual increase to the bottom line via the Chinese government

    ? PRODUCT LEADERSHIP: Led the team that put video into the world’s first global smartphones

    ? PARTNERSHIP: Played key roles in five corporate partnerships and one subsidiary


Nokia 2000 - 2011

    Director, Innovation & Incubation Boston, MA

    ? Oversaw a 60-person rapid prototyping incubator employing agile product development in Brazil

    ? Built collaborations with 12 engineering, business, and design schools in Asia, US, and Europe to

    identify, develop, and experiment with new product concepts and business models

    ? Developed 20 working product and service concepts annually for five business units

    ? Managed Nokia’s innovation pipeline and metrics scorecard

    ? Established additional company-wide innovation initiatives: contests, crowd sourcing, vice

    president visibility of best bets, and agile / beta culture trainings

Director, Consumer Trials & Analytics Boston, MA

    ? Headed the teams responsible for Nokia’s $4 million annual investment in consumer feedback via

    global beta trials, pilots, focus groups, and field testing of mobile web services

    ? Typically 20 concurrent multilingual trials engaging a million consumers in 30 countries

    ? Dedicated geo-testing in 217 sovereign states and territories

    ? Designed data analytics systems for engagement marketing, customer care, and trend analysis

    ? Initiated Nokia’s adoption of Net Promoter Score (NPS) to focus on using consumer experience

    and sentiment to steer the business

    ? Led a culture-shifting campaign for employing consumer feedback across Nokia globally

Head of Product Management, Nokia S60 Multimedia Dallas, TX

    ? Led a multi-national team of 10 product managers who produced global smartphone roadmaps

    and requirements to guide the $20 million multimedia product development team

    ? Products: cameras, music, video, DRM, FM radio

    ? Collaboratively created and executed strategy to achieve 30% cost savings by consolidating

    overlapping activities with other business units and tightening core competency focus

    ? Outsourced commoditized parts of the business and set investment levels for key projects

Senior Product Manager, S60 Reference Platforms Dallas, TX

    ? Created a multi-company task force to bring multimedia software schedule and quality in line with

    the needs of a common, business-critical customer

    ? Collaborated with chipset vendors Texas Instruments, ST Microelectronics, and Freescale

    Semiconductor to create pre-integrated hardware/software reference platforms that reduced

    mobile device OEM customer time-to-market by 50%

Senior Product Development Manager, Mobile Video Dallas, TX

    ? Built a department of 65 engineers, managers, and team leaders ($8 million annual budget)

    ? Managed activities such as product strategy, budgeting to VP, roadmap planning, project

    oversight, competence development, salaries, promotions, performance reviews, recruiting, and


    ? Developed resourcing strategy and relationships with local and offshore subcontractors to meet

    resource, budget, strategy, and technology needs

    ? Collaborated heavily with partners RealNetworks, Microsoft, Adobe, Macromedia, and Texas

    Instruments to exploit the advanced multimedia features of OMAP and ARM platforms

Raytheon Systems Company (formerly Hughes Missile Systems) 1997 - 2000

    Radar and RF Algorithm Design and Development Team Leader Tucson, AZ

    SEO, social media consulting, web, and application development 1995 - present Purpose-built social networking, CRM, accounting, and e-commerce systems for non-profits

    ? Various projects using Google App Engine (Python), Android (Java), LAMP (PHP), jQuery, SQL

    with Ajax, ASP, JavaScript, CSS, and XML

    ? Web 2.0 mashups with Facebook, Google Maps, Google Data, Flickr, and SMS

    ? PayPal Website Payments Pro integration, SEM, and social media strategy


B.S. in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) 1997

    The University of Arizona Tucson, AZ

    Continuing Education: Completed 23 courses (provided by MIT Sloan, Duke Fuqua, and many others) including four month-long, fast track business leadership courses. Selected topics:

    ? Agile / scrum

    ? Lean principles

    ? Driving strategic innovation

    ? Product management

    ? Marketing

    ? General management and leadership

    ? Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, antitrust, and ethics

    ? Project and program management


IEEE - Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers

    ? Chairman, Tucson Professional Section

    ? Chairman, University of Arizona Student Section

Friends of Camp Wildcat - a non-profit serving financially, mentally, and physically disadvantaged youth

    ? Chairman, Board Member, and active volunteer

Habitat For Humanity - building simple, decent, affordable houses in partnership with those in need

    ? Member of the building committee and active volunteer

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