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    Unit 4 We Love Animals


    Teaching Plan

    ?、Content: Lets learn, lets do. New words: monkey, duck, panda, cat, rabbit, dog and sentence Act like a …”

    II Purpose:

    1. Knowledge: can grasp the new wordsmonkey, duck, panda, cat, rabbit , dog

    2. Ability: can learn to act like some animals. 3. Feeling: can love the animals and protect the animals.

    III: Focus:

    1. Words: monkey, duck, panda, cat, rabbit, dog 2. Sentence: Act like a.

    IV: Method and preparation.

    1. Photo of animals

    2. PPT, music

    3. Listen, speak, learn and do

    V: Teaching steps: (幻灯片2)

    1. Warm-up: Sing a song. (幻灯片3

    Organize teaching like this:

    T: Good afternoonboys and girls.

    Ss: Good afternoon, Miss Lin.

    T: Today we’ll study the new lesson. At first, we’ll sing a song

    together, ok?

    Ss: Ok.

    T: Let’s sing.

    Purpose: sing a song before class, can active classroom atmosphere, and at the same time, to let the students have a good mood to come to the new lesson of learning.

    2. Presentation:

    It is sunny today. There is a sport in the forest. It will be start. And now some animals are coming, do you want to know what are they(show some photos of animals on the ppt

    Purpose: to create animals sports meeting in forest for students,

    take the students into a vivid scene and stimulate students' interest in study, also can do some foreshadowing for “let’s learn.

    3. Lets learn.

    1) Show out the animals on ppt: (幻灯片4-9)

    Ask the students to look at the picture and tell the teacher: what can you see (hear)? The students should know the meaning of the animal. Purpose: show the picture of the animals, on the one hand, to attract students' attention, on the other hand, the students can understand Chinese meaning.

    2) Learn to say new words with teacher. (幻灯片11)

    4. Let’s do.

    1) Act like some animals.(幻灯片12

    Teacher and students do together. The teacher joins to the activity of the action, shares the happiness with students, it’s better to study English for the students. We’d better make the students feel the happiness in the class.

    Purpose: through the presentation files, show out the animals to stimulate students' thirst for knowledge. Let the students imitate animal,

    ”, let students especially perform and read the sentence Act like a

    grasp the words and sentences fully.

     2) Play a game. (幻灯片14)

    Have a rest, play a game. Show six pictures of the animals, let the students watch carefully, and then close the eyes. At this time, the teacher take one away, and ask the students open the eyes, then guess: what’s missing?

    Purpose: love to play is the children's nature, design the game: what’s missing? Students in the process of guess can combined the visual images and the abstract words. It will help students know the meaning of the words.

    ?: Blackboard designs.

    We love animals

     cat monkey dog

    Act like a

     duck rabbit panda

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