Development Opportunity Examples

By Patricia Wilson,2014-07-09 11:12
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Development Opportunity Examples ...

    Development Opportunity Examples


    On-the-job development Special project

    Stretch assignment Job shadowing

    Lean Six Sigma

    Facilitate a meeting Informational interviews Action Learning




    ? Increase scope or magnitude of responsibility

    ? New, unfamiliar job responsibility or project that challenges you and broadens your experience

    ? On-boarding a new team member

    ? Mentoring another team member

    ? Trade a responsibility with a co-worker/job rotation

    ? Learn and use new technology

    ? High stakes high visibility assignment ? Take on a “fix-it” role (e.g., take on a persistent unsolved problem for resolution or take over troubled

    project; become involved in a process improvement project)

    ? Cross-functional assignments or projects

    ? Participate on special team or committee

    ? Gain and analyze customer insights

    ? Take on a project that requires influencing without authority

    ? Lead team-building initiative

    ? Facilitate training or other employee learning experience

    ? Take part in an international project

    ? Present learning to team following project completion or development experience

    ? Identify business opportunity

    ? Create or participate in a new initiative

    ? Networking internal and external

    Feedback from Manager, Peers, Friends, Network, etc.

    ? Ongoing feedback

    ? Coaching (internal and external)

    ? Mentoring

    ? Start, Stop, Continue discussions

    Learning/Education Programs

    ? Leadership Development programs (e.g., classroom, self-study)

    ? University programs

    ? Conferences and seminars

    ? Executive education

    ? Task forces

    ? Books and articles

    ? Professional association memberships

    Development Opportunity Examples

    (Development Assignments Creating Learning Experiences without Changing Jobs by Cynthia D. McCauley)


    ? Take on part of a colleague’s job while he/she is on temporary leave

    ? Focus more attention on a part of your job you’ve been avoiding

    ? Volunteer for a task in your group that would normally go to a more experienced person

    ? Co-manage a project with someone who often represents a different perspective than your own

    ? Serve on a cross-functional task force or project

    ? Serve as a liaison for a business partner in another country


    ? Ask your manager to delegate of his/her responsibilities to you and give you regular feed back on how well

    you are doing

    ? Trade a responsibility with a colleague and then serve as each other’s peer coach

    ? Participate in a job rotation program, seeking feedback from other dept. or leader you spend time with

    ? Work with colleagues to redesign a work process

    ? Actively participate in the start up of a new team

    ? Take over a project in trouble

    ? Work to improve your relationship with a difficult colleague

    Managing Yourself:

    ? Take on your team’s most “difficult”, “demanding”, or “dissatisfied” business/customer

    ? Serve on a task force to solve an organizational problem

    ? Champion a change your group has been resisting

    ? Manage an annual organizational event with high visibility

    ? Do a tight-deadline assignment for your boss’ boss

    ? Chair a professional conference

    Capacity to learn:

    ? Start a new group or team

    ? Participate in a job rotation program

    ? Work in a short-term assignment in the field or in another country

    ? Teach a course inside or outside the organization ? Lead a benchmarking team that visits and learns for other organizations

    ? Become active in a professional or non profit organization

    ? Serve as a campus recruiter

    Leadership Stature:

    ? Join a project team that is breaking new group in the organization

    ? Head a new initiative for a community or profession organization

    ? Pursue an advance degree

    ? Host visitors for other countries

    ? Choose a leader that you admire to mentor you

    Drive and Purpose:

    ? Supervise cost cutting initiatives

    ? Work on a task force working on a pressing business issue

    ? Manage a fund-raising event

    ? Serve on a team managing a large-scale project

    ? Broaden the services or produce offered by your department

    Ethics and Integrity: ? Resolve a conflict with a subordinate

    ? Commit to handing a employee performance issue you’ve been avoiding

    ? Take calls on the customer hotline

    ? Create a partnership with an external organization

    ? Represent the concerns of employees to higher management

    ? Train regularly on our diversity program

    Managing Effective Teams:

    ? Leads a cross-functional team

    ? Leads a multinational team

    ? Lead a team with members of different ethic and racial backgrounds

    ? Lead a team fixing problem

    ? Lead a team exploring new opportunities

    ? Lead a short-term task-focused team

    ? Lead a long-term project team

    ? Lead a standing committee

    ? Lead a team of volunteers

    ? Attend a highly effective team training

    ? Learn more about strengths activities

    Developing Others: ? Lead the start up of a new team

    ? Delegate one of your job responsibilities to a direct report

    ? Manage the training of a new employee in your group

    ? Develop an employee who shows promise but doesn’t have the experience for the job

    ? Work to retain a valued employee who is thinking about leaving the organization

    ? Develop people of different genders, ethic groups and races

    Communicates Effectively:

    ? Participate in toast masters

    ? Train in an employee development program

    ? Present to top management

    ? Write a speech for someone higher in the organization

    ? Make speeches to external groups as a representative of your organization

    ? Write reports for your manager

    Managing Change: ? Be responsible for new projects or process for your group

    ? Volunteer your work group as a test for a new system or process

    ? Join a project team opening a new market

    ? Represent your group on a task force making changes in organization’s policies

    ? Lead a task force to fix a problem

    ? Work with your peers to reorganize their work to better fit with the organizational priorities

    Problem Solving and Making Decisions:

    ? Ask your team to give you one new problem a year to solve

    ? Lead a quality improvement initiative

    ? Work with a colleague to get a cross-functional problem solved

    ? Represent your group on a task force that priorities projects across groups

    ? Improve the metrics used to assess your group’s effectiveness

    ? Investigate and make a decision about an outsourcing problem

    ? Investigate and make a decision about continuing to resource a project that continues to under perform

    Managing Politics and Influencing Others

    ? Manage an annual organizational event with high visibility

    ? Play a key role in an community fund-raising event

    ? Take on a boundary-spanning responsibility previously handled by your boss

    ? Put together a coalition of peers who lobby the organization for a new process, system or technology

    ? Work on a project that requires coordination across the organization

    ? Bring a well-researched counterproposal to your boss on an issue you would like to see him/her handle


    ? Work with the manager of a unit your group often has conflict with to create a better working partnership

    Taking Risks and Innovating ? Work on a new product development team

    ? Work on a task force tacking a new business issue

    ? Spend time with customers and find our what they think their needs will be in the future

    ? Ask your team to give you one new problem a year to solve

    ? Work on a problem by doing quick experiments and trails

    ? Advocate or a social or environmental cause

    ? Advocate for an idea that you feel strongly about but that is unpopular with some of your peers

    Setting Vision and Strategy ? Work on a strategic plan for your unit

    ? Work on a strategic plan for a community or professional organization

    ? Develop a three-year plan for your group

    ? Develop process for tracking progress toward long-term goals

    ? Join a project team that is breaking new ground for the organization

    ? Study and report on the impact of emerging technologies on your work

    ? Take a temporary assignment in the strategic planning group

    ? Take a temporary assignment in a new product development

    Managing the Work:

    ? Manage the project

    ? Coach a new project manager

    ? Take over the project manage role from someone who left

    ? Engage your directs or peers in a goal alignment exercise

    ? Take a project in chaos and get it back on track

    ? Volunteer to teach someone else something you don’t know well

    Business Skills and Knowledge: ? Trade a responsibility with a colleague

    ? Take on part of a colleague’s job with her/she is on temporary leave

    ? Represent your group on a task force

    ? Serve on cross-functional teams

    ? Design you own job rotation program

    ? When you or your team has a missing business skills, ask an internal expert to serve as an advisor or coach

    ? Design and deliver a workshop to help colleagues learn more about a “hot” topic in another function

    ? Volunteer for a committee outside of your area of expertise (finance, marketing) or in a community or

    professional organization

    Understanding and Navigating the Organization:

    ? Take a temporary assignment in another part of the business to better understand its priorities

    ? Facilitate a quarterly review of your group’s actions and assess its alignment with strategic goals

    ? Serve on multiple project teams simultaneously

    ? Ask your group to generate a new idea they want to implement, work to move that idea through the

    organization and get buy-in from others

    ? Work with a colleague in another function on a project proposal

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