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Philip E. Andreae

    (404) 680 9640

    International Business and Technology Executive

    New product development, chip cards, contactless and mobile payments

    ; Broad international experience implementing, evangelizing, and developing technologies in financial services,

    healthcare claims processing, energy, and government.

    ; Consistent success in business environments constrained by tight budgets, limited execution time, and complex


    ; Elite change manager, influencer, and trouble-shooter with business, operations, and technology expertise.

    ; Broad technology background: security, software development, network design, telecommunications,

    transaction processing, database management, mobile banking and payments.

    ; Managed $180 million project budgets / $25 million division with 10 direct reports and 180 staff.

    ; Built mainframe, server, green screen and HTML based transaction processing system able to support 2 trillion

    dollars per year and thousands of transactions a second.

    ; Crafted and executed staff/expense/capital reduction process improvement programs, reducing 72 staff to 49

    and budget by >30%.

    ; Expanded IT department to support quality improvements, 25% annual transaction growth, network expansion

    and the removal of the iron curtain.

    ; Created solutions aimed at reducing worldwide card fraud by 50%.

American Express, NYC, NY, Jan 2010-Present

    EMV Product Manager

    Global Product Manager focused on coordinating the activities of American Express as it continued to deploy Contact, Contactless and Mobile forms of secure electronic payments, based on AEIPS and the EMV specifications.

Philip Andreae & Associates, Toronto, ON and Atlanta, GA, 2004-2010

    Management Consultant

    Business, product, and technology generalist specializing in the evaluation, design, planning and implementation of emerging technologies aligned to long-term business and corporate strategies.


    Accenture, AT&T, Bank of Montreal, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, British Telecom, Canadian Tire Financial Services, Chemical Bank, Citibank, CUETS, EF Hutton, GlobeID, IBM, Lowe’s, Magenn Power, MasterCard International, MBank, NCR, Ontario Ministry of Justice, Oracle, Paybox, Philips SemiConductor, Prudential Bache, RSA, Shearson Lehman Brothers,, Verifone and Visa International.

Strategic Highlights:

    ; Lowe’s

    The subject matter expert and architect responsible to integrate EMV “Chip and PIN into their authorization and

    settlement system

    ; Credit Union Electronic Transaction Systems (CUETS)

    Created a coherent strategy, plan and business case, defining product implications and justifying the investment

    necessary to serve 600 credit unions and 800,000 card holders.

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    ; Canadian Tire Financial Services (Top 3 Canadian Card Issuer and Retailer)

    Proposed CTFS take a “first in market” approach. Produced the strategy, key management (cryptography), and

    business plan to convert CTFS’ card issuing and retail environment to EMV affecting five divisions, 2 million cards,

    and 450 stores.

    ; CGI

    Defined / created business case, executive summary and key sections of the response to the Greater Toronto

    Area “Request to Qualify” for a systems integrator to build and manage a contactless fare collection system.

    ; Magenn Power Inc.

    Facilitated executive session, resulting in incorporation of needed organization / management changes and

    creation of a unified business strategy in response to stated need for new power generation solutions.

Visa Canada, Toronto, Canada, 2002-2003

    Vice President, Emerging Products and Technologies

    Member of Executive Committee mandated to reinvigorate the group responsible for driving the adoption of new products and technologies in support of the 23-member banks. Key objective: Launch EMV or “Chip and PIN”.

Strategic Highlights:

    ; Led Visa Canada Board to approve the roadmap for implementation of EMV-based Smart Card (“Chip and PIN”)

    in response to increase in fraud

    ; Successfully lobbied MasterCard and Interac to embrace Chip and PIN.

    ; Positioned Visa in the contactless, mobile, pre-paid, commercial, and transit environment.

    ; Represented Visa Canada at the Visa International Global Product Development Council.

    Philip Andreae & Associates, Brussels, Belgium and St Paul, Minnesota, 1996-2002 Consultant and Interim Executive

    ; AT&T: Three-year engagement as Technology Advisor and mentor to the calling card, multi-media (Internet

    Services) and Universal Card Services divisions.

    ; GlobeID: Analysis of markets and industry trends leading to a recommendation to cease further funding.

    ; Oracle EMEA: Interim executive - Director Financial Services Consulting Europe Middle East and Africa.

    Initiated development of a Center of Excellence to provide country teams with key Business and Technical

    consulting resources.

    ; Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota: Led complex data conversion project for web portal and Oracle


    ; Unicate BV: Multi-year engagement focusing on development of “go-to-market” strategy for a new technology

    capable of achieving irrefutable proof of identity

MasterCard International (Europay International), Brussels, Belgium 1991-1996

    Director IT Strategy

    Began as Interim General Manager of European Payment Systems Services (EPSS). Hired as a member of executive team responsible for merging EPSS, EuroCard, and eurocheque into Europay International; ultimately created the strategy group.

    ; Advisor, MasterCard Operations and Security Committee

    ; Secretary of Europay Operations and Security Committee

    ; Led Europay’s security, cryptography and EMV teams.

    ; Drove technology and product development, information engineering and quality improvement programs.

    ; Convinced the Board to triple the size of the IT division to achieve 99.9% uptime eventually five nines.

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Project Manager-Consultant

    Smith New Court, London, UK, 1990-1991

    Served as consultant responsible for evaluating technology RFPs for Smith New Court (major UK stockbroker) and its new London trading room took over after project director was let go and completed installation on time and on budget.

Shearson Lehman Hutton Ltd., London, UK, 1987-1990

    Vice President and Director, European Telecommunications

    Reset the strategic directive and rebuilt confidence in the telecommunications department. Boosted confidence while reducing headcount by 30% and capital equipment and annual expenses by 25%. Successfully integrated EF Hutton trading staff (aquired in 1988) into operation while continuing to streamline costs and staff.

Salomon Brothers, London, UK, 1986-1987

    Vice President, Telecommunications / Operations Manager

    Served as Project Manager of a ?170 million project to develop Salomon’s UK headquarters, completed on budget and on time, assuring Salomon’s success as a market maker when London dematerialized and deregulated the stock market. I

    then managed a team of 23 people responsible for European telecommunications.

Philip Andreae & Associates, New York, NY, 1982-1986

    Trading Room Technologies and Premise Project Management

    Leveraged telecommunications, information technology, capital markets, brokerage, and construction expertise and managed the integration of voice, data and marketing data into new trading rooms on Wall Street.

Early Career Highlights

    Technology, management and project management roles with National Data Corporation, Manufacturers Hanover Trust, Bankers Trust and Chemical Bank. Early career exposure to broad range of programming languages, systems design, operations research, call center operations and planning. Network management, computer operations, product control, quality control, broadband and LAN / MAN / WAN network technologies and project management techniques including CPM, I-J and PERT, are all part of my experience.

Public Speaker

    A featured keynote speaker at company-sponsored events and international trade associations including Lafferty, NCR, ACI, VeriFone, Carte, EFMA European Finance Management Association, Europay, Tender Retail, and EFTA Electronic Funds Transfer Association.

Education: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA ‘76), Emory University, Atlanta, GA

U.S. and Swiss Citizen.

Will consider relocate.

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