Resume E. Neelen - October 2005

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Resume E. Neelen - October 2005

Curriculum Vitae

Name : Erik Neelen (Henri Theodore)

    Place of birth : Eindhoven, The Netherlands

    Date of birth : April 17th 1962

    Civil status : Married to Anka Dorien Westerman, th Two daughters ; Madelief; born on 12 of September 1997 th Dante; born on 28 of September 2000

Residential Address : 2 Cite des Alouettes

     78110 Le Vesinet


Office address : Philips Automotive Lighting

     20 Rue Rabuan du Coudray

     28006 Chartres- France

     Tel. (33) (0)2 3791 4582

     Fax. (33) - (0)2 3791 7146

Present Position : Global Marketing Director

    Automotive After Market

    Philips Automotive Lighting

Education :

1974 1980 : HAVO (College) at “Onze Lieve Vrouwe Lyceum”, Breda, (NL),

    Graduated; Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Dutch.

1988 1989 “Bachelor in Economics”

    ; General Economics Program

1989 - 1992 “Master in Business Administration”

    ; Marketing Management,

    ; Organizational Development & Human Resources,

    ; Economic Development,

    ; International Management,

    Both studies at the Post-Graduate Centre; Economy Faculty,

    University of Diepenbeek Hasselt, (Belgium) Training :

    ; Marketing Training Lighting (Retail) (1990)

    ; Philips Marketing II course (1992)

    ; Finance & Accounting for Marketing Executives (1992)

    ; Product Management Training, Philips Lighting (1993)

    ; International Management Course (IMC), Philips (1994)

    ; IKAM course; (International Key Account Management), (1999)

     University of Warwick, UK

    ; Leadership Development Center Philips Corporate (2000)

    ; INSEAD Asian International Executive Program (November 2003)

Items of interest : Languages :

    Dutch (Fluent in speech and writing)

    ; English (Fluent in speech and writing)

    ; German (Good in Speech & Reading)

    ; Indonesian (Good in Speech / Moderate in Reading & Writing)

    ; Japanese (In progress…)

    ; French (Good in comprehension Speaking in progress)

    Hobbies : Golf, Travelling, Family outings, Reading, Working.

Working experience :

Military Career :

    ; 1980 1982 : Royal Dutch Army : Sergeant, Cavalry in Seedorf,


    ; 1982 1983 : Royal Dutch Navy : Operations Officer

    ; 1984 - 1986 : Royal Dutch Airforce; Helicopter Pilot Training Program

     Gilze Rijen (NL), Eelde (NL), Alabama (USA)),

Working Career :

    1986 - 1988 AT&T and Philips Telecommunications in Hilversum (NL)

     Purchasing and ISDN Marketing Dept.

    Purchaser for IC’s and Electronics,

    ; Learning about the industry, negotiations with suppliers,

    ; Selecting products and suppliers for new telecommunications systems,

    ; Setting-up purchasing data-base,

    ; General principles of Purchasing Management,

    ; Important change form Military to the Business world,

    ; ? year Marketing Assistant for new high-tech ISDN systems ,

1988 - 1990 Prom Communications Advertising Agency,

     Account Director

    ; Daily coordination between internal departments and customers,

    ; Pitching for new customers, contracts & negotiations,

    ; Traffic coordination and general affairs,

    ; Commercial responsibility : Increase from Dfl. 15 to 25 mln in 2 years,

    ; Marketing & Communication plans conception for customers,

Philips Lighting 1990 Present :

1990 1991 Product Manager Consumer Luminaires

     Consumer Luminaires, Philips Lighting Eindhoven

    ; Starting position in new emerging business unit,

    ; Setting-up Product Creation Process & support Sales Organizations in


    ; Established more efficient relationship with suppliers & customers,

    ; Making business plans and marketing introduction plans and

    implementation of those plans.

1991 - 1994 International Product Manager Halogen Lamps

     Product Group Halogen Lamps, Eindhoven

    ; Making Strategic Marketing & Product Plans for Halogen Lamps,

    ; Setting-up working structure with factories in France & US organisation,

    ; Actively participating in turn-around activities to increase profitability,

    ; Account Management for a certain group of sales-organizations,

    ; Initiating market-share improvement and product range management

    ; Customer and Sales force training

    1994 - 1995 National Marketing Manager

    PT Philips Ralin Electronics, Jakarta, Indonesia

    ; Learning about emerging markets and different cultural aspects ; Setting-up structured marketing plan and sales procedures, (SOP) ; Establishing Marketing Communication & Market Research Plan, ; Actively giving sales support for doubling of turnover in 3 years period, ; Established OEM’s “Attack Plan” through personal visits and follow-up,

    ; Logistics & Product Creation Process improvement plan with factory in


    1995 - 1997 Regional Product Manager Incandescent Lamps,

     Philips Lighting Asia Pacific Region, Surabaya; Indonesia

    ; Supporting Factory Management in Logistics & General affairs, ; Establishing Specifications and Complaint Handling procedure, ; Portfolio Management of Regional product range with other factories in

    India, Pakistan , China, and Philippines,

    ; Starting, Researching and Implementing the Regional New packaging

    program in 10 factories and 14 countries,

    ; Business Plan for regional program incl. Market Model for all markets, ; Hiring & training of Product Manager and two packaging people in SBY

    and building-up a department from scratch..

    ; Frantic marketing & sales-support to sales organizations,

    1997 - 2000 Senior Program Manager Incandescent & Halogen Lamps,

     Philips Lighting Asia Pacific Region, Hong Kong,

    ; Continuing Product Portfolio Management incl. 2 factory closures, ; In addition setting-up the Halogen business for Asia Pacific Region ; Training and managing of new Product Manager in China, ; Established Halogen & GLS Product Management Team in Shanghai, ; Releasing/coordinating with all regions a “Low Cost Halogen range” from

    JV factory;

    ; Continuing Business Plan for product range incl. yearly budgets, ; Through active participation and initiative with NLO colleagues,

    stimulating the improvement of our market-position and marketing edge

    for BU Lamps in Asia Pacific Region,

    ; Turnover scope : USD 140 mln.

    2000 - July 2005 Sales & Marketing Director Automotive After Market Asia Pacific,

     Philips Automotive Lighting Asia Pacific Region, Based in Japan

    ; Set-up a new Sales organisation and Distributor Network in Asia Pacific

    Region within Philips scope (emphasis on organisational development)

    (Main countries : Japan Korea China Taiwan India)

    ; Grown the business from 7 mln USD in 1999 to 40 mln USD in 2005,

    (from 4 % to 13% market-share)

    ; Implement Sales and Marketing Excellence for the whole sales-team

    extending to Distributor Partnership programs

    ; Develop and Maintain the required Business Plans Management

    reporting and Strategic Direction

    ; Implement the Marketing Plan and New Product and Packaging

    Developments for dedicated Regional Product Portfolio nd; Manage the 2 Brand Sales Network and Sales Team for Asia and

    Middle East

    ; Set-up a dedicated distribution center in Korea.

    July 2005 - Global Marketing Director Automotive After Market

    Set-up a new Global Marketing Strategy and support regional Sales


    ; Support growth from 170 mln Euro in 2005 to 210 mln Euro in 2008

    ; Develop and Maintain the required Business Plans Management

    reporting and Strategic Direction

    ; Implement the Marketing Plan and New Product and Packaging

    Developments for dedicated Regional Product Portfolio nd; Manage the 2 Brand

    ; Guardian of corporate identity and Communication plans

    ; Set-up Global Business development


    1. Mr. Gerrit-Willem Prins

    Senior Marketing Manager - OEM Sales Group Philips Lighting B.V. Europe

    Based in Eindhoven the Netherlands

    Tel. 31 (0)40 2755092

    e-mail :

    Gerrit Willem was a close colleague in Hong Kong from 1998 2000 working

    Together in the regional marketing group of Philips Lighting Asia.

    2. Mr. Dick E.G. van Motman

    Managing Director of DDB Asia (advertising agency) based in Singapore

     Tel. 65 6326 1511

     Mobile 852 9867 7326

     e-mail :

     Dick and I have worked together on a number of marketing and advertising projects

     In Asia and besides that Dick is a good personal friend who knows me well.

Paris, October 2005

    Erik Neelen

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