Product Manager-AntiOxidants

By Bernice Campbell,2014-05-12 22:44
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Product Manager-AntiOxidants


    Key Roles & Responsibilities for Product Manager I/II


    The Product Manager is responsible for streamlining business processes, product stewardship of the product line.

Responsible and Accountable for:

System Support

    ; Manage SKU reduction efforts.

    ; Keep pricing tools up-to-date

    ; Manage/maintain data integrity in Chemtura’s information systems (SAP, TM1, PMM)

    ; Manage business master data, improving data integrity and consistency by working

    closely with Commercial Excellence, Sales and IT.

    ; Manage the SKU creation process for the business.

    ; Manage changes to the product line from a systems standpoint (SAP, PMM), including

    expediting new SKU set-up in SAP as appropriate.

Demand Planning and S&OP Support

    ; Work with Demand Manager to address process / systems issues that negatively impact

    forecast accuracy

    ; Responsible for establishing the appropriate planning strategy (i.e. make to stock,

    assemble to order, assemble to order with stock and make to order) and required lead

    time for each SKU by working with Sales / Marketing and OIP

    ; When necessary, participate in supply planning meetings to establish customer/product


    ; Monitor EFS reports and work with OIP / logistics to identify and prioritize supply chain

    improvement efforts

    ; Work with OIP to ensure efficient supply chains to all customers

    ; When necessary, drive decisions regarding delivery priorities, allocations and

    enforcement of return policies, according to customer prioritization guidelines from

    appropriate Commercial Managers

    ; Work with Commercial Managers and OIP to resolve inventory issues (e.g. SMOG) ; Optimize, approve and discontinue consignment stock.

    ; Work closely with OIP director to execute S&OP/business rules by product family. ; Manage the sample management process.

Pricing Management

    ; Implement price increases. Track impact and compliance of price increases. ; Responsible for accuracy of product/market specific information within SAP, PMM, and

    other systems.

    ; Ensure all pricing in the system is accurate and that the Pricing Analyst has the most

    current information. Work with Pricing Analyst and others to approve pricing for


    ; Ensure that list pricing is in place for all SKU’s in PMM

    ; Identify drivers for pricing blocks and take action to eliminate

    ; Ensure that PMM is updated in alignment with pricing actions taken to recover margin,


    ; Manage and resolve pricing exceptions.

Sales Support

    ; Participate in product launch programs as new products are introduced.

QA/Customer Complaint System

    ; Commercial Focal Point for QA/Customer Complaint Process for product line

    ; Ensure root causes of issues are identified and processes are developed to prevent


Product Stewardship

    ; Provide Product Stewardship leadership for the business.

    ; Participate in all Product Stewardship meetings

    ; Regularly update Product Life Cycle documents.

    ; Coordinate with Commercial Managers in executing product stewardship plans.


    ; Actively participate in meetings with other SBUs for customer coordination purposes,

    planning, etc.

    Education Bachelors Degree (technical area of concentration) (MBA a plus)


    ; 3-5 years in Product Manager role or with good commercial and business experience in


Key Qualifications

    ; Strong business analysis capabilities

    ; Strong commercial skills

    ; Strong influencing & collaboration skills

    ; Solid leadership skills

    ; Technical Degree, MBA desired

Reporting Relationships

    ; Reports functionally and administratively to Vice President, Performance Specialties


Key Liaisons

    ; With Industry Leaders, Sales, Manufacturing, Logistics, Procurement, Customer Care

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