The search of university students

By Amanda Robinson,2014-05-29 19:19
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The search of university students

College students' extracurricular life report

     Hello everyone, my name is hunag jian bing,from

    It is such a hornor to share you with my report is about the extracurrcular life of college students. in my report, I will fisrt tell you the background of my project and the current

    situation of college students life after school, I want to show you a search from which we can find

    some reason related to the situation; and after analysing the cause of it, I will move on to some advice to college students. at last I will leave some time for your questions.

     As we all know, the spare time for college students nowdays is becoming more and more. So it is naturally for people to ask such question that what on earth college students do in their spare time? How do they enrich their life, by studying? Working? Shopping? Or surfing the internet?... we all say that college students are the major to build the campus culture. A lively, upword, rich cultural automasphere is benefit for students, especailly for their physical and mental health. But , with the intensifying of social competetion, students are facing a lot of press not only from inter school but also from outside,so how to make full use of the spare time ,how to develop oneselfs

    figure , how to make the time in college becomes the best riches and memorery in our lifes are the things we must think about now. this is my cause to do the project.

     To know about the situation of students extracurricularlife in our

    school, I have done a small search in school. That include 200 students in our cschool.from this we can see the rough situation of students choises

    of their extracurricular life. What we founded is that about 23.5% students like to do somnthing related to study, a few part about 18% will do some small work to get maney, and the rest amost do something meaningless such as, chating online, surfing online, playing computer games, playing chess or cards activities, even just sleeping all the days without doing anything.the situation is not very optimistic.

    generally speaking, students in college nowdays dont have a very

    high qualty life. It is showed by the following points.

    One, they have rich time to spare, but few people make the best use of it. Students just think about how to kiil the time rather than how to benefit

from it.

    Twe, just a few people think seriously about planning their spare times. Lose of students dont make a plan for themselves about what to do

    to make a progress. In this way, the life of college students is in a state of sightless and voluntary.

    Three, their life is seperated from society. That is very harmful for the development of their social experience and social skills.

    Now, we have a question, what is the reason?

    We have founed some possible reasons from the search. From the view of subjectivity, is the mentality changement from highschool to college. After the years hart work, students walk into

    college. With the unloade of pressure and the increase of spare time, maney students begin to relax themselves. They do everything they want to do but dont have any long plan. With the lack of self

    control, it is easy for they to develop a bad habit of extracurricular life. And the result is the more negative effects than positive effects. for another hand,the view of objectivity, first is the influence from the same generation is one of the important elements. In college, classmates, roommates, and the people of the same age will play a important role in affect ones life style.

    Second element is from their own families. When students come to college, they are break away from they families, the big changment make them relax themselves too much. So it become one of the cause of the situation.

    Up to now, I have showed you the situation of college students extracuriicular life and our

    search about that.from search we can find that most students dont make the best use of their spare

    time. They dont have long plan for their spare time, can not arrange the time well, their life is separated from society. And I have analysed the reason from the view of subjectivity and objectivity. So what we can do to help them? There are several advices concluded by my team.mates

    One, press the guide of extracuriicular life on students. we founde from search that there were lots of students dont know how to plan their time in a acientific way. So it is important to guide them theoretically.

    Two, to guide students, it is not enough just from people arround, college should build a special class for them. So that they can know the serious of extracurricular life.

    Thee, school can improve the facilities in college in order to make a more helpful space for students spare time.

    Ok, that is all of my presentation. Now it is time for you to ask some qestion. Hope that my answer will satisfy you.


    It not the time how much give to entertainment that metters but how they can get from their entertainment metters. Many students just entertain to killing their times. So the aim of my project

    is not to stipulate students time for entertainment. We hope they can make the use of the spare time to develop themselves. Of course it is ok to have entertaining times, as for how much time should spare in it is decided by oneselfs situation.


    As a menber of college students, we can see many kind of students and their situation caused by the wrong style of extracuriicular life. So I want to do something to warn the new college students and help them do the meaningful things for their future.


    To do this job, my team have do a search in different college by doing questionnaire survey.

    And we also have refered to many means from internet or literature.


    It is parrently to see. if one students just sleep all the days, his or her future will be how bad. But if one make the best use of his spare time in college, his or her future will be so brightly that he would share more opportunities than others.

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