class report

By Dorothy Carroll,2014-08-19 13:44
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class report

    To be frank, teacher, as an occupation, has really lured me, especially teachers work in a university. Because they could get reasonably paid without paying that much as teachers who work in a senior high do. At least, if a student doesnt go to class, he wont care that much, for example, he won’t

    care what is wrong with the student, if the student is ill or whether the student lies to him. I’m sure,

    according to my three years experience, most teachers wont ask more than three questions about

    such a student.

    Then, is the teacher wrong? I think not, most of the time. In a university, most students could decide whether they would go to classes or not. They wont care whether the teacher calls the roll

    or not at all. That is to say, in such cases, it is students who choose it. And that means we pay for the tuition fee while we wont attend the classes, which accounts for a large part why we come to university. For us, the tuition is 4800 yuan per year. It is not that small number. Right? I wonder, if it means we are wasting money here.

    Then the students must be wrong, right? Not really. Then why do we skip class? We say such kind of classes are really boring or we really have something to deal with. I remember, on the opening ceremony of Chinese University of Hongkong, the principal said to the freshmen, skip class, when

    necessary! But when is nacessary for us to skip class? Does it mean the classes are boring or I didn’t have a sound sleep last light or something else.

    While some say it is because classes are boring that we skip them and complain why does our education system arrange such kind of classes for us? And it must be the fault with the education system. Most people think in this way. Isnt it?

    Nowadays, criticising on our education system has been roaring. They criticised that the system doesnt give us many freedom and students are taught oriented for examination. And they say that, Chinese students could only work out on exams and they couldnt put what theyve learnt into

    practice. They even say it is such kind of education system that decide we Chinese cant win a

    Nobel Prize and so on.

    Is it the truth? We dont have any freedom? Of course not. We have freedom to skip class we feel boring and we even have freedom to do almost anything in a university, expect to be a murder, but unfortunately, there are student murders in universities nowadays. What kind of freedom we dont

    have really?

    Then do we really lack freedom? And if the education system is wrong?

    I’m not saying in defence of the education system, nor do I want to criticise on anything. I just have been wondering if I could insisy on skipping class when everyone except I comes to the classroom on time everyday. If not, then what am I skipped class for? Do I follow others? Lu Xun said a half century ago that in China, there was no personal arrogance, but there was only collective arrogance. It means if youd like to rise up when everyone else sinks to silence.

    Anyone could make it unless he adheres to himself and is really confident in himself. It doesnt

    mean that you have to separate you from the others. It means you must have independent personality. Thats what matters! Thats what we need and what has shackled us for thousand

    years since the feudal society and what has been criticised for centuries while does not really get solved.

    So, when nacessary, skip class!

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