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    1067 Derby Dr.

    Sun Prairie WI, 53590

    Home: (608) 318-0095

    Cell: (608) 778-0788


    ; 12 years experience Client/Server Analysis and Design

    ; 9 Years Business Intelligence solution provider

    ; 6 years experience administering a Business Objects environment

    ; 2 years PowerBuilder programming experience

    ; 1 year Oracle Designer 2000 experience

    ; Successful in learning and comprehending new systems and methods

    ; Project oriented, sticking to a task until completed


    Cognos Series 7, Cognos BI 8, Business Objects (4.x XI.x); Java; JSP; Java Applets, Scripts, Servers;

    XML; HTML; Crystal Reports; Informatica; ERwin; DB2; EssBase; Oracle; PL/SQL; SQL/Server; Access; Crystal Reports; Designer 2000; Brio; DTS; Seagate; Apache; Tomcat; Crystal Decision Server; Corba; Powerbuilder; BRIO; Windows 3.X-NT; SCO Unix; Application Foundation; Set Analyzer; WebI;


    QBE Regional Insurance Group 4/2007 Current

    Business Intelligence Developer

    ; Upgrading Cognos Series 7 to Cognos Connection 8 MR2, including all reports, cubes, client and

    server software.

    ; Migrating Cognos Reportnet 1.1 Unix to Cognos Connection 8 MR2 Windows, including all models,

    packages and reports.


Alliant Energy, Madison Wisconsin 5/2006 4/2007

    IT Lead Analyst

    ; Prepared the upgrade from Cognos Series 7 to Cognos Connection 8 MR2, including all reports, cubes,

    client and server software.

    ; Migrated Cognos Reportnet 1.1 Unix to Cognos Connection 8 MR2 Windows, including all models,

    packages and reports.

    ; Design, install and configure a development, test and build server environment for Cognos 8. ; Created a database and the process to feed in all WC3 files from the Production Web server as well as

    the entire Cognos activity logs to allow the Business Intelligence team a better understanding of

    exactly what reports and cubes are being used by which business users and how often. ; Created a reporting system that parses through all time entry data for specific business areas and

    creates an extract of the data to be fed into a Control Chart system to monitor how all overtime hours

    are being charged.

Baldwin & Lyons Inc, Indianapolis Indiana 11/2005 5/2006

    Data Architect

    ; Upgrading BusinessObjects 5.1.6 to Business Objects XI release 2, including all reports, universes,

    client and server software.

    ; Installation and configuration of multiple BCA services.

    ; Design, install and configure a Development / Test environment for Business Objects ; Convert and migrate Red Brick Warehouse 6.3 data to SQL Server 2005.

Various short term consulting 4/2005 10/2005

    ; Worked with various firms as a third party agent to consult regarding Business Objects upgrade

    projects, helped in the feasibility study to determine work effort involved to upgrade existing


Lands End, Dodgeville Wisconsin 11/1999 4/2005

    Senior Programmer / Analyst,

    ; Lead Architect developing and maintaining the Enterprise Solution for Business Intelligence in Lands


    ; Product manager responsible for reviewing contracts, ensuring hardware maintenance was kept and

    software upgrades for Business Objects supporting 6 servers and over 1200 clients. ; Lead Architect to analyze and implement a Business Intelligence solution using the Business Objects

    Dashboard Manager, Set Analyzer and 3 purchased Modules.

    ; Product Manager responsible for implementing and maintaining multiple software systems including

    several financial applications and the Lands’ End Video on Demand software.

    ; Installation and configuration of BusinessObjects and WebI

    ; Installation and configuration of Application Foundation / Set Analyzer

    ; Upgrading BusinessObjects from 5.1.6 to 6.5.1, including all reports, universes and client software. ; Perform architecture planning and implementation for the BusinessObjects environment company wide. ; Coordinated in training sessions and demonstration of the BusinessObjects tools to end-users. ; Responsible for third level support of the entire Business Objects suite company wide. ; Designed multiple Dashboards to include creation of the sets, metrics and analytics used, leveraged

    existing analytics and incorporated third party information into the dashboards, including Crystal

    Reports, XML Driven menus and secure static HTML.

    ; Created and maintained all reports for the Executive Information System to deliver corporate metrics

    to senior executives - later merged into an Executive Dashboard.

    ; Plan, coordinate BusinessObjects 6.5.1 deployment for end-users.

    ; Plan, coordinate and execute BusinessObjects repository upgrades for the core services, Set Analyzer

    and Dashboard Manager.

    ; Installation and configuration of multiple BCA services.

    ; Developed and maintain Forecast Dashboard housing BusinessObjects reports and extensively linked

    Excel spreadsheets.

    ; Maintained and provided support for over 200 Universes a crossed the company ranging from 50

    objects to over 3000 objects per Universe.

    ; Created Table and View mapping within linked Universes to provide a secure environment for

    financial applications, including a profit and loss Universe, Executive Information System and multiple

    financial Universes.

    ; Responsible for all upgrades within the BusinessObjects, Crystal Reports, Essbase client and various

    internal applications for 5 years. From BusinessObjects 4.1.3 to 6.5.1, and all versions between,

    Application Foundation 1.0 to 6.5.1, Set Analyzer from 2.1 to 6.5.1 Crystal Enterprise services from

    8.0 to 8.5 to 10.

    ; Worked extensively with the Data Architects to design multiple Data Marts to leverage for

    BusinessObjects Universe, Report, Set and Metric building.

    ; Installation and Configuration of Tomcat and Apache Web Server to support multiple BusinessObjects


    ; Managed over 1200 users within BusinessObjects responsible for all security, maintenance and

    providing multiple test and development environments as well as the production environment. ; Administration of all WebI, Application Foundation, Set Analyzer, Supervisor, Designer and third

    party InfoSol BusinessObjects plug-ins.

    ; Installation, configuration and maintenance of the InfoSol products Enterprise Manager and Version

    Manager for BusinessObjects.

    ; Installation and Configuration of multiple Beta products from BusinessObjects to determine the

    feasibility of incorporating them into the Lands’ End enterprise environment.

    ; Worked directly with product developers from various parts of BusinessObjects to identify,

    troubleshoot and implement customer service patches within Lands’ End.

    ; Created end-user presentations for the international BusinessObjects user conference meetings in

    Miami (BusinessObjects - 2002) and Las Vegas (InfoSol - 2003).

    ; Developed multiple Universes and hundreds of reports over my 5 year tenure at Lands’ End.

    ; Maintained and provided support for over 3000 reports a crossed the company.

    ; Developed internal Universes and reports to identify redundant reports and minimize rework. ; Designed security architecture within Supervisor to leverage a single enterprise wide secure system. ; Designed and maintained a WebI solution for Mac OSX supporting over 30 users for over a year

    before WebI was supported in the Mac environment by BusinessObjects.

    ; Created and maintained all context and network diagrams for the BusinessObjects environment and

    worked with the Enterprise Architecture team to ensure BusinessObjects was properly represented as

    an enterprise application within the Lands’ End Infrastructure.

    ; Developed the test cases, test scripts and testing strategy for multiple BusinessObjects projects. ; Provided first level support to multiple project teams acting as technical lead for the BusinessObjects /

    Business Intelligence environment over my 5 year tenure at Lands’ End.

    ; Strong knowledge of data warehouse and data mart concepts.

Mutual of Omaha. Omaha Nebraska 1/1998 11/1999

    Programmer / Analyst Distributed Computing Support, 6/1998 11/1999

    ; Developed the production rollout of the University for Mutual Success and the Customer Service

    Organization sub-webs for the Mutual of Omaha Intranet.

    ; Evaluating Platinum Technology’s ERwin for feasible implementation into the warehouse environment.

    Setup and maintained ERwin to enable a prototype environment. This involved creating and

    maintaining the Dictionary Manager Repository, evaluation of the ERwin Model Mart, ERwin Link for

    PeopleSoft as well as integrating ERwin into the Informatica PowerCenter 1.5 environment. ; Evaluated the Informatica PowerPlug for PeopleSoft and the PowerPlug for ERwin to determine the

    best possible solution to provide a completely integrated Model Driven Business Information

    Warehouse strategy.

    ; Evaluating the Brio Enterprise suite of tools for feasible implementation into the warehouse

    environment. Setup and maintained the Brio OnDemand and Brio Broadcast servers to enable a

    prototype environment. This involved creating and maintaining the different repositories for each

    service as well as all administrative tasks.

Programmer / Analyst Corporate Financial Reengineering, 1/1998 - 6/1998

     Analysis and design of Multidimensional Databases utilizing the Arbor Essbase OLAP server and

    PeopleSoft Tools version 7. Analysis of different presentation tools to be used by the business

    community to perform on-line analytical processing.

     Analyst to build a “proof of concept” environment with Essbase 5.0 to determine the viability of a

    corporate wide OLAP solution.

United States Marine Corps 10/1987 1/1998

Departmental Manager Client/Server Technology Division 4/1997 1/1998

    Defense Finance and Accounting Service/Financial Systems Activity

    Kansas City Missouri

     Lead Analyst gathering requirements/analysis to migrate 53 different Disbursing systems spanning

    various hardware and software architectures to One Disbursing Warehouse running on HP9000s

    utilizing the Oracle Designer 2000 tool-set and Oracle server 7.3.

     Departmental Manager responsible for 13 programmers spanning projects dealing with Oracle, ADA.

    FoxPro and PowerBuilder. Responsible to ensure the programmers were consistently accomplishing

    their appropriate tasks in a timely manner.

Lead PowerBuilder Programmer Technology Branch Client/Server Technology Division 12/1995 4/1997

    Defense Finance and Accounting Service/Financial Systems Activity

     Kansas City Missouri

     Lead Programmer developing a document tracking system to support eight different divisions

    consisting of approximately 10-15 users per division and 30 different type of documents. System

    tracks various functions to support financial activities for Marines worldwide

Lead Analyst Client/Server Team Regional Automated Service Center 3/1994 12/1995

    Camp Lejeune North Carolina

     Was instrumental in starting a Client Server user group for the Marine Corps that spanned the entire

    East Coast and fourteen foreign countries.

     Maintained a Windows NT network for thirty workstations from Windows NT 3.1 through Windows

    NT 40. Used these Servers as the primary means to distribute the Biannual manpower and Financial

    program updates to Marines World wide. Was primarily responsible for the trouble shooting,

    maintenance and installation of these workstations and servers

     Took orders for. custom built and installed 20+ computers for 11 different Realty offices in

    Jacksonville North Carolina in an effort to make a county wide repository of Realty listings.

ADA Programmer Regional Automated Service Center 12/1993 3/1994

    Camp Lejeune North Carolina

     Lead Analyst to determine the best way to migrate a Mainframe application using ADABAS and

    Natural 2.2 to a mid tier environment. Successfully migrated to ADABAS C running on SCO UNIX

    Open Server 3 with a development environment of Natural 2.2 for Windows 3. 1 Maintained Everex

    SCO server and 12 SMC brand desktops Was responsible for all trouble shooting and installing of new

    hardware and software.

United States Marine Corps 10/1987 12/1993

    Anti-Tank Assault Missile Man 3rd Battalion 6th Marines Camp Lejeune North Carolina

Awards Received:

     Honorable Discharge from the Marine Corps

     Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for Client/Server research and development


    ; Introduction to DataStage EE V8 Sun Prairie Wisconsin, November 2007

    ; Cognos 8 BI Scorecard Application Development Bellevue Washington, August 2007

    ; Series 7 v3 Powerplay Transformer OLAP Modeling, Cognos Education Center Chicago

    Illinois June 2006

    ; Series 7 v3 Powerplay Exploration and report Building, Cognos Education Center, Chicago

    Illinois June 2006

    ; Cognos 8 BI Authoring and Modeling FastTrack, Cognos Education Center, Chicago Illinois

    August 2006

    ; Dimensional Modeling for the Data Warehouse, Greenbrier and Russel, Madison Wisconsin

    October 2006

    ; BusinessObjects Full Client Automation with the SDK, Infosol Las Vegas Nevada June 2003 ; BusinessObjects WebIntelligence 2.6 Administration, BusinessObjects Chicago Illinois

    March 2002

    ; BusinessObjects 5i Architecture and Deployment, BusinessObjects Chicago Illinois March


    ; Crystal Reports 8, Computer Horizons Corp. Dodgeville Wisconsin June 2000 ; Introduction to ASP, Computer Horizons Corp. Dodgeville Wisconsin April 2000 ; BusinessObjects 5 Supervisor, BusinessObjects Chicago Illinois February 2000 ; BusinessObjects 5 Designer, BusinessObjects Chicago Illinois February 2000 ; BusinessObjects 5 Reporter I, II, III, BusinessObjects Chicago Illinois January 2000 ; Brio Query OnDemand Server 5.5.5, Brio Technology I April 1999

    ; Brio Query Broadcast Server 5.5.5, Brio Technology - I April 1999

    ; Brio Query Designer 5.5.5, Brio Technology - I April 1999

    ; Essbase 5 Fundamentals, FP&A Train, San Francisco California May 1998

    ; Building PowerBuilder Internet Applications, SoluTech Kansas City Kansas July 9 ; Implementing a Distributed Application, SoluTech Kansas City Kansas July 9 ; Intermediate PowerBuilder, Johnson County Community College Kansas City Kansas

    February 1997

    ; Introduction to PowerBuilder, Johnson County Community College Kansas City Kansas

    September 1996

    ; IDEF Fundamentals, US Army Management Engineering College Rock Island Illinois

    February 1996

    ; Advanced UNIX User Training, Key Networking Technologies Marine Corps Base Camp

    Lejeune North Carolina June 1095

    ; Entry-Level Ada Programming, Computer Sciences School Marine Corps Combat

    Development Command Quantico Virginia September 1994

    ; Introduction to Natural 2, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune North Carolina March 1994

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