China's soft power

By Paul Wright,2014-06-17 21:38
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China's soft power

China's soft power

Anchor: Yang Rui

    Guest Speakers:

    -Farzam Kamalabadi, Chairman and President of Future Trend Group

    -Kaiser Guo, Director of Baidu International Communications

    -Binod Singh, Vice President of Society for Asian Integration

    -Dr. Xie Tao, Beijing Foreign Studies University

Topic 1: China?s role in improving its image

    Diplomacy has made great strides in bridging the gap between China and the world. China's hosting of international events including the 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2010 Shanghai World Expo greatly contributed to promoting the country's image globally. How can China further strengthen its image abroad through non-governmental efforts?

Tian Wei reporting: Military spending to rise 12.7%

    Tian Wei interviews Yang Lan: People at core of China's soft power

-Agendas and priorities of upcoming NPC outlined

    -Live Crossover: Context of military spending increase

    -Video marks major step in national branding

Topic 2: China's education system reform

    One of the key areas targeted for reform is higher education. China is at risk of lagging behind on the global academic arena. With so much at stake, what priorities must be considered in higher education reform? Should the emphasis be placed on enrollment recruitment, the talent appraisal system, or the administration of universities?

    -"Tiger Mother" triggers parenting debate

    -A day in the life of a Chinese child

    -Subanchor: US open course popular in China

Topic 3: Encouraging creativity and independent thinking

    China's education system has been criticized for failing to encourage creativity among students. After years of exam-oriented learning where memorization is favored over innovation, many students struggle with independent thinking. What needs to be done to develop students' creativity while maintaining the principles of basic education? -Interest-oriented enrollment to inspire creativity

    -Phone interview: Parenting priorities on academic excellence

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