Dear Prospective Client for QuickBooks Simple Start Edition

By Kyle Russell,2014-07-09 11:03
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Dear Prospective Client for QuickBooks Simple Start Edition ...

    [Dear Prospective Client for QuickBooks: Simple Start Edition]

[Adapt this letter as appropriate for your clients. For background, read Sandi Smith,

    Getting New Clients into QuickBooks?: Simple Start Edition, Intuit?

    ProConnection? (IV:1), January 17, 2005, at]

[Your Letterhead Stationery]


[Your Clients Address]

Dear [Client Name]:

With the start of the New Year, Im sure youre making plans for exciting changes in

    your business. Why not add one more change to your list of improvements: to simplify

    your recordkeeping in 2005?

Intuit has just released a new version of QuickBooks? called Simple Start. Its a

    streamlined accounting package that contains all the features you need and eliminates the

    complex functions that you dont. The benefits of Simple Start are listed below.

    ? Easier to use, saving you time and money in bookkeeping services.

    ? Less expensive, saving you up to $200 over other QuickBooks versions.

    ? Streamlined features help you reduce errors in accounting. This could save you

    accounting fees.

    ? Easy to learn, saving training and learning curve time for you and staff.

    ? When your business grows, you can easily upgrade to another QuickBooks


Simple Start will be appropriate for businesses with the following characteristics:

    ? Brand new businesses, especially service businesses

    ? Businesses with no payroll or inventory (Payroll is available in the online

    version of Simple Start)

    ? Businesses with no inventory

    ? Sole proprietors

    ? Most service professionals who are just starting out

    ? Businesses that use the cash basis of accounting

    ? Businesses that prefer to do the bare minimum record-keeping for tax purposes

    ? Businesses that dont have any workers trained in bookkeeping and want the

    simplest package

    ? Businesses using Quicken

    ? Businesses using QuickBooks that dont need the extra features (data files do not


    ? Businesses that are making a lot of mistakes in their bookkeeping and want to try

    to eliminate them by going to an easier package

I wanted to let you know about Simple Start because I feel it could be the right

    accounting system for your business. Simple Start is available in both a desktop package and an online edition. It retails for $99.95. A free 30-day trial is available, along with video tours and tutorials. A picture of the home screen is shown below:

    Id love to discuss Simple Start with you to see if your business could benefit from its lower cost and streamlined functions. Please call me anytime to find out more about

    Simple Start or to discuss any accounting needs you might have.

Yours truly,

[Your Name]

    [Your Business]

Author’s Note: Marketing, advertising and solicitation rules for accounting professionals

in general, and CPAs in particular, vary with each state. Please check your own state

requirements to evaluate this letters compliance before you send it out.

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