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By Francis Matthews,2014-01-26 05:21
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PS model

PS 1

    It was only recently that I realized what my “real” career would be. I have dreamed of becoming a scientist, a teacher, an ice cream vendor, and all sorts of different people when I was a kid. However, I knew these dreams would not become true the day I was determined to become an entrepreneur.

    Yes, an entrepreneur, maybe not so big and established, but small and successful. And why I wanted to be an entrepreneur?

    I have been holding part-time media jobs since I was in high school in China. This media experience takes me to the world that is called “business”. Being a part-time

    journalist for the Beijing Youth Daily and the Middle School Times in China and a part-time special New York correspondent for the Global Times (a newspaper in China), I have interviewed some entrepreneurs. Every successful entrepreneur has a million stories to tell. Every story of success demonstrates an entrepreneur‟s in-depth

    knowledge in business, quick response to the ever-changing marketplace, and confidence in his/her own ability to succeed. It was simply fascinating to just hear these stories.

    However, besides writing down these entrepreneurs‟ successes, I kept asking myself one question: can I become one of them? This one little question has awakened the “business” side of myself.

    Running a business is not easy. What‟s the first thing? You have to know what you are going to run. Living in New York, I have had quite a few inspirations by observing this world‟s financial and business center. I often said to myself, “oh, this

    thing‟s gonna be a hit if I can bring it to the public,” or, “this service‟s so cool, and the best part is that no one has even thought about it!” These daydreams were soon hit by the reality: how can I manage to present something to the public?

    That was why I chose marketing as my undergraduate major. I believe that marketing, more than accounting and management, is something that you need to be trained with. Accounting folks are almost always good at math, and management people almost always have ambition and leadership in their hearts. As for marketing, you may be creative, but creativity may be largely found only one part of marketing that is called “advertising and promotion”. There are a lot more to learn. As a marketing major, I was exposed to the internationally accepted marketing concepts, such as the four P‟s (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion), as well as the American way of doing marketing, such as strict rules on bribery when it comes to promotion and other business activities.

    However, besides marketing classes, other business classes are just as important as marketing courses. The functional areas of business are integrated. And I know a successful businessperson may be specialized in one of these areas, but he/she will

    also know about how other areas are functioned. So I took some accounting, finance, and management classes to build myself as a businessperson, but not only a marketer.

    My undergraduate marketing classes went so smoothly that I began to think maybe I would become a good entrepreneur after I graduate with my Bachelor of Science in Marketing. Well, I was partially wrong. Right now I am taking the undergraduate capstone class and having a team of three people to run a business in a simulated game. I can read the financial reports, calculate ratios, and utilize the results in the decision-making and management of the business. However, when it comes to more complicated financial problems, I have to look up my big, thick finance book and find the solutions. This makes me think about the real world. In the real, fast-paced business environment, no one will allow you to look up your old college books and find a solution to a serious problem because by the time you finished reading, your whole business might be gone.

    Then I put in some serious thoughts into my pursuit of career goal. I don‟t want to become just a marketer. I want to become an entrepreneur. And a successful entrepreneur needs to know everything of all the functional areas of business. Of course books and real-life experience may help me to succeed, but I don‟t believe these can show me a prosperous business as fast as does learning on campus. Systematical learning in business, especially in finance, will help me make better decisions later in my career. So a Master‟s degree in finance area is a must on my way

    to success.

    Now the story of me becoming an entrepreneur doesn‟t end here because I know that after getting my Master‟s degree in finance area, I will be ready.

PS 2

    I would like to apply to do a Management degree. Having acted as Managing Director on a Young Enterprise Team whilst doing my „AS‟ levels, I came up with innovative ideas that made a very successful company. Having held management positions within Human Resources, Operations, and Finance, I quickly realised that pursuing a management degree at university would be ideal for me.

    After my GCSE‟s, I held a temporary job as a junior in an Insolvency practice, in order to gain work experience. Having to work to tight deadlines taught me how to work independently as part of a professional team. I learnt that in business, if one person lacks productivity, then everyone else can suffer, and also how to motivate others as a means of preventing such issues. I used the skills learnt to enhance my role as the Managing Director of my young Enterprise company, particularly methods of motivation and delegation, and the significance of being accountable for others. Having spent nearly three years working part time in a Health food shop alongside my studies, I developed my communication skills, with both colleagues and customers, and proved to be a trustworthy employee.

    Being appointed as Deputy Head Boy in the sixth form was a great honour to me. My skills were greatly enhanced by holding this position, as I would often have to listen, and respond to issues brought up by fellow prefects, and students lower down the school. Through activities such as Lunch duty, I learnt the worth of different leadership skills, and that it is important to treat everyone as an individual in order to get results. I was always keen to stay into the evening to help out at school events. Socialising is very important to me, and I am always keen to meet new people. I enjoy trying new foods to increase my knowledge of different cultures, and my culinary skills will prove very useful in independent university life. I enjoy travelling, and learning about modern history. Having recently returned from Prague, I visited a concentration camp. This was a moving experience for me, and something I will never forget. Music is one of my biggest hobbies, and I use music to help me unwind and reflect on things. I use the internet to keep up with current affairs and sports news. I have always been a keen sportsman, representing my school in many sporting activities. I enjoy running, particularly competing in sprint races, but also long distance running as a means of keeping fit. I always try to go for a run every evening, during breaks between my A Level studies. I represented my school as a keen member of the district and Maccabi Great Britain athletics teams, particularly in the relay. I formally played tennis and table tennis in national competitions, and more recently I have played in football, rugby, and cricket leagues outside of school. I believe that my experiences have prepared me for independent university life. My social skills together with my ambition to succeed in life prove me to be good candidate for a Management Degree.

PS 3

    In the 4 years of undergraduate study, I attend some important courses in finance, economics and management field. These courses made me a deep managerial professional. Not only I studied hard at the knowledge in class. But also I read many extracurricular books related to economics.

    In July 2003, after I graduated from university, I decided to pursue my postgraduate studies abroad since I am so interested in it. My intention makes me realize that nowadays the economy development it very fast and I have to be equipped with advanced theory and rich knowledge.

    My previous academic study gave me enough theoretical knowledge, which can make me successfully complete my postgraduate study.

    I will take the University of Plymouth‟s English Course for University summer school, for 2 months, commencing in July 19, 2004. It will very beneficial to me, because I can not only improve my English level, but also familiarize the University of Plymouth. After that, I will pursue a master degree course of business and management in one year at the University of Plymouth. I have developed to the point

    where I believe that I will make a great progress in my academic study, especially in management and business science on which I have established a sound foundation. As soon as I finish my postgraduate study, I will come back to china and set up my own business enterprise. I will contribute what I have learned in UK to manage and operate my enterprise.

    My parents are very supportive for my further education in Britain, They have stable and high position job with very good yearly income in china. They also have saved enough money to support me. They can afford my tuition fees and living cost during my education in UK, moreover, they are willing to do so.

    I will greatly appreciate it if you will give me the chance to study in UK. Sincerely yours,



PS 4

    There is a rapid growth in global organizational concepts, crystallized in Japanese business philosophy, to be as effective as possible in the most efficient way. New technology involving networking information and automation influences the behavior of business and enables significant transformation. This need to maximize efficiency and effectiveness in such a competitive age is increasingly crucial to the success of a business. This is why it is an exciting and fascinating period in both the commercial and economic world to study Business Management.

    Adaptability, creative thinking and the application of technology are now intrinsic to managing businesses. I have developed these principles and enjoyed the spectrum of sixth form study that has taught me to approach problems from different political, economical and psychological perspectives. Throughout Business Studies, to complement what has been taught I have researched real-life business solutions and how they have been implemented, such as the responsive marketing used by Coca Cola to prolong their business cycle and sustain major profitability. Studying ICT has enabled me to examine the criticality of technology in giving businesses a competitive edge by considering issues such as organizational objectives, people and legal implications rather than making decisions based solely on financial factors. Furthermore, studying Psychology gives me insight into the human influences on organizational behavior through studying motivational theories such as the hierarchy of needs model proposed by Maslow, whilst the coursework has developed my skills in collecting and analyzing data in order to establish trends and draw conclusions. Studying English Language has allowed me to develop an ability to express my ideas clearly and concisely.

    I have worked for * as a Tester, assisting in the development of *, the fastest-selling PC game ever. It was a significant learning experience and made me evaluate myself and better understand my strengths and skills, such as the ability to easily identify discrepancies and communicate these effectively to management so that problems can be solved. Recent experience at * Ltd gave me a taste of working within a larger organization. Operating within two different, but equally successful organizations has enabled me to see contrasting leadership styles and corporate culture. Within college, I participated in a paired reading project where I listened to and assessed readers lower down the school which required a relaxed, patient and friendly approach with the younger students, as well as punctuality and dedication. Throughout the past year, I have represented the college in district basketball and rugby competitions. I am a committed member of the Colts team at my local rugby side. I have captained the team in previous seasons which required leadership, confidence and diligence. In my spare time, I enjoy listening to a range of music, going to the gym and socialising. I am a regular reader of the Financial Times, enjoy keeping up with current affairs and business news. I enjoy reading a variety of books, both fiction and non-fiction such as 'Making It Happen' (J. Harvey-Jones) where his common sense approaches complements the management theories of more staid texts. This degree will equip me for my career in the unpredictable and fast moving world of commerce.

PS 5

    To be a top notch management cum logistical personnel, with wide range of knowledge in business management in all ramifications is my main goal. Managing resources, both human and materials today in this fast rising and expanding business world has taking a different dimension, with the introduction of e-business and other new innovative mechanism of transaction in the field of purchasing, procurement, production and industries has brought about a competitive playing ground, which require one to consistently update his knowledge and skills to be relevant in his chosen career path.

    With my academic background in economics as a first degree, understanding the variables of the market mechanism and other applied reasoning, I had the opportunity to have a feel of the banking industry, during the one year mandatory national youth service corps programme upon my graduation, where I served with the first bank of Nigeria Plc. During this period I worked with several departments of the banking operations office vis a vis: Administrative, foreign operation, customer service and cash office respectively doing minimum of two months with each of the department, the experience really enhance my knowledge of the financial sector, preparing me for the task in the outside world, while discharging duties here, I was discover by an expatriate of a civil engineering firm PW Nigeria Ltd, a company that later become my first working place in the real world two months later i.e. Life after school . Working with PW Nig. Ltd., is an experience that will remains unforgettable in my memory, drafted to a site where a forty two kilometer road project was being executed. As the site cashier, I was tasked with managing of the petty cash of the site as well as others, such as onsite settlement of suppliers/sub contractors, payment of compensation to the locals, life camp maintenance and so on; here I realized the importance of managerial skills. Where I need to interact with the indigenes making them understand the economic importance of the project and the direct long run benefits and value of the projects in their immediate life. I also enjoy the opportunities of having had to interact with people of different nationalities and background by working directly with them. All these require vast managerial skills and dexterity. I progressed to Alkolaq Intercontinental Ltd from PW Nig Ltd, a firm that is into importation and exportation of herbal and nutritional supplements. I assume the post of logistics officer tasked with taking stocks, inventory and data management of the firm's. I was faced with the challenges of merging figures, items and consults, consequently, I came out with the required and accurate details to determine how the firm is fairing, both within the domestic and international markets, our operations with the foreign partners were captured by my department. While with the logistics department here, I brokered the pact that turn the company into a production firm which in turn reduce reliance on imported items thereby boosting the turnover of the firm. After which I moved on to Impasse Technologies Ltd.

    Impasse Technologies Ltd, an engineering firm that is into power solution and shelter (steel and isothermal) production. Here, I am able to prove my prowess and zeal to learn more about the trade and techniques in the field of procurement, logistics and supply chain management. As the stock/logistics officer, I build an operational

    framework for the materials and products movement to and fro the company; thereby an accountable inflow of inputs and outflow of outputs, while liaising with suppliers on reduction in rates and on time deliveries, also among my duties is project progress monitoring, all these experiences and the quest to be an icon in my field of practice spurt my interest to pursue MA in management.

    It has always be my dream to be a philanthropist, reason why, as soon as I have the opportunity to give back to the society, I have been giving ten percent of my earnings. Reinvesting in terms of human development and considerations of social responsibilities. Whereby I have consistently given my support to an organization that is into educating and welfares of children with down syndrome.

    These and the zeal to excel are paramount on my mind, that makes me to decide that on completion of my study at Westminster University, I will gladly embrace the opportunity to serve and contribute my quota to my country and impact my acquired knowledge, skills and wherewithal to the benefit of my family and my society at large. So help me God.

PS 6

    To me, management is a game of control. In front of the game, management becomes interesting. I always tell myself there are only two choices in this game: to believe that I will win and put in the effort which is needed to achieve the victory or not to join this game in the very beginning. Among these two choices, I have chosen the former and I am ready for it now.

    I am confident that I have the ability to learn how to manage. I graduated from Enterprise Coaching Technology 1 & 2 last summer and built up friendships with different sorts of enterprises' executives and managers. More importantly we competed and we shared our life experiences. Though I was the youngest among the courses, I gained their recognition through different tasks and competitions, a few of them even offered me posts in their enterprises. At school in China, I had been active in the student union and League Branch Secretary. For 12 consecutive years, I earned the Outstanding Student Leader Award and I gained the prize of Youth League Leader for 6 consecutive years. I obtained confidence, independence and problem solving abilities at school.

    In order to have experiences of management as soon as possible, I have been working in the HR department of my father's company during holidays. The company concentrates on solar energy relative products. My colleagues and I have developed a series of enterprise cultures and I was lucky to have chances to take up some of the marketing and sales strategy tasks. While I am in the UK doing my HND courses I sometimes write news scripts for the company. Through practical work experience, I believe better management could have greatly enhanced the company's efficiency and the knowledge in the university will help in modifying the company's system. So trust me! I am very passionate in management and I have a strong desire and responsibility in it.

    Back in China, when I was in high school, I wrote articles for newspapers and magazines and took part as an editor for a national literature web site. My performance was spotted by the New Orient English School and was hired as a short term project assistant. I took part in a documentary this summer for the Beijing Science Channel about solar energy and use and it helped me to know more about the future of the industry. For the sake of better management skills, I took a course of Enneagram with 60 professionals and it allowed me to understand what kind of person I am and what kind of persons the others are. I was found to be type 3: achiever who is enthusiastic in achieving what I want.

    For leisure, I play the piano and write articles for Chinese magazines but most of the time I plan for what I want to achieve next in the short term and achieve it. I am curious in and find it interesting how businessmen used the theories on the books flexibly in the real world. So, I have been reading some MBA suggested books in my leisure time.

    University is a path to realize my interest and profession. I have been chasing my aims with all strength. To achieve my long-term aims, obtaining a degree is one of the most crucial short-term aims in the coming future. Give me a chance to complete this. I promise I definitely will not let you down.

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