Oral presentation

By Marilyn Turner,2014-01-26 05:20
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Oral presentation

Oral presentation


    Today, I would like to/ talk about….

    There are three main points….

    In order to define sth it is important to consider This talk will cover two curt theories aroud the topic of It is beyond the scope of this presentation to include everything ariud the topic

    of forestry

    Let me begin by


    There are three main points.

    In 2002, sb and sb.

    actually. There is not a great deal of research thst has been carried out aroud

    this subject

    A graet deal of research has been carried out aroud this aspest of the subject

    since 1999.




    In conclusion…….

    To summarise..

    Thus, it is obvious that the government should provide. It would appear that one solution might be to It is worth considering..

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