Kim Lazarus

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Kim Lazarus

    Kim E. Lazarus


    Senior Marketer with extensive experience in Rx, OTC, Medical Devices, HBA, and Food categories that drives positive customer and patient behavior. Recognized leader in identifying and managing financially viable, franchise building projects to market. Adept at creative and strategic endeavors with a broad range of experience spanning U.S. and global brands, Rx-to-OTC switches, new product development and licensing. Expanded research sales and category knowledge while partnering with client’s to solve their strategic marketing issues.


GfK HEALTHCARE, East Hanover, NJ 06/0603/09

    Vice President, Category Business Leader

    Promoted to VP from Associate level and manage all Neurology and Dermatology categories. P&L responsibility for $2.8MM in sales. Mentored new sales and research team members.

    ; Achieved 2007 targets with awards for top revenue and category expansion.

    ; Evaluated and recommended next steps for a Social Networking platform and KOL study. ; Individual analysis and presentations well received by clients with repeat purchasers who sought my

    consultative services for new products, marketing, e-marketing and web development. Associate Vice President, Category Business Leader

    Built the Neurology and Respiratory research categories with all studies being profitable within 6 months. ; Increased corporate profits with a new study and new business model expanded to additional studies. ; Expanded Respiratory and Neurology category value and insights with research presentations to clients. ; Received corporate awards for managing the most profitable portfolio and doubling the margins.

PFIZER INC., NYC, NY 20042005

    Marketing Director, Aricept DMT

    Managed DTC, DTP, CRM, PR (consume/professional), Competition, Professional POA Launch and Sales Training. Exceeded all individual goals set; received +4.6% raise, +127% bonus and award trip.

    ; Resegmented the market using research to identify a new cost-effective consumer target and message. ; Captain of Sales POA and presented marketing messages and helped train new 1400 person fieldforce. ; Reversed brand awareness decline (1Q05) with new media strategy and improved target audience reach. ; Established a new co-promote team to coordinate and maximize the efforts of the 5 agencies working on

    DTC/DTP. Created new CRM web driven program to build loyalty with faster response and a positive ROI. ; All PR impressions and reach goals exceeded with support behind major Rx new data releases.


    Vice President Marketing Services

    Hired to manage, and expand in-house Rx advertising agency handling Doak Dermatologics, Kenwood Therapeutics and Corporate communications. Contributed to the strategy and development of all Marketing programs on and off-line. Managed a staff of 8 plus 4 Sr./Product Managers acting as Account Executives. ; Produced 2002 Annual Report in a new format in 4 months; launched 2 new products in 6 months.

NOVARTIS CONSUMER HEALTH (Formerly SANDOZ), Parsippany, NJ 19932002

    Category Director New Products & Smoking Cessation (1 year +)

    Brought in to maximize the profit potential of the Private Label business to fund new business programs. Responsible for managing the Private Label smoking cessation brand Habitrol, minor brands, and major line extensions to bring the division into new categories. Managed staff of three; P&L responsibility for $125MM. ; Led Habitrol Private Label to #1 brand position in the division, reaching $85MM, exceeding target (+63%). ; Obtained FDA approval for a repackaged Habitrol that was used to open up new distribution opportunities

    in managed healthcare, corporate and government smoking cessation programs and then linked to patients. ; Brought in 2 managed care accounts and 4 retail accounts; minor Brands exceeded target sales +10%. ; Proposal presented for major line extensions with a unique technology and global application (Triaminic

    and Gas-X thin film technology was expanded into the market).

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Category Director Cough/Cold/Allergy Sinus (2 years)

    Responsible for P&L and driving expansion of the largest division portfolio of $180MM in respiratory including professional marketing. Provided crisis management with web support during product withdrawal. Staff of nine. ; Drove sales to record heights with on and off-line programs behind 5 new products.

    ; Obtained fourth NDA in the allergy segment for the Tavist brand (3/1/01).

    Director Business Development (2 years)

    Responsible for generating existing brand licensing deals, new categories and Rx-to-OTC switches. ; Established and led the Global process for evaluating Rx-to-OTC switch opportunities. ; Obtained Management agreement and began preparation for two Rx-to-OTC switches.

    Category Director and Global Head Smoking Cessation (Rx & OTC) (1 ? years)

    Identified and gained Management agreement to short and long term Smoking Cessation strategies for the U.S. and internationally. Smoking Cessation was not a core business in the US and worldwide pricing issues made strategy integration and switch timing challenging. Full P&L responsibility with a staff of six. ; Initiated development of a Behavior Modification Program CD/booklet and web site with ROI feedback. ; Identified product pipeline opportunities and secured two licensing deals with global application. Associate Director OTC New Business Development (3 years)

    Managed new product licensing, development and testing for all OTC categories: cough/cold, dermatology (antifungals and cold sores), analgesics, women's health and gastrointestinal areas. Staff of two. ; Prepared NDA and 5 year plan for first division Rx-to-OTC switch with Lamisil; became top company

    priority. Launched 7 years prior to patent expiry pre-empting a competitive launch, capturing the #1 brand

    position in 8 weeks. No other brand has been switched this early in its Rx lifecycle. ; Led Team to FDA OTC approval for an ibuprofen liquigel (NDA 20-402). Organized sale to Advil. ; Developed two product concepts with the highest purchase intent/uniqueness scores in cough/cold category.

TAMBRANDS, INC., White Plains, NY 19911993

    Manager, Strategic Planning and New Business Development

    Established the New Business Development Department and structure with interdisciplinary cooperation. Managed the Marketing and Administrative Assistants. Developed new products on accelerated timing (Tampax Lites and a non-applicator tampon).

    Marketing Manager, Plastic Tampon Brands and New Products

    Repositioned Plastic Applicator Brand stemming a 2 year business decline and increased market share 2 pts.


    Product Manager/Trainer, Surgical Glove and Mask Brands

    Full P&L responsibility for increased glove line sales and profits (+25%); launched a new surgical glove, Integron with Duraplus in the middle of the AIDS scare when demand exceeded supply. Blended consumer demonstration with medical marketing techniques to maximize product trial. Created a Telemarketing Department.


    Product Manager, Golden Griddle Syrup Brand

    Relaunched a failing brand on short timing and with little marketing funds. Strategically altered the marketing/pricing to fund program and maximized profit (+30%) to fund other division growth options. Product Manager, Hellmann's Tartar Sauce, Sandwich Spread, New Products

    Identified and initiated the first successful new product for the #1 brand, Hellmann's/Best Foods with the Light Mayonnaise. Overcame strong Management opposition to with strategic consistency across the line.


    Assistant Brand Manager, Pert Plus Shampoo Brand

    Renamed, reformulated, repackaged and repositioned declining Pert brand and created Pert Plus. Became #1 brand and recognized as the first significant news in 50 years. “Plus” name was coined for other brands.

    Other Positions: Manager, New Products; Assistant Brand Manager, Abound Conditioner (test market); Sales Training, and Brand Assistant, Lilt Home Permanent Brand.


    VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY, Nashville, TN 1979/1980

    Owen Graduate School of Management: M.B.A. in Marketing & Organizational Behavior.

    Vanderbilt University: B.S. in Economics with Business Administration Minor.

    HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL, Boston, MA & Switzerland 1999/2000

    Completed specially designed courses for the top 500 executives in Novartis Corporation.

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