Jerry Hammack Resume ncl2009

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Jerry Hammack Resume ncl2009


    th1316 SW 116 Street ; Seattle, Washington 98146 ; (206) 219-7154 ;


    Accomplished, results-driven professional with an exceptional track record of leading the strategic design, development and marketing of cutting edge products and Internet applications utilizing expertise in the following areas:

    Product Lifecycle Management Team Leadership Business Development

    B2B/B2C E-Commerce Strategic Marketing Budget Management

    Project Management Multimedia Design Process Improvement ; Knowledgeable creator of many innovative, award-winning websites, e-commerce applications that generate

    enormous revenue and exposure for companies and clients.

    ; Decisive manager with proven skill penetrating new markets, building, training and motivating large cross-

    functional teams and accurately assessing complex customer requirements to exceed expectations. ; Exhibits intense commitment to customer satisfaction and attainment of business goals through the research,

    identification and utilization of appropriate, emerging technology.


HAMMACK DESIGN Seattle, Washington 2008 - Present


    Provide web design and consultation services to clients around the US, including small business, institutional clients, arts organizations, recording artists, and others. Worked closely with clients and technical teams throughout the US to conduct pre-design consultation, define project plan and timeline and design, develop, test and deploy innovative web sites, features and content. Clients include CVS/Pharmacy, Strait Gate Productions, Chappell Hill Independent School District and others.

FINANCEXPERT Bellevue, Washington 2008 - Present

    Member, Board of Directors

    Retained by firm to advise on product issues for the transition from platform based software to discrete software solutions and explore offers for acquisition from outside firms.

FINANCEXPERT Bellevue, Washington 2002 2004 and 2005 2008

    VP of Product Management

    Retained by financial services software company to position its innovative transaction level solution for market dominance. Led development efforts for Financial Guidance System and four Excel-based solution templates (Retirement Wealth Planner, Universal Life Analyzer, Investor Real Estate Planner and Real Estate Profit Planner). Provides strategic vision regarding product development, pricing, market analysis, risk and long-term value to refine the business plan and maximize competitive edge and capital funding.

    ; Lead marketing of legacy and new product offerings and V2.0 development of Financial Guidance System ; Led and implemented redesign of corporate web site, driving increased traffic and sales ; Led go-to-market development for Financial Guidance System application in conjunction with offshore

    development group including UI’s and business requirements documentation.

    ; Advised management to segment its flagship product to offer scalable solutions to fulfill the differing needs of

    small and large clients and to exploit competitor weaknesses by enabling integration with legacy systems. ; Conducted thorough analysis to clearly illustrate the value to new angel investors of the FX solution to both the

    company and its clients due to its highly accurate and robust transaction level financial planning and

    management capabilities.


    Product Manager

    During a lull in angel financing for financeXpert; As the first product manager for this organization, provided services for one of the top electronic discovery software firms in the U.S. Provided overall product management of the EED Discovery software product.

     Assessed market needs and provided market analysis and business intelligence allowing EED to effectively

    position their Discovery software.

     Conducted customer interviews to drive user-centric feature/requirements development

     Managed business case development.


    th1316 SW 116 Street ; Seattle, Washington 98146 ; (206) 219-7154 ;

     Established product positioning and advised on Pricing / Branding / Website / Print Collateral / PR /


THE COBALT GROUP Seattle, Washington 1999 2001

    Senior Product Manager, Marketing Group

    Brought on to revitalize and integrate the product planning, development and marketing functions of the top provider of B2B2C web application solutions to the automotive industry. Structured a clearly defined system of product design, execution and prioritization plans. Directed six product managers as well as large, cross-functional teams across development, marketing, production, MIS and design services.

    ; Allowed Cobalt to realize millions in recurring revenues by providing the leadership to rapidly transform

    product concepts into profitable offerings and develop next generation versions of core products including


    ; Combined individual managers and their struggling programs into a single, well-focused execution team that

    minimized time-to-market and dramatically improved the quality and accuracy of business and technical plans. ; Opened the door to high end recurring revenue opportunities by leading the design and development of Sales

    Accelerator and MotorPlace Auto Exchange products, which more than doubled participating monthly dealer

    spend and added $100,000 per month in transaction fees.

    ; Standardized and streamlined the creation of UML product specifications, workflows and product life cycles

    through the application of RUP/Rational Rose.

    MUSIC SCENE INTERNATIONAL Seattle, Washington 1994 1999

    Owner/General Manager/Multimedia Designer

    Established and grew a respected website design and market consultation company providing a wide range of multimedia design services and live online delivery solutions to the music and technology industries. Worked closely with clients and technical teams throughout the US and Europe to conduct pre-design consultation, define project plan and timeline and design, test and deploy innovative web-driven applications, features and content. ; Led to achieve extensive industry accolades as pioneer in Web Commerce, winning the

    Magellan Award for website excellence as well as recognition for providing full online purchasing and

    producing the First Wireless Remote Live Internet Event for the 1997 Seattle Hempfest. ; Requested by BMI and ASCAP as an early e-music authority to participate in discussions to develop an

    acceptable compensation structure copyrighted material available on the Internet.

    ; Headed a five-member team to create a website for Rockgrl Magazine, which won a YIN Best of Web award

    in addition to increasing nationwide presence, subscriptions and advertising revenue for the magazine. ; Supplied Seattle Hempfest and 13,000 viewers with a groundbreaking four-hour live webcast using microwave

    technology; developed the political activist organization’s website from pre-design to launch and maintenance.

    ; Defined and implemented strategies to increase fan participation and ease of navigation for clients including

    Grateful Dead Productions and the Alice in Chains site at

    ; Extensive list of sales and exposure enhancing client projects includes a Bumgardner online portfolio, JSR

    Underworld Merchandising online catalog and sites for several record labels.

(Pre 1994 resume experience available upon request)


    CITY UNIVERSITY Renton, Washington

    Select courses - Master of Business Administration program, focus in E-commerce

    PACIFIC LUTHERAN UNIVERSITY Tacoma, Washington 1985

    Bachelor of Fine Arts, Art; graduated Cum Laude


    PC and Macintosh platforms MS Visio Adobe Photoshop

    MS Word Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Fireworks

    MS Excel Adobe Flash Adobe Collaborate

    MS Project ProTools More…

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