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1. What title does an heir to the throne of England have? Prince of Wales th2. Give at least 2 names of the Brontë sisters who are famous writes of the 19 century. Charlotte, Anne, Emily

    3. What do you call the residence of the Queen in Edinburgh? Palace of Holyrood House

    4. What is Cockney? A person born in East End of London or the language he/she speaks

    5. What is Śpiąca Królewna in English? Sleeping Beauty

    6. A large stone on which the ancient kings of Scotland were crowned is called The Stone of Scone

    7. What is Sting‟s real name? Gordon Sumner

    8. What do you call an area of new houses and offices in east London on the north of the River Thames? Docklands

    9. How old is the Queen? 81

    10. When you eat English breakfast what do you eat? bacon and eggs, beans, fried tomatoes, mushrooms, sausages

    and toasted bread

    11. What‟s the difference between the UK and Great Britain? Great Britain = England, Wales & Scotland, the UK

    Great Britain + Northern Ireland

    12. Name one of the many games in Highland Games. Tossing the Caber, Throwing a hammer, Dance contest,

    Highland fling

    13. A British pop group formed in 1980 whose successful songs “Sweet Dreams” and “There Must Be an Angel” are

    well-known. Eurythmics

    14. What are GCSE‟s? General Certificate of Secondary Education

    15. What was the magic sword of King Arthur called? Excalibur

    16. What do you call a group of British comedians whose films like Life of Brian or the Holly Grail are cult film even

    today? Monty Python

    17. Where can you find Beefeaters? In the Tower of London.

    18. Name any object/building built in London to commemorate the new Millennium? The Millennium Bridge, The

    London Eye

    19. When was the Great Fire of London? 1666

    20. What is Arthur‟s Seat? A long dead volcano/hill/mountain in Edinburgh in a shape of a seat.

    21. Which was the world‟s first take-away food? Fish and chips

    22. What do you call a mountain range in Central Scotland that are popular with mountain climbers and hill walkers?

    The Grampians

    23. Which ruler of England had the shortest reign? Lady Jane Grey (9 days)

    24. The largest airport in Britain is called Heathrow

    25. In which movie do the actors use the Holly Hand Grenade? Monty Python and the Holly Grail

    26. Which of the following has never been a nickname of a king of England: the Confessor, the Martyr, the Unready,

    Longshanks, the Blue tooth? (underline the correct answer/s)

    27. Name at least two titles of books by Jane Austen. “Pride and Prejudice” “Northanger Abbey” “Sense and

    Sensibility” “Emma” “Persuasion”

    28. Where is Big Ben situated? In London at the north-eastern end of the Houses of Parliament building in


    29. Which band recorded “Stairway to Heaven”? Led Zeppelin

    30. What do IOM and IOW stand for? Isle of Man, Isle of Wight

    31. Which Royal Dynasty ended with the death of Elizabeth I? Tudor

    32. Who sang a song “Penny Lane”? The Beatles

    33. What is the name of the first king of whole England? Athelstan

    34. Did any of the kings of Norway became a king in any English kingdom? Eric the Bloodaxe, king of Norway and

    Northumbia, Sven Tiugeskæg king of Denmark Norway and England

    35. What is whisky made from? Water and barley

    36. How long ago did Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip marry? 60 years ago

    37. Which city is the capital of Wales? Cardiff

    38. What is a bearskin? It is a fur helmet worn by foot soldiers who guard The Tower or Buckingham Palace

    39. What is marmalade made from? Oranges or (and) lemons

    40. Name the protestant football team from Glasgow. The Rangers

    41. What do JRR stand for in JRR Tolkien? John Ronald Reuel

    42. In “Alice in Wonderland” what is left after the Cheshire cat disappears? His smile

    43. What do you call the oldest poem in the English language (to be precise in Old English) recently made into an

    animated movie? Beowulf

    44. Which part of the Tower is the oldest? The White Tower

    45. Where did Shakespeare spend most of his life? London

    46. Who has recently been awarded with Nobel Prize for literature? Doris Lessing

    47. Why did the emperor Hadrian built the wall between England and Scotland? To keep the natives of Scotland (the

    Picts) away

    48. What is the name of a female singer who recorded songs such as “Babooshka” and “Wuthering Heights”? Kate


    49. What is Czerwony Kapturek in English? Little Red Riding Hood

    50. Whose column can you see in Trafalgar Square in London? of Admiral Nelson

    51. How do you pronounce “Di” in Lady Di? Is it „dee‟ or „die‟? die

    52. Who played Saruman in the movie Lord of the Rings (he also played Dracula)? Christopher Lee 53. What do you call a well-known British department store, selling clothes, food and other products all over the

    country? It is neither the cheapest nor the most expensive one. Marks & Spencer, M&S, Marks, Marks &


    54. What do you call the characteristic red buses in London? Double-deckers

    55. Name two wives of Prince Charles. Diana, Princess of Wales & Camilla Parker-Bowles, Princess of Cornwall 56. Post boxes in a characteristic shape of a short column are called Pillar boxes.

    57. Where can you find the tomb of Bede the Vurnerabilis? Durham Cathedral

    58. What are the nicknames of Celtic Glasgow? 'Boys', 'Hoops', 'Tic'

    59. What do you call the Channel between Britain and France? The English Channel

    60. Name at least one of the Lake Poets. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, William Wordsworth 61. What do you do in a public house? Drink beer, alcohol and soft drinks

    62. Which flower is the symbol of England? Red rose

    63. Where is Snowdon the highest mountain in Wales situated? In Snowdonia

    64. What do you call the type of housing dating back to the Victorian times and built in a row of four or more houses?

    Terraced Houses

    65. What do you call a device used to play singles on demand in pubs? Jukebox

    66. What did London parks use to be? Royal Gardens

    67. What do you call the district of London famous for its carnivals? Notting Hill

    68. Where can you see the beautiful crown of Queen Victoria? The Tower

    69. What do you call Kopciuszek in English? Cinderella

    70. What is the most frequently used name for a cinema in the UK? The Odeon

    71. What do you call a large island in the Irish Sea which has its own parliament (the Tynwald)? Isle of Man 72. Which megastore sells masses of CD‟s in Britain? One of the is in Piccadilly Circus in London. Virgin Megastore 73. What do you call a person who comes from or lives in Liverpool? Liverpudilian

    74. What type of classes are studies in Oxford based on? Tutoring

    75. Where is a group of large, tall stones arranged in a circle and called Stonehenge situated? Salisbury Plain 76. When you are 4 can you start a primary education in England? Yes, you can, if you’re clever enough. 77. In which English city you can still have a walk along the medieval wall? York

    78. What type of English is the Queen‟s English? Very correct one

    79. Who is the leader of Iron Maiden? Steve Harris

    80. What is the symbol of York? White Rose 81. Who wrote books about Adrian Mole? Sue Townsend

    82. What do you call the wizard who taught and trained King Arthur? Merlin

    83. What do you call the Scottish national instrument? Bagpipe

    84. The main shopping Street in Edinburgh is called Prince’s Street

    85. Who lived in Sherwood Forest according to a legend? Robin Hood

    86. Who wrote a comic novel, “Bridget Jone's Diary”? Helen Fielding

    87. Which is the oldest university in Britain? Oxford 88. Where was Shakespeare born? Stratford-Upon-Avon

    89. Which is the highest mountain in Scotland? Ben Nevis

    90. Which is the biggest lake in Britain? Windermere

    91. Which part of England looks like Little Scotland? The Lake District

    92. Which is the most recently constructed bridge in London? The Millennium Brigde 93. Who founded London? The Romans

    94. What colour is Scottish flag? Blue and white

    95. Which flower is the symbol of Wales? Daffodill

    96. What do you call the cliffs which have been a welcoming site for returning sailors through the many centuries?

    The White Cliffs of Dover

    97. In which English city the cathedral was destroyed during World War II? Coventry

    98. What is a sporan? It a little leather bag worn by Scottish men over their kilts. Sporans are frequently adorned

    with silver.

    99. Which part of the continent were the Normans from? Normandy

    100. Who designed St Paul‟s Cathedral in London? Sir Christopher Wren

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