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    Who you are, what you can bring to the role, what makes you successful. Eg: A highly

    motivated, ambitious, and above all, commercially focussed marketing professional who thrives on challenges, problem solving and responsibility. With experience in client / agency / supplier environments, a solid direct marketing background has been gained.


    NAME: NAME DOB: (add age too, useful)



PHONE: (home) NATIONALITY: British


     GENDER: M/F


    Start with the most recent employment first:

    November 1998 to date


    Summarise the Company’s focus and description of services.


    Summarise in simple yet effective terms your role and the associated responsibilities. EG:

    ; Developing marketing strategy for entire product portfolio

    ; Management of ?10m marketing budget, across variety of channels including Direct Mail,

    Inserts, Telemarketing, Door to Door, DRTV and On-line.

    ; Budgetary setting and control, with monthly reporting to global management

    ; Responsibility for all customer acquisition campaigns and retention programs, including

    proposals, targeting, campaign development, execution and reporting.

    ; Work closely with external suppliers and inhouse teams, to bring new products through

    research, testing to launch.

    ; Management and development of a team of ** Managers / execs

Key Achievements

    WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Great way to sell yourself to a future

    employer is to put here what successes you have had in your role things you are proud of. EG:

    ; AGENCY PITCH PROCESS. Carried out a major agency review and pitch program,

    working alongside the Advertising Agency Register, resulting in an appointment of a new

    agency for the UK account.

    ; SALES SUCCESS. Consistent ability to meet and beat all targets set. Was top of my

    sales team for 2 years running and targets were increased from ?500,000 to ?1 million

    during this time.

    Next, summarise in the same way, but with slightly less information, your previous

    roles. Always have a summary of the Company’s services to help the interviewer to

    understand quickly, your employment history. For example, the different types of

    company you have worked for agencies, suppliers, brokers etc.

    Marketing Stars Limited ; 97 Mogden Lane ; Isleworth ; TW7 7LH Telephone: 020 8892 1848 ; Mobile: 07787 123 869 ; Email: VAT Number: 797 784 345 ; Registered in England : 4491669

June 1998 Nov 1998


    One of the largest direct marketing agencies in the UK

    This role enabled me to gain valuable insight and experience of how large agencies operate. Working on a major account, my role involved close working relationships with the client, and also creative, copywriting, studio, repro house, press production and media buying departments, allowing me to interact with all elements of the chain.

August 1996 June 1998


    Britain's leading supplier of collectables. Joined as Trainee Product Manager, promoted to Product Manager, then Senior Product Manager.

    Responsible for all elements of Product Management for a range of collectables. This included product sourcing and negotiation, product development, purchasing, stock control, initiating and controlling direct marketing campaigns via press and direct mail, print production and pricing. The role was dependent on managing and controlling a ?1 m marketing budget.

    If there are gaps in your career, make sure you explain them. If you have a v. short period of employment, include an explanation for departure. Remember this

    document is your first contact with your future employer make sure you get your

    message across and remember that you will not be there to explain anything so it MUST read clearly throughout.


1985 1992 Name of School and location,

    GCSE’s 9 passes; including Computer Studies, Maths and English

    A Levels 3 Passes; Business Studies, Geography, Pure Maths & Statistics

1992 1996 Name of University and location, if relevant

    B.A (Hons) Business Studies with Marketing Classification: 2.1

1996 Any further qualifications


    ; Year IMP Certificate in Direct Marketing Institute of Direct Marketing

    ; Year Essentials of Direct Marketing Institute of Direct Marketing


    You can add any other things you have done in your career which may add value to the role you are applying for or to indicate briefly roles you have had that go too far back to mention in 2 pages. More than 2 pages for a CV are too much for a busy Interviewer to read. DON’T DO IT.


    This gives an opportunity for you to add flavour to your CV. What you like to do, who you are, what makes you tick.


    Driving Licence? Any other information that might be useful to help you get a job.

    Marketing Stars Limited ; 97 Mogden Lane ; Isleworth ; TW7 7LH Telephone: 020 8892 1848 ; Mobile: 07787 123 869 ; Email: VAT Number: 797 784 345 ; Registered in England : 4491669

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