teaching plan for chapter 4

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teaching plan for chapter 4

    Teaching plan for Chapter 4 Our senses (Reading)

    Teacher: Yang Yanling

    Students: Class 2, Grade 1

     The students have got certain vocabulary to get the skill of knowing

    the general idea of an article. They also form the interest on English

    and know how to express their ideas in some sentences.

    Teaching type: Warming- up & Reading

Analysis of the textbook:

    This lesson focuses on the practice of the reading skills in the story about a fire accident; also the ability to express the students ideas on knowing the rules

    to follow in a fire accident.

    Teaching aims:

    1. About ability:

    By leading in the five senses, learn to know how to express and show the senses and words from the reading.

    By reading the article, learn to get the detail information of the material and finish the exercises.

    By discussing on the rules in a fire accident, learn to know how to express their ideas and perform them.

    2. About practice: Learn to know how to get information during reading tasks;

    also learn to express the students ideas by discussion.

    3. About attitude: To get the confidence through reading skills; to know more

    about rules in a fire accident and safety first; also to form

    the interest of expressing themselves in class.

Teaching procedures:

    ?. Warming-up (10 min)

     1. Ask the students to look at the cartoon; try to discuss the cartoon;

    2. Ask each group to do a guessing game. Pick two words from the task and

    perform for the other students to guess.

    ?. Pre- reading (3 min)

     1. Guess the meaning of the new words from Ex C1 and check.

    2. Ask the students to do read the title, the first and the last paragraph, try to

    predict the text from Ex B.

    ?. While- reading (13 min)

     First-reading: (7 min)

    1. Ask the students to read the text loud by themselves and then answer the

    questions about the text.

    2. Learn the new words from the text together.

    Second- reading: (6 min)

    3. Ask the students to read the article for the second time and then do the

    T/F exercise.

    4. Check the answers with the students.

    ?. Post- reading (15 min)

     Ask the students to read the text again together.

    Group work: Discuss in groups to do the exercise in Ex. E. Fill in the blanks

    and then check in groups. Finally, ask each group to discuss

    and then perform the rules in a fire accident.

    ?. Conclusion: (4 min)

    What we have learnt this lesson?

    Ask the students to think and then do the exercise of filling the blanks


    ?. Homework:

     1. Learn and remember the new words of the reading.

    2. Find out the language points in Reading by themselves.

Exercises for students:


    Read the text loud and then try to answer the following questions:

    1. Did the people in the hotel allow pets in this hotel?

    2. Where was the location of the fire exist?

    3. What happened to the man when he heard Charlie barking?

    4. Did the phone work?

    5. Were the man and his dog safe at last?

    Second- reading:

    Here are some statements about the article. Read them and write T (True) or

    F (False) after each statement.

     1. Charlie is John’s pet.

    2. The manager of the hotel welcomed both John and Charlie.

    3. Charlie knew about the fire before the fire alarm went off.

    4. The phone in the room worked during the fire.

    5. John and Charlie waited for the fire engine for a long time.

    6. John was very happy to hear the fire engine arrive.


    E1. Here are some of the fire rules at the Dragon’s Head Hotel. Complete them by putting one word in the box in each blank.

bottom firemen’s location phone wave

     exit hear open towels wait

     feel hot lie shout wet

    Dragon’s Head Hotel

    Fire rules

    1. Make sure you know the _________ of the fire ______ nearest your room. 2. If there is a fire outside your room:

     2.1 _______ the door of your room. If it is _______, do not open it.

     Put ______ ________ along the ________ of the door to keep the smoke out.

     2.2 ________ the reception desk and give your room number.

     2.3 _______ on the floor. The air is freshest there and ________.

     2.4 When you ______ the fire engine outside, _______your window,

    _______ and ________.

     2.5 Just follow the _________instructions. Do not argue.

    Conclusion: What we have learnt about the story?

    The story is about a ___________ and his ___________. They wanted to stay at a hotel. At first, the clerk didn’t ________ Charlie in. But Charlie was the mans _________. When

    it was at night, a ___________ happened. They were in d__________. But Charlie was clever and finally they were s_______. From this story, we know that s _______ f______.

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