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    ISU Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders Website:

    First Term Activities

______ PROJECTED SCHEDULE - Prior to or during the Graduate Orientation Program hosted by the

    Department, you will develop a projected schedule indicating which courses and practicum you plan to complete to earn your degree. If, for some reason, you are not able to attend this meeting, you should make an appointment with Mrs. Verticchio to complete this process. 309/438-3266;

______ TRANSFER OF CLINIC LOGS - If you did not receive your bachelor's degree from ISU, you must

    obtain a signed copy of all clinical observation and contact hours earned as an undergraduate student. You need to make an appointment with Mrs. Boester, the clinic coordinator, to have your hours transferred to your ISU log for inclusion in your total hours earned.

______ TRANSFER OF GRADUATE COURSEWORK If you have completed or plan to complete any

    courses for graduate credit at another university, you must: a) send an official copy of your transcript directly to Mrs. Verticchio when your grades are posted, and b) submit a completed Transfer of Credit form available at the

    Graduate School Website:

______ GRADUATION OPTION SELECTION MEETING Early in your first semester, you will be required

    to attend a meeting to learn about the graduation options available to students. These options are: 1) Comprehensive Examinations, 2) Independent Study, 3) Thesis.

______ ENHANCED BASIC SKILLS TEST (SLP ONLY) If you wish to obtain the Type 73 School

    Services Personnel Certificate to practice in public schools, you should register to complete this examination during your first or second term. Registration packets can be picked up in the CECP Office in DeGarmo Hall, or you may register online at: or by calling 1-800-239-8107. The test

    code for the Basics Skills Test is 096. Scores must be sent to ISU, code 018.

    Second Term Activities

______ GRADUATION OPTION SELECTION (Blue Sheet) By the beginning of finals week of your second

    term, you must declare which graduation option you have chosen, (Comprehensive Examinations, Independent Study, or Thesis), by informing Mrs. Verticchio. Students who fail to notify Mrs. Verticchio by the beginning of finals week of their second term will be defaulted to the Comprehensive Examination option.

    Third Term Activities

______ IMPORTANT DATES AND DEADLINES This document, available at the Graduate School Website, should be printed during the third term and retained until graduation. It contains all important dates and deadlines for students graduating within the calendar year. This is particularly important for writers of theses.


    the Type 73 School Services Personnel Certificate to practice in public schools, you must register and complete the NON-TEACHING version of this examination during your fourth and final term on campus. Note: You will be completing the national examination in SLP while you are off campus, and the administration times of These two exams often overlap, making it impossible for you to complete them both in the same semester. Registration packets can be picked up in the CECP Office in Degarmo Hall, or you may register online at: or by calling 1-800-239-8107. The test code for the NON-TEACHING speech pathology test is 154. Scores must be sent to ISU, code 018. Simply REGISTER for this now take it next semester after the

    completion of the majoriry of your major coursework.

    Fourth Term Activities Before you leave campus!

______ TEMPORARY DEGREE AUDIT You must complete a green Temporary Degree Audit, available in

    the main office or from Mrs. Verticchio. Directions for completing the form are the same as those for the Degree Audit Form, and can be found at: The completed

    form should be returned to Mrs. Verticchio by the midterm of your last semester on campus. Mrs. Verticchio will review your Degree Audit for accuracy and completeness, and will return it to you with comments and instructions for completing the Final Degree Audit.

______ INTENT TO FILE FOR CERTIFICATION (SLP ONLY) If you wish to obtain the

    Type 73 School Services Personnel Certificate to practice in public schools, you must complete an Intent to

    File for Certification in the CECP Office in DeGarmo Hall. This form can also be accessed online at:

    Once your Intent is processed, you will receive a Certification Application to be completed and returned

    with payment to the CECP Office. It will not be processed further until you finish your degree (see Early Checkout procedure).

______ (FINAL) DEGREE AUDIT the Degree Audit must be typed directly

    onto the form available at: This will then be

    submitted electronically to Mrs. Verticchio from your ilstu email account to before you leave

    campus for your full-time internship assignments.

     NOTE: Students who are planning to take Comprehensive Exams must have their Degree Audit completed

    and on file in the graduate school the semester BEFORE they are planning to take Comprehensive Exams.

    Comps are to be completed during your first off-campus semester, after all of your course work has been



    submit a completed Application for Completion of Degree, available: If

    you plan to participate in the commencement ceremony, view the Student Affairs website for directions on filing

    the commencement participation form, cap/gown/hood information, ceremony dates/times, etc. or 309-438-5451 or Hovey 301.

    ; NOTE REGARDING COMMENCEMENT POLICY Students who finish their final internship

    assignments during the spring and summer terms may walk in the graduation ceremony in May.

    Students who finish during the fall term must walk during the December ceremony. This is a University

    policy and no exceptions will be made.

_____ KASA PORTFOLIO -- Before you leave campus you must submit your original COMPLETED KASA

    Portfolio to Mrs. Verticchio. Be sure to fill our your name and social security number/UID# on the first page of the KASA. You will also need to turn in your PPL and all rubrics and/or grading pages that are stored in your KASA. The entire project does NOT need to turned in for this, just the rubrics/grading pages showing satisfactory completeion of the projects.This will be kept in your permanent file in the department to be used at the time you submit your paperwork for ASHA certification (see below).

_____ NATIONAL EXAM IN SPEECH PATHOLOGY or AUDIOLOGY - At the end of your last

    semester on campus, register to take the national examination in speech pathology or audiology. The exam is one of the Praxis II: Subject Assessments and Specialty Area Tests, and is required for ASHA

    certification and Illinois licensure. It is offered by the Educational Testing Service. Registration

    information, test dates, lists, fees and testing centers can be found on the ETS website: Be

    sure to request original test scores be sent to ISU (code RA0073), the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation (IDPR) (code R7219) and ASHA (code R5031). Be sure to use the codes provided especially for our professions on the “Audiology/Speech Pathology Recipient List" in the registration booklet.

    While You are Completing your Internship Assignments

______ ASHA CERTIFICATION APPLICATION The ASHA Certification and Membership Handbook can

    be downloaded from: The directions for

    compeleting these forms can be found on the CSD website:

     At the end of your first full-time internship placement, the clinic coordinator will discuss how to complete these forms. Keep in mind that there are additional forms you will need to complete when you finish your Clinical Fellowship (CF).

______ TRANSCRIPT REQUEST If you are NOT going to work BEFORE your degree is awarded (the day of

    the commencement ceremony), you should request a transcript to be sent to your employer once your degree is

    posted. Information about transcript request can be found at the following website:

    An official transcript will need to be sent to ASHA to verify your degree You should have this transcript sent to YOU, once your degree is posted Do NOT open this! It will need to remained when it is sent to ASHA. You will also need to have an official sealed transcript sent directly from ISU to IDFPR. This transcript will also need to be sent once your degree is posted. If you are going to be school certified, you must also follow the procedures below for the Type 73.

    ______ EARLY CHECKOUT ISU awards graduate degrees only once per term. If you will be completing your final internship mid-semester, and plan to begin working BEFORE you receive your degree, you should request an Early Checkout Transcript.. This process will allow you to begin your CF (paid employment!) before your degree

    is actually awarded at the end of the term. In order to request this procedure you must:

    ; Bring your final grade to the close out meeting at the end of your last full-time internship. The Clinic

    Coordinator will take your grade directly to the Registrar’s Office to be posted on your transcript.

    ; Request a transcript by fax, mail or in person by following the directions on the Registrar’s website: . (NOTE: if you are applying

    for the Type 73 certificate, you will need an additional transcript see Type 73 instructions below.)

    Indicate on the transcript request that this is an EARLY CHECKOUT transcript, and should be processed

    when your grades are posted. Send one copy of your transcript to yourself, or your future employer. It

    will be marked with a notation that you have completed all of the requirements for the degree and that

    your degree will be awarded at the end of the term. This transcript can be used as the “employment letter”

    required by many employers before you may begin work.

_____ TYPE 73 SCHOOL SERVICES PERSONNEL CERTIFICATE (SLP) - If you are applying for a Type

    73 certificate, a additional copy of your transcript (once your degree is posted) should be sent to Lynn Steffen, CECP Office, Campus Box 5440, ISU, Normal, IL 61790. When Ms. Steffen receives your transcript, she will send the information electronically to the Illinois State Board of Education, along with the application information you submitted earlier for the Type 73. Once processed, your Type 73 Certificate will arrive in the mail.

_____ TEMPORARY ILLINOIS LICENSE IN SLP OR AUD You must have a temporary license to

    Begin your CF. During your first full-time internship, obtain the application from the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation website: .

    The application includes an ED form, that must be sent to the Registrar’s Office to be signed and notarized. The

    Temporary License form is the last page of the Acceptance of Examination packet. Bring the whole application to the close out meeting at the end of your first full-time internship. The clinic coordinator will go over the procedures for completing the application. During your final internship, complete the application and bring it with you to your final close out meeting. The clinic coordinator will hand deliver your “ED Form” along with your final

    grade to the Registrar. The form will be completed and returned to you immediately for inclusion in your application. You will send the entire application to IDFPR when you receive it.

_____ ILLINOIS LICENSE IN SLP OR AUD While you’re completing your CFY, apply for a permanent

    license through IDFPR by following the instructions on the website:

______ QUESTIONS???? Contact:

    Academic Advisor and Graduate Coordinator

    Heidi Verticchio

    Fairchild Hall 217D

    309-438-3266 HRV/ CLB/LSB 9/2009

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