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Teaching Plan for Grade 7 Unit 5 Encyclopaedias

    I .Course background 教材分析

    This teacher-adapted task-based reading material is designed to help students understand the text and improve students’ reading skills.

    ?.Class background 学生情况分析

    It is a large group of 44 members with more interests in the science subjects. They ave intermediate level English and wish to broaden their vocabulary and improve h

    their reading skills needed for the exam. They badly need help and guidance to improve their ability of reading comprehending because they lack necessary words and basic skills acceptable in the exam.

    III Teaching goals 教学目标

    1. language knowledge 语言知识目标

    1) Enable the students to learn the two anecdotes

    2) Students can grasp the sentence patterns and phrases used in the text. 2. Ability goals 能力目标

    Improve the students reading skills.


    Skimming and scanning

    Paragraph reading skills: reading for full understanding.

    3 Affect and attitude 情感目标

    1) Let Ss talk about dinosaurs and Walt Disneyor his cartoon characters

    2) To like to overcome learning difficulties;

    3) To learn from the spirits of Walt Disney.

    ?. Teaching important points 教学重点

    How to help the students to grasp and remember the detailed information of the reading material..

    ?. Teaching difficult points 教学难点

    To summarize the characteristics of Walt Disney

    ? Teaching methods 教学方法

    Cooperative learning; task-based learning

    ? Teaching aids 教具准备: multi-media like a computer, slides and a blackboard

? Teaching Procedures:教学环节

    Step ?Warming up (2 mins) : Who is your favourite cartoon character? Step ?Pre-reading (leading in) 4mins

    1.Look at picture 1, what are they?

    2.Look at picture 2, do you know the names of them?

    3. Do A1 on page 66 and then check the answers.

    Step ? While-reading(25mins)

    Task 1 Ss listen to the tape and skimming over PART 1 , then do the T/F questions. 1. Dinosaurs existed on Earth more than fifty million years before human beings.( F ) 2. Some dinosaurs even had legs and could fly.( F)

    3. Many dinosaurs were gentle.(T )


    4. Dinosaurs all died out suddenly. ( T )

    Task2 Read passage 1 and fill in the chart


    Living time More than(1)________before human beings

    Living place (2)_____________________.

    size Some were as big as (3)_________.

    And some were as big as (4)___________.

    food Plants and(5)________________.

    How did they They died out(6)_______ and (7)____________

    died out knows the reason.

Task3 Text comprehension

    Read the second passage and choose: 1)Walt Disney is __________

     A. a amusement park B. a Chinese

     C. a cartoon D. a founder of Disneyland

    2). Which cartoon characters weren’t created by Walt Disney?

     A. Goofy B. Monkey King

     C. Mickey Mouse D. Donald Duck 3). What did he do after leaving school?

     A. Made cartoon B. Drew the mouse

     C. Delivered mail D. Became a rich man Task4 Read passage 2 and fill in the chart

    Disney, Walt

    Birthplace (1)__________

    Education and working After leaving school, he(2)__________

    experiences(教育与工作经历) newspapers and delivered(3)________.

    Studied (4) _________ at night.

    Achievements(成就) The (5)________ of Disneyland.

    He was famous for (6)_________, such as

    Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

    How he succeeded A mouse sat on his desk when he was

    (7)_____.He (8) ________ the mouse and put it in

    a (9)________.

Task 5 Language points

    Ss find out some phrases in the text and fill in the blanks, using the phrases.

    1.Some dinosaurs were ______ small ______chickens. Others were ______ big

    ______ ten elephants.

    要点讲解; “as +形容词或副词的原级+ as” 表示 “与„„一

    样„„”的意思:其否定形式是“not as / so +形容

    词或副词的原级+ as”。例如;


I am not as / so tall as my mother. 我没有我妈妈高。

    2. He ______ ______ _____ his cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald

    Duck, Goofy and Snow White.

    要点讲解;“be famous for” 意思为“因为/由于„„而著名”:即因为某一方面的


     Guilin is famous for its mountains and rivers.



    1. 汤姆和他哥哥跑得一样快。

    Tom runs ____ ____ ____ his brother.

    2. 这部电影没有那部电影有趣。

    This film is ______ ______ ______ that one. 3.北京以烤鸭著名。Beijing is ______ ____ roast duck. Step IV Listen and read aloud(3mins)

    Step V Retell the story(5mins)

     Disneyland is a famous park in the USA. Its founder was Walt Disney. He is famous for his cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse ,Donald Duck,Goofy and Snow White.

     Disney was born in the USA. After leaving (leave)school , he sold(sell) newspaper and delivered (deliver)letters. At the same time, he studiedstudy art at

    got (get) a job drawing cartoons for films. night. Finally , he

    Step VI Assignment (1min)

    Finish Book b page 72 reading A& B


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