HRM final exam 400 paper

By Juanita Henderson,2014-06-17 14:33
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final exam paper,about human recourse management

    After learning HRM for almost a semester, I really benefited a lot.

    After graduating from college, we will all deal with the situation that to be hired or start a business. Whatever which way we will preserve, learning HRM is so much necessary than we though.

    I was quite impressed the chapter three and chapter 5.

    Here’s my reason, first, as the old saying know you enemy and know yourself, I know the structure and the main steps when a company hiring a employee, also I can see which kind of staff do the company want through the recruit advertisement. So I can do some adjustment before applying a job or making my career plan, in that really helps me a lot!

    Second, I am not focus on the training and developing program before, and through the chapter 5 i started to think about the importance of training the fresh. An employee can easily adjust his or her job in a short time through a good training. That means this program will certainly better the work efficiency. That means it will help the company save the money and time. Whats more, what I

    really benefit is I change my mind on human recourse. Human recourse here is different for the human recourse in the 30s to 70s in 20 century. The employer will pushed the employees to work as long as they could or as hard as they could, all they need is to achieve a figure or a time period, though it did develop the volume of production or development level, but it lost more than it got, the employee hates what they are doing and did not feel happy while they are working. The development is based on the long hours working and complained. Human recourse today is to develop the potential of the employee, just like the sustainable development. One hand we recruit the talents to the company and on the other hand we develop on them to see if they can do more and perfect than they though they would be. If we want to build our career, this is the match point that if you can turn the human recourse to the company value, to achieve the non-equality 1+1?2.

    I am glad that I had this course this term and I am sure it is one of the most valuable classes I ever had in my college life. Thank you!

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