GPDE 5001E Topical Course Outline

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GPDE 5001E Topical Course Outline

    GPDE 5001F 2008 Topical Course Outline


; Meet and Greet

    o Name Tags

    o Journals

    o Supplies

    o 3-Ring Binders

    o Contact information (including cell #)

    o Food sign-up sheet (optional)

    ; Community Name Tags

    o In each corner:

    ; What they teach

    ; Where they teach

    ; Hometown

    ; Hobby

    o Find Alike Stickers on Front of Binder

    ; Use name tag to begin discussion

    ; Introduce partner using name tags above plus one thing in common.

    ; These partners become Community Companions

    ; Goal Sheet (4 squares)

    o (Explain Goal sheet squares here)

    o Activity “First Time” #23

    ; On a sheet of paper write name as many times for 15 seconds

    ; Three rounds with dominate hand

    ; Last round with non dominate hand

    ; Discuss on how you can improve every round even the non dominate hand

    ; Discuss with whole group

    o Expectations, Homework Plan, Syllabus

    o Schedules, Lunch

    o Reading Speeds next day articles

    ; Tennis Ball Activity

    o Classroom Applications

    ; Read Look Before you Leap

    o Complete 1-9 of the „Ten Tough Questions‟ on own

    o Walk and Talk answers with Community Companion

    ; BREAK/reflection time

    ; Activity “Decide Early #3”

    o Community Companion Face to Face

    o Have hands behind their back

    o On the count of 3 have a number on each hand

    o First person to count the four hands correctly wins

    ; Classroom Environment

    o Draw your Classroom environment with as much detail as possible

    o Chart Paper

    ; Lunch

    ; Read Getting Off to a Good Start

    o Complete “4-S Process Sheet”

    ; “School of Rock” Clips

    o Journaling Reflections afterwards

; “Mingle/Mingle” Activity

    o Fab. 5 group formation

    o Develop name for group

    o Share 4-S Process Sheets

    o Classroom applications

    ; Activity “I Didn‟t Know That”#32

    o Each person needs a piece of paper and a pencil

    o Partner/tell them something that they did not know about one another

    o Write the persons‟ name and a brief description of what their story was

    o Rotate

    ; Read What to Look for in a Classroom

    o Journal reflection

    ; To this point, what do I want to incorporate into my classroom?

    ; What changes do you think will positively impact your classroom environment? ; “School of Rock” closing


; Meet and Greet/Announcements

    ; Activity “Who Do You Believe” #33

    Trio/all on one side

    o Pieces of paper that spell RIGHT

    o Each person will have a number 1-2-3

    o One person correct directions, one blind folded, one wrong direction

    Read Stages of Community-Making

     Group of 4 (Jigsaw)

     Expert Groups

     Back to mixed group

    ; Personal Timeline Activity (Receipt Paper)

    o Use receipt paper to outline important life events

     Share with Fab 5 groups o

    ; Look for patterns/commonalities as well as differences/unique events

    o What lessons can we learn from the past?

    o Discuss different interpretations of same or similar events ; BREAK

    ; Journal time

     How to incorporate activities so far into classroom/classroom applications o

    ; Read Teachers CAN Engage Disengaged Students

    o Journal What techniques have you used to engage a disengaged students? Which were

    successful and why? Which were not successful and why?

    o Pair Share 3x

    ; Activity “A Few of My Favorite Things”

    o Share with your Fab 5

    ; Read Room to Grow

    o Walk and Talk with Community Companion How do you give ownership to your students?

    ; BREAK/Journal time

    Activity “Crossing the Line” #29

    o Community Companion sitting across from one another on a table

    o Each pair gets a penny

    o Each person will have 5 turns to flick the penny to see how can get closest to the edge.

    ; Read 20 Ways to Build Community --- 1,2,3 PROCESS SHEET

    o Discuss process sheet results with GASA groups

    ; 1 things that would be the biggest stretch for you as a teacher

    ; 2 things that you do already (or similar to something you do already)

    ; 3 things that you will incorporate this fall

    ; LUNCH

    ; Boundin Activity/video clip (from Incredibles Bonus DVD)

    o Journal How are you like a Jackolope? ; Read Perils on an Essential Journey (process sheet)

    o Discuss process sheet with Trio group ; “Bop, Bop, Bippity, Bop” Activity

    o Flamingo & palm trees, Elvis & Doo Wop dancers, Elephant & ears, Jello & bowl

    o Classroom applications

    o Journal time (?)

    ; Homework Power in the Classroom

    ; Closing: Pledge of Responsibility for Children


; Meet & Greet Announcements

    ; Activity “Story Teller” #28

    o Fab 5

    o Each person in the group will have 2 pieces of paper

    o Write a noun

    o Put all of the paper in pile in the middle

    o First person picks a piece of paper and start telling a story having the word in it

    o After 15 seconds the next person picks a piece of paper and contines to tell the story

    o So on

    ; DVD Clips Mona Lisa Smiles

    ; Journal about 2 students

    o How are they alike? How are they different? How did they impact your teaching?

    o Walk and Talk with Community Companion

    ; Read No Two are Quite Alike & With Boys and Girls in Mind

    ; Read to group “Different People Have Different Needs”

    ; Play song Billy Marches to the Beat of a Different Drummer

    Activity “Gorilla Game” #2

     Community Companion

     Rabbit, Moose, Buffalo or Gorilla

     Turn Back to Back

     Count of 3 turn

     If you match you can sit down

    ; Classroom applications

    ; Journal about implications for your classroom/ “Aha” ideas

    ; Paper Fold

    o Give directions on how to make

    o Top 4 square Favorite Color, High school mascot, Name of First Pet, and Name of First Car ; BREAK

    ; Read Relationship-Driven Teaching

    o In GASA groups discuss How are you able to meet the emotional needs of your students?+/- ; Activity People Hunt

    o Students will have to find people who match the characteristics/activities in the boxes

    o Each person can only sign 1 box per person/sheet

    o Whip around class to see what is unique about them

    ; LUNCH

    ; Activity Name that Tune (TV theme shows)

    o Classroom implications

    ; Trio Time to Discuss Power in the Classroom

    o Each Trio group will prepare a mini-lesson highlighting one of the teaching strategies that is

    presented in the article.

    o The group will lead the rest of the class through the lesson as teachers in a specific content


    o Sign up sheet for strategies First Come, First Serve

    ; Homework Chapter 7 and process sheet from homework

    o Process with 4-3-2-1

    ; Closing Your Idea of a Good Friend


; Meet and Greet/Announcements

    ; Cheddar Cheese and Chocolate Cake Part 1 ; Activity “My Life” #31

    o Inside-Outside Circle

    o Give a statement

    o 15 seconds for each person

    o Rotate and Repeat

    Read “Building Community in School”

    ; Mini-lesson time with Trio (to finalize lessons) ; Sharing of Mini-lessons (4-6 minutes each) ; In GASA, discuss what strategies for the article Power in the Classroom that they could incorporate

    into their own learning environment. ; BREAK/Journal/reflection time

    ; Chapter 7 and process sheet from homework

    o Process with Trio group

    ; In GASA groups, create a list: “What are the essential elements needed to develop a functioning

    learning community?” CHART PAPER

    ; LUNCH

    ; Share essential elements in large group

    ; Cheddar Cheese and Chocolate Cake Part 2 ; Read From Tourist to Citizens in the Classroom

    ; Journal processing of day‟s learning to this point

    ; Activity “Two Truths and a Lie”

    o On a piece of paper write 2 truths and 1 Lie

    o Share with your Fab. 5 group your statements

    o Group Activity with 2T and 1L

    o One point for the team if you guess the false statement, one point for the team if the stump a


    ; Homework to type up and make 28 copies of a community building activity to lead on Friday.

    o Directions, purposes, supplies/materials needed, reflection/processing questions. ; Closing Lesson from the Custodian


; Meet & Greet Sign up sheet for Presentations

    ; Share your rough draft of your implementation plan with Trio members

    o Compare with Learner Outcomes and Homework plan criteria

    o Constructive criticism

    ; Collate handout in class (in order of presentation sign-ups)

    o Discuss duplicates

    ; BREAK

    ; Begin presentation 1-7

    ; BREAK

    ; Presentations 8-13


    ; Presentations 14-19

    ; BREAK

    ; Presentations 20-24

    ; Closing: Unwritten

    ; Clean up/return room to original setup

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