vzoIt's better to have a second childavy

By Brian Graham,2014-01-25 09:59
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vzoIt's better to have a second childavy

    It's better to have a second child

    It's bad for Chinese couples to have only one child.Because if there is only one child in the family, the child must be lonely.In the other country, each family have two or three children.The children in the family can play with others.That is good for their healthy. I think if there are two child in the family,the family must be happy and the children mustn't be lonely.一对夫妇只有一个孩子不好;因为孩子会感到孤单。在国外;一个家庭会有两到



    The issue of whether to have a second child is one of the most difficult issues that parents nowadays face. There is a common argument agaist having just one child is that an only child may be more spoiled than one with siblings.Many people believe that a single child will not have learned to negotiate with others,and respect the give-and-take involved in many relationships.Some think this may leave the child less capable of interracting well with people his or her own age than one who has been raised with siblings.

    For some single-child parents,particularly those with busycareers,the pressures of devoting time and energy take care of their child,so it's necessary to have a second child to care each other. Many single-child parents feel a stigma associated with their decision to have only one child.There are no other children in the family for the child to associate with,and this mat lead to the children feel lonely at times,eapecially during vacations.

    Even more,we have no the right to break off the child's born right. Unfortunately,there is no simple answer to the question of whether or not to have a second child.The circumstances affecting each set of parents are unique,and what is appropriatefor one family may not be for another.The important thing,in the end,is to make a decision that both you and your spouse feel confident about.

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