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YU XIAO WEI December 21, 2010

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    The healthy problems caused by smoking

     Almost everyone knows that smoking is harmful to healthy causing cancer, heart disease and other relative illnesses, which can shorten smokers’ life by 10 years or

    more; so how come smokers are still lighting up when they realize those bad things? The answer, in a word, is addiction by Nicotine, which is almost universally believed to be the major factor that motivates smoking. Along with other toxic substances in cigarettes smoking results in many healthy problems. So we should quite as soon as possible.

     It is undoubtful that smoking is addictive. It is because of the chemical substance, Nicotine, which affects. This chemical is absorbed by the brain where it changes the brain chemistry and affects the smokers’

    mood.(Harwich,2010) Like heroin or other addictive drugs,

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YU XIAO WEI December 21, 2010

    the body and brain of smokers quickly get used to the nicotine in cigarettes that a person needs to have it just to feel normal and the existence of nicotine results in a relaxing pleasant feelings, However the absence of nicotine causes mood swings the symptoms contain irritability, anxiety and cravings?“smoking”, n.d.?.Wikipedia(n.d)

    defines physical dependence as,"the appearance of characteristic withdrawal symptoms when the use of a substance is suddenly discontinued." Nicotine is considered physically addictive because it physically alters your brain function and it produces withdrawal symptoms when you stop smoking. And the psychological addiction to cigarettes is the reason that so many of us have successfully quit smoking only to start right back up again a month or two later.strssful situations will frequently trigger strong craings. In my experience, when i have no idea to do somthing important i strongly need cigarate to calm myself down and there is only way to work out for me.similar

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YU XIAO WEI December 21, 2010

    stressful moment like studing for a long time,a few minutes befor a job interview and so on.

    Smoking is major cause of heart disease for men and women. About 20% of all deaths from heart disease in the U.S. are directly related to cigarette smoking. The risk of heart disease and heart attack increase with the time length a smoker smokes and number he or she smokes. (“Smoking and Heart Disease”, n.d.) The heart disease or

    heart attack caused by smoking for the following major reasons:

    ; Decreasing oxygen to the heart.

    ; Increasing blood pressure and heart rate.

    ; Increasing blood clotting.

    ; Damaging to cells that line coronary

    arteries and other blood vessels.

    (“Smoking and Heart Disease”, n.d.)

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YU XIAO WEI December 21, 2010

    Another and not less serious disease caused by smoking is cancer. An estimated 146,000 Americans died of lung cancer in 1992, and 90 percent of these deaths were caused by cigarette smoking. Smoking is responsible for about 30 percent of all cancer deaths annually in the United States more than 155,000 each year. If smoking-related cancers could be eliminated from our society, we would see a significant decline in the annual cancer death rate instead of small but steady increases. (“Smoking & cancer,n.d.)

    In the UK, smoking kills five times more people than road accidents, overdoses, murder, suicide and HIV all put together. Smoking causes nine in ten cases of lung cancer. Lung cancer has one of the lowest survival rates of all cancers, and is the most common cause of cancer death in the UK. Apart from lungs there are other cancers including cancers of the mouth, larynx (voice box), pharynx (upper throat), nose and sinuses, oesophagus (food pipe), liver, pancreas, stomach, kidney, bladder, cervix and bowel, as well as one type of ovarian cancer and some types of

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YU XIAO WEI December 21, 2010

    leukaemia. There is also some evidence that smoking could increase the risk of breast cancer (Smoking and


     One more important fact about smoking that should be highlighted concerning women, especially the pregnant, because smoking in pregnancy affects not only the woman but the fetus as well (“pregnancy”,n.d.). On smoking several

    things happen to the pregnant. Firstly, when an expecting mother inhales tobacco smoke from a cigarette, some of the

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YU XIAO WEI December 21, 2010

    inhaled chemicals stay in the body and make their way into the placenta. The unborn child is inhaling the mainstream smoke together with mother from the cigarette what reduces supply of oxygen. So the unborn baby suffers from lack of oxygen, as the harmful substances, such as nicotine, replace it. The baby will begin to move slower after the mother has smoked a cigarette and the baby's heart will have to work faster, as it tries to breathe in more oxygen. Under these conditions the child will suffer unnecessary stress. As a result the unborn baby will not develop or grow as well as it should and this can lead to the birth of a low-weight baby who is more likely to be placed in intensive care once it has been born. To this point doctors say that even if a woman quits smoking within the first 3 months of being pregnant, she may greatly increase the probability of giving birth to a normal and healthy baby. (“The effects of smoking on the unborn child”, n.d.)

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YU XIAO WEI December 21, 2010

    On the other side smoking strongly affects a pregnant woman causing the pregnancy complications such as ectopic pregnancy that will never result in the live birth of a child and can be life-threatening for the mother leading her to difficulties to have a child in the future. Foetal death is also one of complications. This is when the baby is still a foetus (less than 3 month) and dies inside a mother. The risk of stillbirth and death of the baby in the first week increases by a third if the mother smokes. The miscarriage is increased by 25% for a smoker. (“Effects on

    the mother and the pregnancy”, n.d.)

     Smoking is a bad habit and destroys our healthy and risks other people healthy as well. We should take care of ourselves and enjoy our life by quitting smoking fist. We should keep reminding ourselves how nice the life is without smoking.

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YU XIAO WEI December 21, 2010


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