Norway to Hide: A Passport to Peril Mystery

By Herman Stewart,2014-11-04 21:20
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Review"This series is a real winner!...Fantastic and hilarious." -- TheBestReviews.com Product `desc`riptionSure, Jackie Thum's newly published novel might not be Hemingway, but bad reviews from her fellow travelers have Emily Andrew's transgender ex-husband (Jackie was formerly Jack) steaming like a sauna. It's a dismal start to their Scandinavian tour, and group leader Emily is getting that sinking feeling in Helsinki: something fishy this way comes. When Jackie's most outspoken critic, a Floridian from a picture-perfect gated community called The Hamlets, is found dead, suspicion falls on Jackie -- who surprises everyone with an airtight alibi. But when another guest turns up dead, Emily realizes there is a killer hiding among them. Herrings, both red an Published by Pocket Books on 2007/10/30


    “I finished reading that rubbish you gave me last night. It was poorly written, cartoonish,and perverted. You don’t honestly expect people to buy something so stupid, do you?” Portiasneered.

    “Mean-spirited witch!” Jackie blasted her. “Didn’t your mother teach you that if you can’tsay something nice, don’t say it at all? I want my book back.”

    “Sorry. I performed a good deed before I left the hotel this morning: I threw it in thewastebasket to spare the next poor schmuck from having to read it.”

    “You threw my book in the trash?”

    Portia shrugged. “It’s exactly where it belongs.”

    Jackie puffed up with so much hot air that she looked like an inflatable sex toy. “Even withmy author