Using one of the five senses

By James Owens,2014-05-28 22:16
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Using one of the five senses

DALIP 22 February 2010

Using one of the five senses ,describe your

    home town/village in on paragraph.

I live in a town of Sialkot in “Pakistan”, where the people are very friendly and co-

    operative. At morning, the sensation of hearing is different because I live among the multi-cultural peoples where the bells of churches, temples and the sound from mosques signifies to wake up the people and call to mind them for prayer, simultaneously the voice of cockcrow, coo,coo,crow”.Old people get to gather to

    play card and gossips with each other’s. Children play and make a noise in the

    streets and sometimes fight with each other’s and create different sounds .Ladies

    stay at home to look after their children as well as the house. Every day we can listen different sounds of the hawkers who come in the street to sell their goods. At evening people come back from their work and they have fun with their children as well family and at night the watch man take care of the town people and make a slogan “ALL IS WELL”

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