Unit 4 Exploring plants

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Unit 4 Exploring plants

    Unit 4 Exploring plants



     第一节 单项填空!共15小题~每小题1分;满分15分,



     1Apples are usually sold by ________ weight and eggs are sometimes sold by ________ dozen.

     A. the; the B. /;a

     C. /; the D. the; a

     2Although punctual himself, the professor was quite used ________ late for his lecture.

     A. to have students B. for students‟ being

     C. for students to be D. to students‟ being

     3When people move to another country, they often try ________ the customs of their native land.

     A. to keep on B. to keep off

     C. to keep up D. keeping up

     4The experiment is of particular importance.

     I see. We will carry on with it ________ we can get enough money.

     A. unless B. though C. whether D. until

     5I think that this meal was well worth ________ was charged for it.

     A. that B. what C. which D. how many

     6________ all over the hills and around the lake are wild flowers of different kinds.

     A. To grow B. Growing C. Grown D. Grow

     7Although he sometimes loses his temper, his students like him ________ for it.

     A. not so much B. not so little

     C. no more D. no less

     8Professor Zhang gave all the textbooks to all the pupils, except ________ who had already taken them.

     A. these B. ones C. the ones D. the others

     9Do you think the reason ________ he gave is believable?

     A. for which B. which C. why D. what

     10________ he is ,he seldom shows his precious coins to others.

     A. Coin -collector as B. As a coin -collector

     C. A coin- collector as D. Coin- collector that

     1lFrom his ________ voice on the phone I know everything is going under way.

     A. satisfactory B. satisfying

     C. satisfied D. satisfaction

     12Does Bill do his new job well?

     ________ his old job. I‟m afraid there‟s no hope for him.

     A. Not better than B. No better than

     C. Not so well as D. Not as well as

     13—I‟m sorry, I shouldn‟t have been so rude to you.

     —You ________ your temper but that‟s OK.

     A. have lost B. had lost

     C. did lose D. were losing

     14Is the experiment easy?

     ________ . I‟ll just do my bit.

     A. I think so B. Certainly

     C. Not a little D. Anything but

     15Although he knew little about the large amount of work done in the field, he succeeded ________ other more well - informed experimenters failed.

     A. which B. that C. what D. where

     第二节 完形填空!共20小题~每小题1.5分;满分30分,



     Some plays are so successful that they run for years on end. In many ways, this is 16 for the poor actors who are required to go on repeating the sane

    17 night after night. One would

     18 them to know their parts by heart and 19 have cause to falter!结

    巴,.Yet 20 is not always the case.

     A famous actor in a 21 successful play was once cast in the role of an aristocrat 22 had been imprisoned in Bastille for twenty years. In the last acta gaoler!监狱长;看守,would always come on to the stage with a letter which he would hand to the prisoner. 23 the noble was expected to read

    the letter at each 24 ,he always insisted that it should be written out in full.

     One night, the gaoler decided to play a joke 25 his colleague to find

    out if, after so many performances, he had managed to learn the 26 of the

    letter by heart. The curtain went up on the final act of the play and revealed!使

    显露,the aristocrat sitting alone behind bars in his dark cell. Just thenthe gaoler

    27 with the precious letter in his hands. He entered the 28 and presented

    the letter to the aristocrat. But the copy he gave him had not been written out in

     29 as usual. It was simply a blank sheet of paper. The gaoler looked on eagerly, 3 0 to see if his fellow actor had at last learnt his lines. The noble stared at the blank sheet of paper for a few seconds. Thensquinting!眯着眼

    看,his eveshe said, “The light is 31 .Read the letter to me.”And he

    promptly handed the sheet of paper to the gaoler. 3 2 that he could not

    remember a word of the letter either, the gaoler replied“The light is indeed

    dimsir. I must get my 33 ”With this, he hurried off the stage. Much to the aristocrat‟s 34 the gaoler returned a few moments later with a pair of

glasses and the 35 copy of the letter which he proceeded!继续进行,to

    read to the prisoner.

     16A. fortunate B. unfortunate C. happy D. unhappy

     17A. lines B. words C. plays D. roles

     18A. want B. ask C. expect D. wish

     19A. always B. never C. sometimes D. often

     20A. such B. the thing C. one D. this

     21A. highly B. high C. poorly D. poor

     22A. where B. what C. which D. who

     23A. Because B. Even though C. When D. Though

     24A. play B. performance C. role D. case

     25A. with B. in C. on D. to

     26A. pages B. joke C. lines D. contents

     27A. appeared B. disappeared C. came out D. came in

     28A. room B. cell C. stage D. office

     29A. English B. French C. order D. full

     30A. worded B. surprised C. anxious D. afraid

     31A. bright B. dim C. dark D. out

     32A. To see B. To find C. Seeing D. Finding

     33A. glasses B. lines C. light D. letters

     34A. surprise B. satisfaction C. anger D. amusement