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     My New Year's resolution

    now, it's the year of 2011. i have some new plans for the new year .i'm going to study hard at school??i'm going to eat healthy.i'm going to exercise more to keep my bodyfit,furthermore, i'm going to help my parents more to do house chores. i like to wash the dishes.i'm going to eat more food.it's good for my health .finally .i hope i can get rid of all my problems

     vacation pians

     This year, I went to Beijing for vacation in July. Beijing is our capital. And it is very beautiful. There are many places of historic interest and scenic beauty.

    First day we went to the Great Wall, it was very long. Next day, we took the bus to the Palace Museum. The third day, we went to the Summer Palace, how beautiful was it. Last day, we went to the Museum of the Chinese Revolution. There were many old things.

     Happy Spring Festival

    My spring festival This year I have a happy spring featival with my family. On New Year's Eve,all the family people get together to have a big dinner in the resturant.During the dinner we have a small talk and play some games.We say some good hope to each other.For example,keep good healthe,try your best to do everything,have a good mood in this year,happy everyday and so on. Thanks to this spring festival,it make our family people get toghther.We enjoy ourselves and in the new year we all fighting.

     The way to get to school or work

     a Wonderful Trip

    This winter holiday, I went to Shanghai world expo, my family and I visited many exhibition hall, are very distinctive, but I like best is China's national museum, very rich Chinese features. We also tasted

    each country's food, it's very delicious. I have met a Spaniard, he will speak Chinese, but I have some couldn't understand, I am very happy to know him, he also invited me to his country. If I have the chance, I will also come to Shanghai.

     My subjects

    I'm a student in junior high, I have many learning subjects, math, English, Chinese, physics, politics, history, geography, biology. My favorite subject is English and Chinese, because I think they are very useful. I dislike most on geographical and political, too boring. Creatures are my strengths, because my mother is a doctor. I like to learn, can increase knowledge

     My dream job

     My dream is to become a hairstyle designer and to create fabulous and fashionable hairstyles for everyone. I've alwayse wanted to be a hairstyle designer ever since i was a child, perhaps it's because my dad is a hairstyle designer as well. I've been watching him working on his designs and drawings from time to time. It fascinates me! Apart from my father's influence, i am very interested in drawing and fashion as well. I think i can make my dream come true because I will work very hard for it.

     Differences between my brother and I

    I and my brother, difference is very big, first of all, he was a boy, he is very tall and strong, and I am a girl, I am very thin. Secondly, he has an adult, he has his own work, doctor, while I was still a junior high school student. The most important is, his children already and I almost big. My brother and I differences too much

     What I did last year

     My favorite star

    My favorite star is justin bieber,he was born in ;l.k,jmgbdcxsz

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