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By Lee Parker,2014-07-09 09:52
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Cafe Business Plan ...

    Cafe Business Plan We know that writing a Cafe Business Plan is probably not something you are looking forward to and we know that buying complicated software will not make the prospect any brighter!

    Therefore we have created a product that is different.

    Our Cafe Business Plan is about helping you build and grow your Cafe business. It is about helping

    you manage and grow your

    Our business plans include

    An Executive Summary for a Cafe Business Plan setting out

    ? Objectives

    ? Mission

    ? Keys to Success

    What start up costs you can expect for your Cafe business Examples of Products you may sell in your Cafe business Market Analysis for your Cafe business including

    ? What are the key issues affecting the market?

    ? Competition and Buying Patterns - Who will you be competing against?

    ? Who are your customers likely to be?

    Strategy and Implementation Summary for your Cafe business How you can promote your Cafe business including

    ? Your Marketing Strategy

    ? Your Pricing Strategy

    ? Your Promotion Strategy

    ? Your Distribution Strategy

    Management Summary for your Cafe business

    ? Are you suited to running your Cafe business? Your BUSINESSPLANNAME Strategic Plan including

    ? Setting out your SWOT analysis

    ? Financial Highlights

    ? Strategy Diary and timings

Writing a Cafe Business Plan is one of the most important tasks when starting or running your Cafe

    business .

    It will help you

    ? set targets

    ? collate all your ideas

    ? plan for the future of your enterprise, and

    ? verify that your idea for a Cafe business is realistic and workable.

    … and we will give you ideas for your Cafe business. We will add to your knowledge and help you

    in areas where you need help and support your ideas in others.

    The Cafe Business Plan is an essential tool in attracting funding to get started. It is a dynamic

    document that should be reviewed regularly in order to monitor and measure the performance of

    your business.

    The benefits of writing a Cafe Business Plan

    The Cafe Business Plan is principally for you and your business partners and it can help you to:

    ? Bring together your ideas and research into a structured format.

    ? Decide whether or when your business will be commercially viable.

    ? Clarify your business purpose to yourself and communicate it to any partners or staff.

    ? Predict future scenarios and pitfalls and address them before they threaten the success of

    your business.

    ? Set out the strategy for your business, and particularly your marketing strategy.

    ? Set targets and objectives, including sales and financial targets, so you can monitor your

    business' performance on an ongoing basis.

    All our products and free gifts (other than the free web-site) are editable MSWord and MSExcel

    documents; please ensure that you have the relevant programs. Our products are delivered, within

    24 hours of you placing your order, by e-mail. No software or hard copies are provided due to the

    prohibitive cost this would entail.

How to set up and run an Internet Cafe Business

    If you want to start an Internet cafe, The first thing you are going to need is a

    Business Plan. This plan enables you to obtain financing, and provides the

    following information: 1. Company Description 2. Product or Service 3. Market

    Analysis(You need to know your market, customer needs, where they are, how to

    reach them, etc.) 4. Strategy and Implementation 5. Management Team 6.

    Financial Plan 7. Executive Summary The second thing is Internet Software for

    managing time on the computers, and the third thing is merchant client software

    unless you will be cash only. All of this software is available free. See links under

    "things You'll Need" Capital investment is usually required, and usually not

obtainable through a business loan. Capital Investment can be obtained usually

    through Venture Capital and Angel Investers. Again, this is were the importance

    of a well done Business plan comes into play. Be prepared though to give up a

    percent of your new company, and to share in the management with your

    investors. That capital to infuse lifeblood into your CyberCafe comes with strings

    attached. For more information on how to apply for business grants see the

    following article:

    A person walking around any city in the world would be sure to find an internet café somewhere. The internet café is one of the establishments made indispensable in an increasingly

    interconnected world. Sometimes it leads one to wonder though: with the proliferation of wireless devices, notebook computers, mobile email, smart phones, portable digital assistants and other gadgets, what need is there for in internet café in a wireless world?

    Enter an internet café and usually the first thing one notice that more than half of the clientele are playing online or network games. There are more things to do in an internet café though, than surfing the net, playing online games and checking email. An internet café may also offer other services to its clients.

    The most common service offered is typing or encoding. This usually appeals to customers who are too lazy to type, or who have little no access to a computer. This service also appeals to busy people who don’t have time to type and edit their material. These customers would simply leave their work to be typed and pick it up after it is completed.

    An internet café can also provide specialized or sophisticated software to be available for use by its customers. These software may be kind that the hard to find, or expensive, or utilizes a large amount of memory. An example would be the high end design software that can go for a few

    thousand dollars per legal copy. The most common users of high end software in internet cafes are students who need access to the latest software for their schoolwork but can’t afford to buy them.

    Another service that an internet café can offer is photo editing. The client might have a picture that can be scanned or digitally edited, fixed up, or restored. While photo editing can be done at home, it takes time to do the more difficult or complicated jobs, and people would rather pay somebody to do the job properly rather that bungle it themselves. Video editing is also another service that can be offered by the internet café, in much the same way as photo editing.

    Internet cafés can also offer simple programming solutions. They can offer programs for the home offices or small business, like basic databases or inventory software. Alternatively, these clients can have their software fixed or updated by the techs in the café. The internet café may also offer program installation or software repair to pc or notebook owners.

The internet café may also offer workshops or lessons. These lessons may range from simple

    familiarization with the computer to more difficult subjects. One-on-one tutorials by the café staff

    may also be provided to clients who require the service.

The internet café can also offer to rent out equipment such as LCD projectors and video editing

    tools to events like weddings or presentations.

Some internet cafés have amenities that make them more like meeting places or boardrooms,

    where they offer videoconferencing, group discussion tables, and other facilities for meetings and

    group work.

    Getting A Good Location There are three important concepts in marketing: location, location and location. Location

    can be a boon or a bane. An Internet café business must be located in a place easily

    accessible to prospective customers. Prospective customers are basically everybody

    students doing their projects or research, gamers who’re dying to have the most superior

    scores, people whose relatives or loved ones are at abroad and find it very convenient

    communicating with them through chat and email and let’s not forget those who have

    sugar-daddies offshore.

    The first prospective location to look out for is where you’re currently residing. Look around your area—do you think it’s feasible to build one in your neighborhood? Do you

    think that people in your area have habitual routines of going to an Internet café but it’s

    just too far? Do you think there are gamers and would-be gamers? Do you think that

    majority of people in your neighborhood would get a kick out of your Internet shop?

    If your answer to all of these is yes, then go build your Internet Café shopeither right

    on your garage or right beside your house. Otherwise you just have to go out and hunt for

    a prospective location and prepare extra bucks for the rental fees. Most of these locations

    should be highly-strategical and very much accessible by a lot of people. In other

    words,they have to be heavy in “foot-traffic”. Examples are near schools and malls.

    Mall rates and conditions varies depending on the mall itself. It is better if you go directly

    to the mall’s general manager and inquire. Have your own letter of intent ready. Usually

    they are contract-basis and always renewable.

    Site Planning and Construction

    At first I’ve got no idea how I want my internet cafe shop to look like. To solve this case, I went on spying to other internet shops around to gather ideas. Most of them have all

    glass doors out front either sliding or push/pull mechanism. With regards to tables, some

    have their tables constructed in an extended-style while some are individually constructed. Even the lazier internet cafe owners just bought themselves read-made ones which I think are more expensive. If I were you, I’ll go for the first option which is have them constructed manually. I opted for individual tables instead of the elongated style. My reason? To modify space easily and the ease of moving them around. I had them for just 800 pesos each.

    A typical table is like 4-5 feet high. To check this, simply sit on a char and estimate the measurement using a ruler. Tell your carpenter or whoever is making your tables to put a simple horizontal foot-rest at the bottom. Then make sure that the keyboard and mouse would rightly fit on the flat where the future customer would lay his/her hands on to surf the cyberspace. I also recommend that you put the CPU on top of the table instead of right beside the monitor. Reason? So that the eyes of the customer won’t divert towards the CPU and won’t do anything stupid in it. They’ll just simply concentrate on the

    monitor,keyboard and mouse.

    As with chairs, it’s up to you if you want to start out first with monoblock chairs(I did) or you could go straight with comfortable but pricey ones.

    There should be a seperate table for the cashier. Either you have it manually constructed or just buy a ready-made. As for me,I was already lazy for it so I just opted for a ready-made. It has drawers with locks where I’ll put the money and some important files. A computer should also be placed here because that’s where you or your employee sits to

    manage the billing and also a printer and a scanner should also be placed right on that table. The modem and the router/switch hub should also be near this table. If they no longer fit on the table, you can just improvise by placing a small piece of plywood punched against the wall beside your table and then place your modem and router/switch hub. When a technician from your preferred Internet Service Provider(ISP) arrives and asks you where to put the modem,tell him to place it right near your table. Your floor should be covered with thick vinyl tilesnot the roll-up one that easily gets

    teared. Thick vinyl tiles are not just durable. you could also mop it easily and sweep it with ease.

    A good electrical wiring is essential. A good electrical bill relies on how good the wiring was set up by your chosen electrician. Plan on how many electrical outlets to put around your shop and then make sure that they are near to where your computers will be placed. It’s up to you if you want to have an airconditioner in the first place. As with me, I never

    had one in my shop when I started out. I know that based from the experiences of others, airconditioners eat up most of the energy and it’s responsible of how high the electric bill is. So instead, I just had a big exhaust fan installed and some wall electricfans as well. Make sure that the switches of this appliances such as the fans should not be accessible to the customers or else,it might give them the right to turn them on and off. For the front, you should have a good signage. You should give bypassers that you are an internet cafe and how cozy it is inside. Have a panaflex with your internet cafe’s name

printed on it. Posters can help toofor example,posters of online games and computer

    related images. You should also post the list of services you offer inside.Make sure that

    you really lure them.You are projecting a lasting impression here.


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