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FSC Coatings

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TWP is the #1 Rated wood treatment system in North America based on the work of Texas

    Forestry Products Laboratory (Texas A & M) and the top U.S. consumer magazine. Each TWP product is custom formulated for a specific set of uses with great degrees of overlap of use between product lines. Each TWP product offers maximum protection from sunlight (UV), moisture absorption & loss, organic growth and general wood surface degradation. Most oil-based, pigmented TWP products are transparent for minimal hiding of the wood grain or maximum "grain reveal". Except for the 100 Series and original 300 Series TWP’s, all of the other TWP products are VOC compliant in California. Call FSC Coatings, Inc. for

    information & ordering: 800-579-8458.

    TWP Systems Summary

     Product Name Series Solids Major Uses

    Original TWP 100 33-45% New & aged wood--siding & fences; meets AIM


     Note: 100 Series is an EPA registered preservative.

    TWP Shake & Shingle 200 94-97% Shake & shingle roofing (some as siding or fencing).

TWP Deck & Furniture 300 62-65% New & aged hardwoods and softwood decks, boats,

     doors, windows, siding & fencing; develops ―gloss

    varnish look" in multiple coats. Great choice for Hardwoods

    & Douglas Fir. Can be catalyzed for window, door,

    furniture & marine applications. VOC =350 g/l.

     300QD 74-76% Quick Dry version of 300 Series. Enviro- friendly,

    meets new California V0C @ 250g/l. Using an enhanced,

    state-of- the-art resin system, 300 QD spreads further and

    provides improved protection over standard 300 Series

    while exhibiting superior dry. ―Ultimate UV Pkg option.

    TWP Gold Label 400 62-65% New & aged decks; new & aged smooth siding where

     low sheen & low film build is desired.

    TWP II 500 62-65% Aged siding & fences -- rough or smooth including

     shakes & shingles as siding.

    Water-borne TWP W-100 39-41% Semi-Transparent & full body stain for siding, fences,

     some roofing & decks (prime with 2 coats Mildew Sealer) SA-1000 Silicone Poly Plus 58-65% Spectacularly beautiful, high performance topcoat

     for w/‖Ultiimate UV” Pkg critical applications including wood doors & windows interior

     & exterior cabinets & furniture, and boats where extra


     strength & faster dry times are required. Satin or gloss.

“Ultimate UV Technology” – Scientific Breakthrough!

    While standard in the SA-1000 and 300 & 300 Designer Series, the ―Ultimate UV

    Technology” is available as an option for all other 300 & 300 QD Products. After over 12 years of development and scientific testing, we have determined that the ―Ultimate UV

    Package‖ adds an incredible 30-60% of additional life and color retention to the life of the

    SA-1000, 300 & 300 QD systems a monumental achievement.

     Selection For Aged Wood Applications TWP

    For aged wood, our TWP products with highly refined paraffin oils (200 Series TWP SHAKE & SHINGLE, 400 Series TWP Gold Label or 500 Series TWP) minimize cracking and cupping while offering the added dimensions of increased abrasion resistance and water repellency. The paraffin oil facilitates tremendous TWP penetration into the wood with 0.1"-1" penetration common on aged cedar or redwood. This oil presence deep in the wood helps "relax the wood fibers" by enabling the fibers to regain their original shape (rebulking the fiber). The only drawback to these paraffin based systems is slower dry which must be recognized when coating aged decks. TWP Gold Label is the common selection for new & aged decks; TWP 500 Series is commonly used on aged siding & fencing; and TWP Shake & Shingle is routinely used on shake & shingle roofs. The TWP Shake & Shingle performance is the strongest in the industry and is appropriately rated as the #1 wood roofing coating system by TEXAS A&M's

    famed Forest Products Lab with 15 years of testing to backup that ranking.

    If positive dry is required on aged wood, original TWP (100 Series) or TWP Deck & Furniture (300 Series) should be considered. Doors, wood windows, high traffic walking decks, outdoor furniture and boat decks are all candidates for these TWP systems with TWP Deck & Furniture being the highest performance alternative. In multiple coats, the TWP Deck & Furniture will develop a mar- resistant, high gloss, "varnish look" finish in a variety of stain colors. TWP

    Deck & Furniture lasts longer than any varnish available on the market today and is the

    recommended system for all hardwoods -- especially for wood doors and windows. Use of

    UH-1000 Super Catalyst with the 300 Series will increase scratch resistance & hardness while decreasing dry times.

The pigmented and clear SA-1000 Silicone Poly Plus with UH-1000 Super Catalyst are

    recommended as topcoats over 300 Series for door, window, boat and furniture where

    maximum finish quality and faster recoat times are desired. The SA-1000 Silicone Poly Plus

    can be used as a stand-alone system in multiple coats for furniture, doors, windows, cabinets and so forth. When catalyzed, the SA-1000 system can be used on floors, countertops, tabletops and similar applications with a satin or piano-quality gloss finish.

New Wood Protection Alternatives

    For new wood, adding oil to re-bulk the wood fibers is not normally a major concern. Therefore, TWP Deck & Furniture (300 & 300 QD) and TWP (100 Series) are excellent choices for most new wood applications including decks, trim, doors, hardwood boat surfaces, furniture and siding applications. Prior to application, all surfaces must be scuff sanded to open the grain

    for penetration. TWP Deck & Furniture is very effective as a beautiful semi-gloss "varnish look" finish on hardwoods & softwoods alike -- new or aged. Recently reformulated, the cost effective, 100 Series TWP has a long, 20 year history of performance on a wide variety of


    applications with its real strength being siding and fencing uses. Also consider SA-1000 as topcoat with 300 Series TWP used for stain colors.