an unforgettable incident

By Manuel Armstrong,2014-05-28 22:06
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an unforgettable incident

YU XIAO WEI October 10, 2010

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     An unforgettable incident

     There are lots of things happened to us everyday. Some of them are nothing special, while some might make you unforgettable and always recall you when you are in some special occasions. I witnessed such an event Chinas earthquake on 12nd of Aug. 2008 in Sichuan

    province. It is the most unforgettable happening in my life and reminds me to cherish life whatever situation I will be in.

    This unexpected huge natural disaster has caused more than ten thousands of death and loss of countless treasure. One disaster scene I went called Du jiangyan (a city) was damaged entirely including buildings, roads, such public facilities, which will certainly take ages of intensive capital and hard work to rebuild. The whole city was buried under ruins. Plus, there were an outage of power, water and food. At night the darkness surrounded the destroyed city, together with the crying and screams either from survivors still under the ruins or from

YU XIAO WEI October 10, 2010

    those who just lost their relatives formed a extremely tragic picture, which deeply touched my inner emotion.

    The rescue faced enormous difficulty and I was deeply moved. Without power and relevant tools and the messy scene the rescue became pretty tough. The bodies could be seen wherever you went with various position, looks and shape. Some went without heads or legs, internal organs outside body exposed the strong sunlight and sent out rotten smell. While those did not beat Chinese people, they volunteered whatever they could to the rescue. They devoted their physical strength, talent, food, clothing or even money to rescue, which really helped the rescue a lot and made me feel the power of love and being touched. Like there is saying goes: love is something we can not do without in our life, l surely believe it.

    Disaster is ruthless, life is so weak but I was told that I must cherish life to accomplish something worthwhile instead of being a, I tried struggling for pursuing breakthroughs in my life after the disaster and something accomplished I was invited to apply for

    an opportunity of studying abroad. And only two weeks later, I was

    thvoted. I did clearly remember the beginning- on 15 of October 2008-

YU XIAO WEI October 10, 2010

    when I came to Cyprus I could not speak English at all. I realized that it would be a waste of time and money if I could not face such tough situation and go through them. Then, I determined to absorb myself in study. I did not go to sleep until 2 or 3 oclock every day in midnight.

    Now, I have already made a big progress in English and I will keep up the good work in the rest of my life.

    The big disaster means a lot to me. I surely know that whatever situation I face is not as tough as that disaster I experienced. All I need to do is to overcome difficulty and wisely use time. Put it another way, I am going to take the most unforgettable incident in my life -that disaster- as a stronger reminder whenever I am in trouble.

     Xiaowei Yu

    th 10 October, 2010

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