Face to Face sales techniques

By Katherine Bailey,2014-04-22 20:02
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Face to Face sales techniques

    Face to Face sales techniques

    How to significantly improve your possibility of selling more by using a

    psychological approach to the sales process

    Recent advances in applied psychology have given us the opportunity to be much better at selling by improving on a range of relationship skills. This course will provide a different approach and a process that really works. It will help you master techniques that is particularly effective when long term relationships are sort or when the purchasing decision

    may take time. As many of the techniques used are new and quite different in their approach the course will benefit new and experienced

    sales staff. Many of the techniques can be used for telephone selling.

Participants attending this course will be able to:

    ; Understand and be able to apply a process to all sales meetings ; Be able to demonstrate 3 methods of building better long term

    relationships with customers

    ; Be able to demonstrate closing techniques enhanced with the correct

    body language and voice pattern.

    ; Be able to avoid and be able to explain personal distracters ; Apply the latest psychological research to improve sales performance.

The Programme

SESSION ONE Mastering the process Part one

    ; Being able to master the four components of the sale process ; Demonstrations and practice of the techniques

    ; Role pay to fine tune the process

SESSION TWO Mastering the process Part two -


; Decision making two different approaches to buying - practice

    ; Goal focus or problem avoidance practice

    ; What make the buyer comfortable -practice

SESSION THREE Preparation for the sales meeting

    ; Keeping and using key client information cards

    ; The importance of the first meeting Alan Pease video Clip

    ; Adopting the “James Bond approach” to get attention and be

    remembered.-Video Clip

    ; Use and mastery of matching body language

SESSION FOUR Practice and maintaining the relationship

    ; The reciprocation rule

    ; Using and updating client cards

    ; Q&A

    ; How will you measure your success?


    Many practical tips that you won’t find in a book. Very participative and

    interactive. Use of appropriate video clips to re inforce key messages. Those participating will be able to master the techniques at each step of the process.


    Tony Miller PhD, CFIPD, FinstAM, CMPM, MRSH, has spent most of his international career in business consulting, training and development, working in public and private sectors.

    His first degree is in engineering, after changing careers his second degree Masters and Doctorate are in Industrial Psychology. His experience as an International management performance consultant has enabled him to work at strategic level with Government, national committees, Financial Regulators, on EU projects and with blue chip companies worldwide. He has appeared on television and in a number of documentaries, and directed the EU video “Model for European Business Success”. He is the author of numerous published articles in professional journals and joint author of three professional psychology reports on achieving productivity improvements in organizations. He featured regularly in Croners publications as expert opinion.

    In the last few years he has had five management books published, two of which have proved to be best sellers and are translated into Chinese. His work on improving organizational performance has been well documented in the professional press, including the Times Newspaper. Well traveled, he has worked in most EU countries, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Kula Lumpur, the Middle East with Petrol chemical companies for the past decade, UK in the financial services sector, Australia, and has worked in America where he lived for two years and acted as a specialist consultant for a number of successful corporations most of which are household names and one, a Smithsonian award winner. Thought by his clients to be leading edge, and practical- a rare combination.

His ability to continually create outstanding performance though people

has resulted in a number of training videos being commissioned which he

is scheduled to make in 2005

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