About iOS5, 3 Highlight Apps Released

By Kathy Flores,2014-10-21 12:15
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This article provides you three headline apps in iOS 5 released today by Apple in

    Apple Released iOS5 Today, Recommends 3 Headline Apps

    I bought my iPad2 last year, when almost all friends around are taking about it. Almost every colleague is sharing the interesting Apps no matter iPhone, iPad or iTouch users, it seems that the Apple gadgets are not only a tool but a

    signification of fashion. How does Apple make it? Change the whole world, turning around peoples eyes on clothing and

    jewelry to electronics? The global lament for Steve Jobs Death several days ago proved that Yes, he made it, Apple changes

    the world.” Today, according to the report held by Jobs in June, the last one, Apple released the latest operating system after 4.3.5, iOS5 to Apple fans, which is suitable and available for my iPad2 of course and even the original iPad, not to mention iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4G, iPhone 4GS and iTouch 3 and 4., who is one of the lead suppliers of electronics and

    gadgets, would like to recommend the top 5 headline Apps to the gadget lovers.

    First of all, iCloud

    As one of the marquee

    features of Apple

    gadgets, iCloud has

    been widely read by

    fans, while it shows off finally today, which is a system that allows Apple users to store the things they need -- from messages to music, documents to downloads -- on Apple's own servers in the so-called "cloud" of the Internet. Gone are the days when you stored something on the hard drive of your laptop, and were frustrated when you needed it but didn't have it with you. Its really good not me, because I was frustrated by storing countless pictures and videos recorded during my daily life. Now, iCloud makes it!

Secondly, iMessage

    With iMessages, Apple gives

    you an instant messaging

    solution that works between

    any iOS device, including

    iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

    You can instantly share text, photos, or videos. Messaging is free over Wi-Fi, but carrier charges may apply if you're using the app over 3G, whose brilliance lies in its sleeper execution. Upon completing the "To" field in the new message, a query is sent to the mothership asking if the recipient supports iMessage. If the receiving party can, their contact (and subsequent message) bubbles are garnished in blue. If not,


    appear green.

    Is that magic?

    Come to text

    to me now!



    One of my favorite games playing in iPad2 is Veggie Samurai, slashing vegetables into pieces can really release some pressures when lying in my sofa after whole-day business. While sometimes when I’m playing in the peak, there will be

    some pop messages to inform me to upgrade or continue some apps. Instead of interrupting the front-most task, incoming

alerts now present themselves with an unobtrusive banner

those cube-flips from the top of the device. No more pop ads

are really available for apple users.

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