Perseus in my eyes

By Kelly Simmons,2014-05-28 19:56
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Perseus in my eyes

    Perseus in my eyes

    艾宇 序号: 30 (2010090124)

    After watching the movie The clash of Titans, I have got something

    about Perseus. Although as the son of Zeus, Pursues was not like other Zeus’s sons. He was abandoned since he was born. Luckily, he was adopted by a kind mortal couple. With the time goes by, Perseus grew and became a handsome man. However, at that time, gods were the king who ruled both the sky and human beings. Mortals lived a hard life controlled by the gods. And the revolt to the gods was inevitable though the mortals

    power was limited. When the mortals would be punished by the gods. Maybe nobody expected that Perseus would become the hero to save the human beings.

    In my eyes, Perseus was a brave man who has strong sense of responsibility. Although he had the chance to survive as the son of Zeus, he chose to sacrifice himself to rescue the mortals. The way was not easy to fight with the gods, Perseus had overcome many difficulties. Finally he made it. The god was defeated by him.

    I think that I can learn a lot from Perseus. A strong determination can defeat anything that seems hard to overcome. As a demigod, it seemed that he was not able to defeat the gods. But he did it. So we can see that nothing is impossible.

    As for the true love, Perseus was a faithful man, who loved Eve

deeply, and he was fortunate to meet the woman who loved him and

helped him a lot. The love of them was romantic.

In a word, Perseus was a great hero in my eyes.

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