jump rope game

By Clara Harper,2014-08-18 21:20
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jump rope game


Jump rope games 跳绳

    Jump rope games have always been popular in countries around the world. In the past, children usuallly played with a long traditional rope.

    Today many children use a plastic jump rope rather than a traditional rope.

    Another version of a jump rope game is played with rubber bands connected together to make a long, special jump rope. This version is played in many countries, including China.

    Rubber Band Rope Jumping(绳跳橡皮筋)

    Rubber band jumping was popular in my primary school which was only for girls. This game can help you to practice your jumping skills, develop coordination, and also meet lots of friends.

    Rubber-band jumping is a low cost game. You only need some rubber bands. We looped rubber bands together tightly until we had a larger one (You can select the length you like). When we got three persons together, we could start our game.

    Here's how we played this special jump rope game

    ; Two persons stood opposite each other and extended the rubber band.

    ; One player jumped and stood on one side of the rubber band, carrying the

    two sides together.

    ; Then she jumped again and made the two sides separate.

    ; Then she jumped again into the middle of the rubber-band and after that she

    jumped outside it.

    ; If we finished these steps without any mistakes, we started the next level.

    As the game continued, the level of jumping got higher and higher. There were four jumping levels: ankle high, knee high, waist high, and under the shoulder. More and more girls tried to jump and we competed as teams. The game was fun, and I think it taught us competition and cooperation.

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