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一、听力 30%

    A. 1.What day is it today?

     2. Congratulations! You are the winner in the high jump.

     3. Excuse me, could you tell me the way to the bookshop?

     4. How are you, Miss Gao?

     5. Hello, may I speak to Tom?

     6. Its so expensive. Will that be one-way or a round trip? B. 7. His father returned yesterday afternoon.

     8. Kate is going to the park with me instead of Susan.

    9. You mustnt eat anything until you see the doctor.

     10. If you are waiting for a bus, you must wait in a queue.

     11. We went there by bus in about an hour.

     12. The children will have a new teach in their class. C. 13. M: Do you know Mike very well, Mary?

     W:Yes, I do. We used to be good friend, but now we dont even talk to each other.

     14. M: You seem to be worried. What the matter with you, Susan?

     W: I lost my cell phone, and I cant find it anywhere.

     15. M: Jill, have you been to Qingdao?

     W: Yes, I have.

     M:What do you think of Qingdao?

     W: Very beautiful, and I want to live there all my life.

     16. W:Hi, Bruce! Where have you been these days?

     M: Ive been to Honolulu.

     W: What did you go there for?

     M: I went there to see my uncle.

     17. W: Jack, do you like water sports?

     M: Yes, very much.

     W: Which do you like best?

     M: I like swimming best, and I often swim in the river.

     18. W: Is your telephone number 3576802?

     M: No, thats Anns phone number, mine is 3576802.?

     19. M: May I borrow the book, Alice?

     W: Sorry, Mike, Youd better ask Bob. Its his.

     20. M: When shall we go to Beijing, today or tomorrow?

     W: Tomorrow.

    答案?1-6. AACABB

     7-12 CBBCAC

     13-20 BBCBCCBA

     21-30 latest reports explain loved age asked prepared weekly another glass

    二、单项选择 15%

    1-5. C C D B C

    6-10 . A B A B C

    11-15. B A A B C

    三、句型转换 5%

     1. cant she

    2. Stop making

    3. if/whether won

     4. Whats like

     5. cant either

    四、完成句子 5% to taking around

     2. this way

     3. sunny raining

     4. presenters with

     5to listen wanted help

    五、补全对话 5%

     1. What are you going to do?

     2. Can I go with you?

     3. No, I dont. / I dont like it at all.

     4. Our teacher teaches us a lot in PE lessons.

     5. Do you like sports?/ Do you often do sports?

    六、完形填空 10%

     1-5 ADCBB

     6-10 BCAAA

    七、阅读理解 15%

    (A) 1-5. CBDAC

    (B) 1. Because Bernard went to their school and he has become very successful.

     2. He enjoyed his time at school It was a good school.

     3. He started presenting music shows for his school radio station.

     4. When he was 17.

     5. He worked on the university radio station in his free time. (C) 1-5 . TFFTF

    八、综合填空 10%

     1.drinks 3.helps 4.way 5.necessary

     6.what 7.faster 8.warn 9.found 10. much

    九、书面表达 5%

    Dear mother,

     Thank you for having a birthday party for me this year. Since you are a teacher, you are always busy with your teaching,

    even though you are busy and tiredd, you never forget my birthday. Thank you for not only the party but also the cake you

    made. It is the most delicious cake I have ever had. In return for this , Ill study even harder.



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