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netWeek 9_SVubd

Week 9 Discussion

    Objectives of this lesson:

    ; Relate your results to your research question

    ; Relate your results to the research of others

    ; Review the consistency of your findings to the literature review

Part A Sample format of the ‘Discussion & Implications’ section

    1) state writers’ overall ‘position’ on RQ & findings - Are the findings consistent with literature review ?

    Is it the same as the 2) repeat finding 1, & discuss relevance to RQ

    assumptions (value,

    definitions, culture, 3) repeat step 2 for findings 2 and 3, & discuss relevance to RQ

    description, etc.) in your

    literature or your daily 4) summarize writers’ overall position on your RQ.


    5) explain why your findings are important to communication at work

    6) demonstrate how findings may be applicable to everyday life.

Throughout the discussion, writer should develop a convincing and

    detailed answer to the RQ using their own voice.

    Example 1

    How important is it to know about each colleague’s personality in an organization?

    Findings Discussion & implications

    1. Importance of knowing each other’s ; Everyone ________ that knowing

    personality each other’s personality was

    Trying to relate to ; Having more frank and open ________ to the organization.

    what have been dialogue ; It helps people to

    written in the ; Knowing more about individual _____________________________

    literature review. expectation _____________________________.

    ; Encouraging amicable working ; These data ___________ what

    environment Richmond & McCroskey (2005)

    mentions that being acquainted with

    1 LS 22191_Sem A_2010

    the characteristics of your colleagues

    is an indication of the success of an


    2. Healthy culture to do community work ; The supervisors and subordinates ; Visiting some local elderly ___________________________ Relating to the

    centres monthly to practice team during the process of doing voluntary previous

    spirit work. research.

    ; Understanding colleagues’ ; It assists to break the ________

    weaknesses and strengths difference.

    ; Alleviating status difference ; These results are consistent with the

    previous studies (John, 2009).

    ; Setting up family-friendly practice and

    having a healthy organizational

    culture dedicate to the meaningful

    office relationship (Acuff & Wood,


    3. Close relationship between subordinate ; Having a close relationship with your and supervisor subordinates contribute __________ It’s some ; Very sure how the supervisor ________________ and colleagues information that

    handles everything will treat the managers or supervisor you didn’t ; Asking for advice from the as ________________ and respect mention in the

    supervisor all the time them all the time. LR but now

    father-son-relationship ; Business today is looking to create a you’ve collected ; Treat everything equally system that enhances colleagues to it via your

    collaborate with each other including interviewees.

    the boss and the supervisor equally

    since it will develop everyone’s

    potential completely (Glaser, 2005).

Example 2

    Findings Discussion & implications

    1. Choice of Communication Channel is affected by the status

    because of job nature

    For senior staff,

     Communicate with boss in person. (direct approach)

    2 LS 22191_Sem A_2010

     Communicate with subordinate through phone /

    email. (indirect approach)

     For junior staff,

     Communicate with boss through phone / email.

    (indirect approach)

     Communicate with subordinate in person. (direct


    2. Senior staff has no communication problem with different

    status whereas junior staff does

     No problem when communicate with different status people

     Higher education level

     Many experiences

     Good communication skills is essential in the management


    3. Communication channels affect the quality of communication

     Face-to-face communication is always used for important


     Collecting feedback through indirect method may not

    always reflect the truth.

    Summarize your position on your RQ and explain why your findings

    are important to communication at work and everyday life.

Useful expressions

    1. … and … also supports the positive effects …

    2. Previous studies (XXX, 2009) showed the positive effect of … while the present study would seen to extend the

    positive effects of touch …

    3 LS 22191_Sem A_2010

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