Conclusion of our pairwork

By Diana Harrison,2014-06-12 20:00
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Conclusion of our pairwork

    Conclusion of our pairwork

Members ;王静 冯冬卫 冯兰兰 肖潇

    宋佳 钱葛婷 陈頔

    Topic ; The difference between welfare system in the United states and China.

    Welfare in the united states commonly refers tothe

    federal government welfare programs that have been put in place to assist the unemployed or underemployed. Help is extended to the poor through a variety of government welfare programs the include Medicaid .the woman.infants and children program. And aid to families with dependent children.

     The history of welfare in the US started long before the government welfare programs we know were created. Throughout the 1800’s welfare history continued when there were attempts to reform know the government dealt with the poor.Some changes tyied to help the poor move to work rather than continuity to need assistance.When the great depression hit. Many families suffered. It’s estimated the one-fourth of the labor force was unemployed durying the most part of the depression. With the development of society. Welfare history continued to be made in 1996 president Bill Clinton signed the personal responsibility and opportunity reconciliation act. Under the act. Many acknowledge it has been successful. It’s concludes unemployed insurance,

    worker’s compensation program, state disability insurance,

    food stamp, school lunch program, home energy assistance

    program, public low income housing, medicial and In home support service .But it’s recorded that people in American not satisfaied to their welfare.

     Welfare system in China consists of five main parts. They are the system of medicial insurance.The old-age insurance system. Unemployment insurance benefits. Compulsory education special policies for certain people.There still exist some programs. The growth of the medical insurance is lower than GDP’s. The personal expense is still too high. In China. The illiterate scale has increase from nearly 8 in 1949 to less than 10 in 2000. In

    Americia. 12 years’compulsory education. But 9 years in China. So there are so many programs for China to overcome. We should learn advanced welfare system from developing countries.

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