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    ( )1.Wu Rui likes keeping clean very much. She _______ a bath twice a week.

     A.takes B.take C.have D.washes

    ( )2.Wang Yanbo’s mother is fond of _______.

     A.cook B.cooker D.cooked

    ( )3.Why _______ go out for a walk after supper?

     A.don’t B.didn’t C.not D.doesn’t

    ( )4.Hobbies can _______ us happiness, friendship and knowledge, so we have hobbies.

     A.get B.take C.took D.bring

    ( )5.—What’s your hobby?

    I _______ listen to music, but now I enjoy dancing. used to B.used to used D.use to

    ( )6.Mr. Wu is sitting _______ Miss Zhang. front B.front of the front of front of

    ( )7.Our English teacher is _______ and never _______ to us, so we like her very much.

     A.funny; friendly B.funny; unfriendly; friend; unfriendly

    ( )8.His mother taught him _______ and read.

     A.write B.writing write D.writes

    ( )9.I have an _______ reading book. Are you _______ in it?

     A.interesting; interesting B.interesting; interested

     C.interested; interesting D.interested; interested

    ( )10.I don’t know _______ he will come or not tomorrow.

     A.that B.when C.what D.whether


    AnnWhats your favorite sport?

    BenWell, 11._______________. But now I like playing basketball.

    AnnCould you please tell me what you like to eat(

    BenEr, I like fish and eggs. But I dont eat any meat!


    BenOh, yes. I love vegetables.


    BenNo, I never drink wine(). I think its very bad for my health.


    BenI drink a lot of milk. 15._______________.

    AnnBoth milk and juice are good for our bodies.

     ?. 完形填空。!10分,

    What do you do at the weekend? Some people like to 16 at home, but others like to go

     17 a walk or play football. My friend Jack works hard in a factory during(在……期间) the

     18 . At the weekend, he always 19 the same things. On Saturday he 20 his car and on 21 he goes with his family to a village by car. His uncle and aunt have a farm there. It isnt a 22 one but theres always 23 to do on the farm. The children help with the animals and give them their 24 . Jack and his wife help in the fields(田地). At the end of the day, they are all 25 and Jacks aunt gives them a big meal. ( ) C.stay D.enjoy

    ( ) B.for

( ) B.time C.autumn D.week

    ( )19.A.does B.makes C.borrows D.has

    ( ) B.drives C.sells D.washes

    ( )21.A.Monday B.Sunday C.Saturday D.Wednesday ( )22.A.small B.big C.hard D.short

    ( )23.A.much B.little D.far

    ( )24.A.clothes B.places D.water

    ( )25.A.clean B.late C.hungry D.friendly

    ?. 阅读理解。


    Hi, Im David Xiang. Im an English teacher, and also a basketball fan. But I used to be a movie fan when I

    was a student. My interests are changing all the time with my age.

    I used to like reading story books. I wasnt interested in music at all and seldom talked with my workmates

    when I began to work. But now my hobbies are listening to music, chatting on the Internet, and often telling jokes

    in the office. I used to know little about sports. But now I like watching all kinds of sports games with my wife, so

    I know a lot of news and knowledge about sports.

    I never miss any NBA basketball match. Do you share my interests? Let’s be friends and tell me something about your hobbies. My e-mail address is david 9568


    Used to Now Reason

    a movie fan 36._____________ David

    37._____________ 38._____________ Xiang 40._____________

    watch all kinds of 39._____________ sports games

    ?. 词汇。!10分,

    (A)根据句意及首字母提示补全单词。 (B)根据句意及汉语提示填空。

    1.He often goes swimming during summer v_______. 6.The children can learn a lot of _______ (知识) on 2.My favorite pet is a cat. Because it’s funny and TV.

    l_______. 7.Which do you prefer, reading or _______ (绘画)?

    3.Chatting on the Internet can bring us happiness and 8.I think pigs are really very _______ (愚蠢的).

    f_______. 9.His face looks very black and _______ (丑陋的), 4.Who taught you to swim? but his heart is very kind and beautiful. N_______. I taught myself. 10.Hobbies help people relax after their _______ (

    5.Whats your hobby? 常的) work.

    I like c_______ coins very much.

    ?. 句型转换。!5分,

     11.I often go fishing in my spare time.?对画线部分提问,

    _______ do you often _______ in your spare time? 12.I like playing computer games because it is very interesting.?同上,

    _______ _______ you like playing computer games? 13.I enjoy listening to music.?同义句转换,

    I am _______ _______ listening to music.

     14.The stamps are very beautiful.?改为感叹句, _______ _______ stamps!

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