Places of transportation and connection, creating and experiencing

By Judith Jenkins,2014-08-28 17:34
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Places of transportation and connection, creating and experiencing

Domus Academy, Master in Design Program 2004 “report”

    Hypereality Contemporary Space From Metamorphosis to New Development

Project Leader Fabrizio Lepore

    Assistant Luca Buttafava

    Team Members Oliver Aron Steiner, Pichaya Suphavanij, Yu-Chien Tsai, Zeynap Ece Cenker

    Student Oliver Aron Steiner

Title LINK

    Subtitle Connect to yourself before connecting to others.

Target To create a solution to change the situation of “dead transport places”, under

    used spaces where people visit during the course of the day with the intention of leaving for their destinations as soon as possible.

    Diagnosis Stressed, agressive, busy, over-worked people, who have no connection to other people and to the place.

    Solution People have to connect to themselves before they can connect to others and to the surrounding. LINK uses the human senses to create the self-connection with the following functions: Comforting massage, therapuetic aromas, relaxing sounds, visually stimulation.

    Shape The round, organic shape covers the people inside and gives them a safe feeling. The form of LINK gives the places a higher value in a monumental way.


    The Experience Due to its round shape, the product creates a separate location in the space where it is placed. As a user enters Link, he starts a vertical beam of light that either shines onto the ceiling or keeps reaching up into the sky, and thus, creates a connection between inside and outside environments. The carriage disc in front of the user is for his luggage/belongings. The disc and the round platform at the middle rotate in a speed that enables the user to enter or exit Link at will. The user feels a comfortable temperature radiating from a massaging band as he steps up on the platform. And finally when he leans on the band, he’ll feel the massage vibrations. Emotional sounds of nature and therapeutic aroma create a soothing, calm, and restful surrounding. In case of outdoor use of Link, the users can see the sky or watch the stars and relax with the view.

Relationship to the Surrounding Besides the internal functions, once the user steps

    outside, there are elements that generate relationships between the product and the surroundings. The added elements are placed in the same framework. For example, text projected onto the floor as a series of animated rings interacts with people and places. Each ring corresponds to one person already inside. The rings of text carry messages of wisdom in accordance with the theme, “Connecting to Yourself”.

    Trend People use link not just when there need a regeneration there use it also when there are alredy relaxt because it is a trendy lifestile.

    Connection When n individual can feel safe and relaxed, he is more prone to interact with those around him, which turns the place into one where it is possible to be active. The place becomes a location to go to, rather than pass through. When enlivened by people, these places become locations, which are visited for a specific reason. For using Link, or for other occasions during all hours of the day.

Give Life to the city Link shows with the lights where there is Life in the city

Conclusion To create a solution to change the situation of “dead transport places”, it is

    necessary to first change the stressed and negative feelings of people that go to these places. When people can connect to themselves, they can then connect to others and to their surroundings. LINK is the product to develop this solution by bringing people the opportunity to do so by offering a location with a comforting massage, therapuetic aromas, relaxing sounds, and positive visual stimulation.

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